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  2. Hello all, My name is Tyler. Really looking forward to learning more as I read through everything here. Started enjoying CC this year and was introduced to them by my brother in law. I got HOOKED! Absolutely fell in love and now I can’t get enough. Mile high living here in Colorado. Thanks for having me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Cracked this box around a week ago, and this is the second stick. The first one was really good, showed me what age can do for the Monte 4. This is probably the 3rd box I cracked this quarter and probably the first one with some age on it. I did a review on a previous box recently, link here, so this review would likely be more a comparison rather than a stand-alone review. Just for context, during the afternoon I had a Nudie Lancero (N1, I believe - I always mix up the numbers). Dinner was steak, fries and a hash brown, followed by Haagen Dazs Belgian chocolate ice cream. Some work to do for the Monte to stand up to that chocolate, but *spoiler alert* it did! This was had while watching Spurs v Newcastle. No stake in it for me except for hoping that the Auld Enemy drops some points. Pre-light - I was already filled with anticipation as the first stick out of this box was really good. That was also the reason why I allowed myself to have the ice cream before this. On the nose it was smooth chocolate and the cold draw tasted as such. The cigar was just a touch more moist than preferred, which resulted in ever-so-slightly tougher draw. This got me a little worried as the previous box of Monte 4s had quite a number that were overfilled. Out came the de-humidifier to ensure that the cigar does not pick up more moisture along the way. 1st 3rd - As expected, lots of chocolate in these. The oils on the sticks look like some giraffe pattern (I have no picture). You could probably say cheetah, leopard, any other spotted animal - don't know why giraffe came first to my mind. It definitely shows in the taste though. The touch of age has definitely smoothed everything out, melded the flavours together in the most fantastic way. 2nd 3rd - The creamy chocolate flavour simply takes over the entire stick. A touch of nutmeg, bit of sea salt. All mainly to balance out the chocolate but none of them a major flavour on their own. As with most of the Monte 4s that I've had previously, not a lot of evolution on this one. 3rd 3rd - The strength of the cigar has ticked up that tiny bit. Chocolate gets heavier and denser and is now balanced by earthy notes. Very nice, straightforward and enjoyable. Overall - the age really enhanced and smoothed out the flavours of the cigar as compared to the previous review. Dark chocolate but the cream did not carry the velvety texture that I so enjoy. Burn was a little wonky, possibly because I was smoking a little slow, but always corrected itself. Draw remained fine throughout - I guess the de-humidifier served its purpose. Really good example that for all its inconsistencies, if you pick a good box to age, Monte 4s can also provide a fantastic smoke! 87/100 Bonus rating 0/10 for the new handball rule in the EPL this season. Although it was funny to see a certain Jose storm down the tunnel (and 2 dropped points), this is absolutely destroying the game. The main target now would be to flick the ball into the defending players' arms instead of trying to play football. Today it was Newcastle, yesterday Man U benefited even after the full-time whistle was blown (wtf?), while Everton went top courtesy of another call. When you have the winning manager (Steve Bruce today) calling it a farce, you know something is really broken about the system.
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  5. A perfect Cohiba Siglo VI to cap off an epic beach day at point dume in Malibu.
  6. My favourite vitola. Nice review! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Nudies ‘N3’ Carlota tonight... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Congratulations!!! What a great achievement for him. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. That is a happy day, congratulations to your son
  10. A little celebration as my son made his first Rep/Travel baseball team. So proud of him! BRO JUL 19 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I’m surrounded by those people where I live north of San Francisco. They’re...entertaining, to say the least!
  12. The wrapper is a deep, leathered chestnut hue. Smooth to the touch with little veining. Construction is excellent. Firm throughout the cigar with a slight give when squeezed. The flat top triple cap looks good and the foot is packed. Aromas of heavy barnyard, cocoa, earth and a touch of ammonia emanate from the wrapper. A quick twist from my Siglo multi punch and we are ready for ignition. The draw is open. Little resistance. Will have to keep this in mind and slow down on the draws as I smoke this. Mild tobacco comes from the cold draw. Seems muted. Will see what happens when I fire this up. First Third Strong and bold from the get go. White pepper, expresso, earth, cinnamon and leather come steaming out to start us on our journey. Very reminiscent of the Partagas flavour profile. Not surprising, considering the vitola size and that Hamlet’s favourite cigar is a Partagas Lusitania. Strength is at a medium to full bodied level. Nothing shy about this cigar. The retrohale is sharp and striking. Certainly makes a first impression. More like a statement. White pepper, cinnamon, cedar and earth move aggressively through the nasal passages. The after finish is big. Heavy layers of white pepper, cedar, cinnamon and earth lead the way with authority. Expresso and leather, with a faint floral note on the back end. Muscular and bold on the palate due to the medium to full bodied strength level. Hopefully, this settles down in the second third as it packs a punch so far. Second Third The open draw and powerful flavour profile gives you more than enough reason to smoke this slowly. Strength continues to be at a medium to full bodied level. The retrohale continues to be big and brash. White pepper, cinnamon, cedar and leather move with reckless abandon through the nasal passages. The after finish continues to be at full volume. White pepper, cinnamon, cedar and leather dominate until expresso and lavender enter the fray late in the game. The lavender note has picked up though, tempering the flavour profile. Relentless on the palate. All iron fist and no velvet glove. This is beastly strong. Water is needed to help the palate recover. Final Third Either the strength level has decreased to a medium bodied level or my senses have been number to accept the muscular flavour profile. The retrohale seems more approachable now. Cinnamon, cedar, leather and white pepper still form the core flavour profile on the retrohale, just toned down a bit as it moves through the nasal passages. The after finish seems more balanced between strength and flavours. Still bold, just slightly toned down. Cinnamon, cedar, leather and white pepper clearly are the leaders of the pack. Expresso and lavender seem to be equal weighted on the back end. Still expansive and lasting on the palate. Just not as ‘in your face’ as the previous two thirds. Wow! This was a juggernaut in a small package. Final Impressions Power, power, power. Very impressive, considering the size of this vitola. Very reminiscent of the Partagas Charlottes flavour profile. It reminds me of the first time I smoked a Charlotte. It was the same reaction. Surprised that this is not made with Cuban tobacco. Would benefit with a few years in slumber to temper the strength and flavour profile. Hats off to Rob and Hamlet on this. Could be epic in a few years. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Spearmint and lemongrass...that’s certainly interesting....wonder if anything was influencing your palate ? Glad you enjoyed! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. Got a few Sig IIs [email protected] and I can’t decide which I like better ...the younger REG 19 (super rich in flavor...darker wrapper) or the 2016 pictured here (more typical cohiba flavors grass honey coffee etc ....lighter wrapper and burn on this one are absolutely perfect) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Nice. One of my all time favorite lonsdales! A criminally underrated format at that. I have one 2010 left and then I am cashed out! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Monte #1 from a 2008 Jar. My first from the jar and very enjoyable. The joy I received almost counters the pain of watching the Broncos lose again...
  17. This is my 4th CC from a box of PLPC's (TOS MAR-17) that has been in the humi for over 6 months. The last one I tried was about 3 months ago and my notes say to wait at least 6 months because it was too moist with a wonky burn and the last third wouldn't stay lit which is always frustrating. But, @MoeFOH set this review weekend for < 46 RG so it's a great excuse to try another one! These have a medium brown wrapper with some veining - definitely not the prettiest cigar - a firm feel and somewhat of a heavyweight at 10.015 gms. Since it's slightly over filled, a V-cut seems appropriate and results in a firm draw with just the right amount of resistance. On the cold draw I get graham crackers but no sweetness. First 3rd; Good construction with the bright grey ash stacked up like small dimes. This CC produces tons of smooth, viscous smoke with the taste of graham crackers predominant. No carmel or sweetness but I do get the occasional hit of salt. I would call this third almost mild. All very nice. Second 3rd; Very smooth - no bitterness or mongrel here for what's still a young PLPC! The smoke is very viscous and has the feel of melted butter in my mouth - very unusual. The predominant taste in this third is more like an un-salted pretzel than graham crackers. I was hoping the traditional carmel sweetness would make an appearance but no luck - still it's good. Final 3rd; Strength ramps up to Medium but still very smooth. I'm thankful that there have been no burn issues, no touch-ups or relights - 😃 - time, the humi at 62% rH and some patience are doing their jobs! While stronger, the smoke has an interesting mineral taste produced in the back sides of the tongue. It's hard to identify yet it's close to the flinty taste that you can get off a good Chablis or Pinot Noir. No graham crackers, pretzels or salt in this third; just a profound mineral taste that leave me wondering how a PLPC is doing this. There was a unique progression of tastes through each third of this CC that made it a very interesting smoke. I was disappointed that there was no honey or carmel that this CC is known for but it's still young and with some more time I'm hopeful. Even if it never materializes these will still be very good cigars! Total smoke time was 1 hour and 11 minutes - I'd give it 91 points and hope for more in the coming years as these develop.
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  19. *Spread some Avon Skin-So-Soft bath oil on your arms, neck, face and person. Neither mosquitos or anything else bug biting will bother you.
  20. Pleasant spearmint and lemongrass flavors; retro hale has a lovely spiced zing; a toasted bread quality toward the end. Draw was tad tight. Nothing spectacular, but certainly enjoyable. 8/10.
  21. Had to add this Tatuaje box to the humidor. I am a big fan of the Escasos “N” and love a lancero size cigar in general. visually perfect construction. Smooth wrapper. Nice pigtail cap. Pinched the tip off the head and wanted a bit more draw, so I gave it a shallow cut leaving most of the shoulder of the cap in place. Perfect. Sweet tobacco at cold. Lighting yielded an immediate blast of peanuts and cream, with mild black pepper and a touch of leather as accompaniment. Throughout the first 1/2 the peanuts dominate and are joined by woody flavors in addition to the pepper/leather background. Into the last 1/4 the woodiness intensifies. There’s a touch of dryness as it comes to a close. I could probably store these in a more humid environment than my CC and see some benefit. A full 90min smoking time and I’d rate it at a solid 90 score. Looking forward to trying more as time goes on. They should stand up to it marvelously.
  22. Thanks good to know! Think I got 2016's coming, so after an acclimation period, won't feel bad about reaching for them often haha.
  23. Another cigar I got from the PC sampler from the host back in July. Haven't heard much from this cigar so went in with no expectations. Draw was tight but with a couple pokes with the perfecdraw and the draw became adequate with decent smoke output. Burn wasn't great and needed a touchup or two, wrapper split towards the top. Maybe little damage taking it out of the sleeve? Not sure. Started off really nice with notes of cherry, nuts, and a smooth creamyness. If it maintained that, I would've been happy considering its a smaller cigar. It did take a pretty big turn for the worse about half way through, with most of the flavor dropping off and being replaced with a little harshness and woody flavor. ge I'd rank this a 2.8/5. Prefer the monte4 I had yesterday, but they're pretty close for me. The start of this had better flavor but died out too fast. Maybe I'll get another one to age for a while, but maybe there's a reason I don't see many reviews on this cigar...
  24. Took and swing at the Genios- got a base hit! "Sometimes the you get the bare Sometimes the bare gets you" today I got the bare.
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