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  2. All you have to do is look around and pay attention to see what this is all about. I would argue that the "authorities" you are putting faith in, and that we all have been for years now may not be as benign as we thought. If you truly believe that it's the government's job to keep you safe, the media's job to tell you the truth, and that it's in pharma's best interest to make and keep you healthy then I shall say a prayer for you. There are plenty of doctor's, virologists, and other esteemed scientists speaking out about what is happening but unfortunately the people you put so muc
  3. Let us know when you're in town again... we would love to hang out for a smoke or three.
  4. sorry, one last point. if it is not about a virus then what is it about?
  5. "it has NEVER been proven that "viruses" are the CAUSE of any illness". thought that a bit interesting so went to the Mayo Clinic site. took about two seconds research to find "viruses cause a multitude of diseases ranging from the common cold to AIDS". well, just in case you are right and all of their experts and scientists are wrong (stranger things, although i doubt it), tried the harvard medical sites. seems that they have a bit more in common with the Mayo Clinic than your claims. actually they have enough stuff on all this that you could spend days reading it. not a shred su
  6. Ramón Allones Specially Selected (TUO FEB13) followed by a Vegas Robaina Famosos (SUE DIC14). A wonderful day to you all.
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  8. I hope they don't price them like they did the Maravillas.
  9. Linea de Oro is interesting, If priced right. The WC Humidor looks very nice but has zero appeal to me. I suspect buyers of that humidor won't smoke a stick but will flip it in a few years. I find it hard to get excited over regular production cigars being introduced in fancy new packages. While I appreciate the artistic value, I'd rather get the cigar in it's regular packaging, minus the fancy markup. The Trinidad DF Robusto Extra is far more interesting in that it at least resurrected a much missed cigar. If they do stuff along those lines they can keep it interesting.
  10. Its great spot. I havent been back that way since May, but I always ty to stop in when I'm in the area.
  11. Is this a retail site? A review site? Seems confusing.
  12. All I see are baseless claims, fancy charts, and terms like "evidence suggests", "vaccinations are likely to reduce", or "could prevent" etc. Evidence should be required by those that are making positive claims about something. If you do some research (may I suggest sources other than GAVI or the CBC lmao!) you will find that while "virus" particles are found in secretions of sick people it has NEVER been proven that "viruses" are the CAUSE of any illness. Facts: The SARS Cov2 virus has never been isolated and neither has the so called "Delta Variant" , all they have are
  13. Here's part of my Champagne. I imported the Champagne rack from France. Broke a toe trying to carry to the basement on my own... All the large format and whole cases of Champagne are in another section of the room.
  14. How timely! Incidentally, I picked up another bottle of Pol Roger this afternoon after work. You case I run out! 😉 😄
  15. Amsterdam 2006, visited the most amazing cheese shop. It was so incredible I wanted to return home and open my own . I was going to call it Cheeses Christ.
  16. Remind me to bring some cheese for the next cigar get together! 😉
  17. I was there this past winter. A great place, bought a good number of cigars, with several being regionals. The deck out back overlooking the lagoon is fantastic at sunset
  18. I thought Mojito Dave was David the owner who is still very much alive since I talked to him last week. Are there two Daves?
  19. Gutted I missed the Epi #2 again 😪 need to start setting my alarm for 3am!
  20. I've had the opportunity to smoke with Alex 3 different days here in SoCal recently at 3 different residences including twice at our annual "Fall Classic" herf. One time his girlfriend/wife Kathy from the shop was with him. He said he'll be in the US for a couple months and plans to return to Hotel Commodoro after that. We will see if that actually happens. He will be promoting his Nicaguaran cigars at some different shops in the US and will definitely be visiting NYC.
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