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  2. Those light wrapper SPB's would pair nicely with my dark wrapper ones! I have a problem...I know
  3. 0 for 2 today. probably best it worked out that way 🙃
  4. First SP Belicosos from my RAT DIC 20 box (second RAT DIC cigar in a row. You know once they said, once you have it once...) VERY interesting and unique cigar. Cocoa, coffee, salt, that unique wood flavor and some floral notes. Good now, I imagine it’ll be great in 18 months!
  5. Dang, just knew I got a box of espy. 2 seconds wasn't fast enough for this crowd. 😖
  6. I’m always tempted to tee up an email to Di and say 1 of each without looking. Today would have been expensive but regret free.
  7. That's a 38% increase on the Fundies vs the box I bought in January 2020, making them a better investment than the S&P 500. Tastes a lot better too. 🤪
  8. If anyone grabs those secretos and wants to split let me know, really want to try a maduro.
  9. Trinidad all sold. Haven’t gotten my rejection email yet tho...
  10. Hell of a day to start practicing financial restraint. What showing!
  11. Fortunate timing to shut down my purchasing or I'd be broke tomorrow!
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