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  2. This stick was from a clearance quarter box purchase on 24:24. So far they have all been excellent smokes despite having less than a year of age. Upon cutting this one, I immediately noticed the area just beneath the head was rock hard. The cold draw and then lighting confirmed my fears. It was completely plugged. One of the worst cases I've encountered. Luckily I had a Perfect Draw tool on stand by and it only took about an inch of drilling to completely open up the cigar. The smoke output was now amazing thanks to this handy little tool. I immediately got that smooth, sweet, woody profile with just a hint of spice that I've come to associate with these cigars. Into the 2nd third I got nice leathery flavors. Also, for the first time ever, I got those mushroom/forest floor flavors that I've heard people mention before. Sounds kinda strange, but it was quite nice. In the last third the spice kicked up just a tad, but the overall smoothness remained till the very end, making it an easy cigar to nub. Pairing this cigar with some Havana Club 7 on a warm moon lit night only added to the overall experience. I would rate this smoke a solid 9/10. I now consider these one of my current favorite cigars and I wouldn't hesitate to go 2-3 boxes deep on these.
  3. Corryveckan is named aptly...that is an asskicker of a drink...I love Islays as well even the milder stuff from Bunnahabin...but I still have a lot I want to try...Lagavulin being one of them!
  4. I love me some partagas. Haven't smoked many of the E2 but have many resting in the humidor. The cigar doesn't look very sexy but looks aren't everything. I went with a straight cut. The draw was a bit snug. It's also very humid out so I'm a bit worried. The cold draw was very woody. The first third was much like the cold draw, lots of wood! Big cedar flavors with a bit of pepper. The second third the flavors started to simmer down. I got less wood and more toasted tobacco. I got subtle sweetness as well. Almost a honey sweetness. The last third I got more of the pepper than anything. The sweetness had disappeared which was disappointing. Overall it was a very good smoke. I think more time will do wonders. I give this an 87 at the moment with lots of potential. Sent from my SM-T820 using Tapatalk
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  6. Carboard packs are the biggest offenders, especially vintage ones...they've probably been shipped more than once, and the cigars wiggle much more in shipment. RE: SLBs, I dont mind a cracked foot or two, but if you're seeing more than that the retailer is being slack about them with bubble wrap inside the box. I've only sent one box back ever that had like 15 cracked foot cigars. All that said, most reputable retailers pack cigars well.
  7. As a peat head I agree. Laphroig 10 is probably my favorite go to single malt. I do think there is a sweet spot though but the smoke quickly becomes more dull with older Islays. For example I definitely prefer the 12 y/o Lagavulin over the 16 but I think the 8 is a little young and rough around the edges. I also really like what Ardbeg does with their Uigeadail and Corryveckan, up-market NAS bottlings like these allow for a mix of really old casks with young casks that make for really great full flavored scotch.
  8. I typically don't really care unless the crack is like 1/2 inch or more. Most though are just small cracks that don't impact the experience. Every now and then I will come across a cigar that has some cracks in the body of it. If I have some time, and I have a few of these, I will usually cut the cap off, let it sit between a paper towel with hot distilled water for about 20 minutes, so the glue breaks down, and unravel the cap. Then I will glue that tobacco over the crack to sell using cigar glue and let it dry out in the humidor. Of course it take a couple weeks for the cigar to get back to normal humidity, so these are not ones you can smoke right away.
  9. Great read. I've always wondered where the diminishing returns were for various spirits and time spent aging in casks or elsewhere. I recall a chat I had with a Tequila rep in Mexico many years ago. They have (had at the time) three designations Blanco (unaged), Reposado (oak aging 2 - 12 months) and Anejo (1 - 3 years in Oak). There is now Extra Anejo (over 3 years). I asked him if he foresaw Tequila being aged as long as Scotch or Cognac and he flatly said that over the 3 year mark, the product they were drinking was no longer Tequila. There was too much oak influence. There is this unique sweetness to Tequila that disappeared or was too faint to be recognized. It looks like attitudes have changed and I guess it doesn't hurt to sell older Tequila to customers who think there is extra value in it.
  10. I am still a relatively new scotch drinker so I am learning as I go along...but my experience has been kind of all over the place...generally speaking I find longer aged bottles to be better...but there are instances where I prefer a younger scotch...Laphroaig for instance...I enjoy the Lore the most out of the line...even over the 25...and its 1/5 of the price.
  11. It's like a DIY shag foot. Very combustible and user friendly. When I receive a new box that is pristine, in a disappointment fueled rage, I usually drop them one by one on the ground to get some nice cracks going.
  12. Thanks for post Ken ,wonderful insight 👍🏼 cheers Steve
  13. Lol! I take care of my friends (as they do for me)! 😉
  14. Get the occasional cracked foot, but as said, since you light the foot, doesnt seem to bother me. The only ones that I serious problem with are slb mag 50s. Seems like there are more cracked than not cracked. Maybe due to such a thin delicate wrapper. As much as I like the 50, I quit ordering them.
  15. Excellent read. Very interesting though the appreciation of liquors is lost on me. It doesn't matter if it's an 18yo aged single malt or Kirkland (Costco) brand generic whiskey, for me it all tastes the same. But they all improve with each subsequent shot.
  16. First I would start by saying, this stick experienced a blow out, not the sticks fault. Conditions were not optimal and this is the only one from the box to do that. Pre-light construction was fantastic, great color and aroma. Cold draw was a touch of cedar with cocoa. This pyramid is one of my favorites. Very consistent flavor. Very balanced, not one flavor dominates or overshadows another. Cedar, cocoa, just a touch of coffee and spice throughout. Very enjoyable smoke. 88/100
  17. No expert on the subject but I beleive two things can cause this..... rough travel.....cigars not secured and consistantly rattling around in the box/tube/cab and even worse....rapid change in humidity/temp somewhere in the shipping process. I pick out the cracked ones first for test burning.
  18. Been smoking cigars for over 20 years, got into cubans less than a year ago. After finding this forum I decided to start aging cigars. Bought a cabinent humidor i never dreamed I'd fill. Well, as of last week its full. Havent counted, but around 35 boxes.
  19. Du Prince TOR SEP 16, very good already. Gesendet von meinem CLT-L29 mit Tapatalk
  20. I like the Hoyo DC and the Party Lusitania better than the PDC. But that's just me.
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