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  3. I guess I am no gentleman 🤣 Ahh, hang the rules, rules were made to be broken. I have always found the "Gentlemen only smoke to the band" thing a little bit ostentatious, but at the price of tobacco today, I say that old gentlemen's rule should be taken out back and shot! I smoke my cigars until I am no longer enjoying them (rare), or until they are burning my fingers and/or lips too much (quite often). And I do it enthusiastically, not furtively!
  4. HopeUgood


    As someone who flys over 100 flights a year, I agree with Rob on the solution matter. I personally travel very light (made it two weeks in the EU with a bag I could fit under the seat as my only luggage), so I am not affected by the storage issue. I do see without fail people putting two, three bags in overhead (supposed to be one) and others having boarding later having to check their carry on roller bag. Good to know a few extra bucks though can make a heavy bag safer for all :D.
  5. Booyaa


    Your laptop weighs 2kg!!! Proper vintage that.
  6. That’s what I’m saying! I did get my barber a gift. Great dude and excellent cuts. Gotta maintain that relationship!
  7. Ciscojohansson

    Recommended Rollers, Drivers, etc...

    I just got back from two weeks in Cuba, with the lady. Fantastic people but insane country and I feel sorry for the people who live there, the island it’s like a big prison. Anyway, we did a Havana tour with Jorge, he was fantastic. He even got Alex to leave some custom puntillas for me at the LCDH (do not go on a Sunday), and he adapted the tour, so the lady also could enjoy it. I think he was a little surprised I did not drink and smoke at every stop and that I did not buy more cigars. Apparently, his last customer from FOH spent 3000 CUC on cigars and was rather drunk. I am glad, whoever it was, you set the bar for us mere mortals.
  8. Are you making fun of your boss? You'll be begging for a quick death [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  9. ErikB72

    durian. yes? no?

    My mother used to go out to the shed to eat it
  10. Trusty_Patches

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    El Rico Habano Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Usually an anonymous gag gift based on some inside joke. This year, my boss got stuck with an expensive tow job right outside the office due to unpaid tickets. Enter toy tow truck. Everyone gets to have a laugh and it has a personal touch to it. We're not the sort of office where any form of gift would be expected though.
  12. Yeah I was actually referring to the last place I worked at - a local restaurant where I worked for 6 years... without a raise... while the owner bought maseratis and traveled to faraway lands etc etc Semi-venting. sorry.
  13. "1983" is the name of the show... set in 2003... shot in 2018 Screenshot is from S1E8
  14. I think we are not talking about plants or factories, not about large corporations, but about a small business where people work together as a team, have fun, and do not go to work as hard labor
  15. Quite enjoy this podcast. Although on of them has a specific accent which grates a bit. If you follow world rugby. The Blood and Mud rugby podcast is excellent
  16. At least tell us the name of the show... The man who smokes a cigar is more like an avid cigarette smoker, as the character "X-files" - " Smoking cigarettes man» Such persons can be glued to a pack of cigarettes as a warning about the dangers of Smoking
  17. you dont want the walls or furniture's to absorb the smoke, otherwise it'll stink. i'd get a decent carbon filter and and best to have lots of air flow thru the room.
  18. saltyfeet

    durian. yes? no?

    nope, cant, wont... too pungent
  19. Ha! I like your style. I should have mentioned the show was produced this year
  20. I think there is no connection with the time machine, everything is much easier: the props specialist took the NC, took the Cohiba sticker , cut off the excess, and made a cigar "Cohiba", guessing the future
  21. Their kids' college tuition? Their next trip to the Bahamas? The Maserati? Hard to think of anything I haven't already gotten 'em... Workers should not be expected to buy gifts for their bosses.
  22. As some of you may have read in Rob's top 10 of 2018 thread, the Presidentes seem to have made a come back. From what, I wouldn't know as I've not had them until this year, but whatever it used to be can disappear into history because what we have now is sublime. I've been really attached to the Presidentes lately and unfortunately I didn't get to take too many pictures of this cigar, I was too busy enjoying it. I'm a huge fan of the V-cut and my favorite is probably v-cutting these double figurados. The notch is awesome, I find it aesthetically pleasing and fun. But that's just part of the appeal of the Presidentes. I absolutely love the shape, it reminds me of what cigars are drawn like in cartoons and the feel in the hand has something special to it. Maybe it's just because it's different, but the entire taper of the cigar brings me a lot of joy. I love how when you start this cigar, it's very faint puffs of flavor. As you smoke it down to about the point in the picture below, that's when you've progressed to the full flavors. Everything before that is a tease, a sort of cigar foreplay that makes the sweet spot of this cigar even more enjoyable. Flavor-wise, I am not as well-versed as some of our friends here but the Presidentes is an intensified and concentrated Partagas to me. The flavors are toast, roasted nuts, and some slight pepper spice that I actually don't mind in this cigar, maybe because the start is so light. As you progress down to the sweet spot pictured above, the spice grows a bit but is accompanied by very intense roasted nuts while the smoke itself has a sort of creamy texture to it. I don't get much wood flavors from this cigar, I find the taste pretty consistent and just varying in intensity. I like that the widest part is at the start, and the cigar noticeably becomes smoother and softer as you finish it (I assume because it tapers down). I kind of wish they made these larger but I guess that would ruin the flavor profile. Overall, this is an excellent excellent cigar, easily a top 10 for me. It's got all those great flavors of toast and nuts, in a package that is very pleasing and complementary to the flavor profile. If I had to carry around a cigar to chew on but not smoke or just to hold, this would be the one (though I would probably not be able to resist and would smoke it right away). I've got my eyes on this cigar going forward and am hoping to pick up a few boxes over the next few months when Rob puts them up.
  23. Aficionados teach us that true Gentlemen should not smoke the last third (further than the band). But I've seen them furtively smoke cigars to the last millimetres [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  24. LOL no doubt! I wish they just made the bands out of tobacco and we should just smoke it too.
  25. Akela3rd

    Green men and squid.

    Didn't take it as such. It's one to use on those who get over excited by the whole 'we're destoyng the planet' thing. BTW you didn't destroy the computer, merely damaged it. Us destroying our livable bit of the planet is like taking the shine off a cricket ball - still a cricket ball, still functions, but doesn't look as good or work as well. Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
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