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  2. Probably grey market out of Spain. Can't tell the language of the warning stickers from the photo though.
  3. Great smoke, profound hints of dried prunes and rasins. Powerhouse of a smoke..
  4. You sound jealous. Watch some Ted Lasso and we'll circle the wagons.
  5. Today
  6. ahh. okay. really? that might make sense. well, not the bit about 780 people so truly sad that they follow me.
  7. Could it be that you have 780 followers..? Its where all this started
  8. Sunday of the coast of Mexico… Some of which turned into this on Tuesday in Northridge…
  9. mus, 780? no idea what that means. i have obviously missed some very clever reference to something??
  10. Listening to Toby Keith while sipping from the solo cup? 🤠
  11. I got the other five sticks out and the results were interesting! Two of the sticks were a tight 50 rg whilst the other three were closer to 52 rg!
  12. I found you KEN! Now when do we get the "Mankini" ?
  13. In terms of us Canadians, it's tourists going to Cuba. I bought a box of fake Esplendidos with some friends about 15 years ago for $50. Most of my friends got fake Robustos. I think it was the same price.
  14. After looking at the alternatives, I went with a chest freezer set up that seems to be working well. I added a small fan to help even out the temperature difference between the lower tupperdor and the upper one. I'm out of town but when I get back I'll post pics of my storage solution. A few tweaks are still needed but thanks to FOH I'm on the right path. Thank you again for all the truly helpful comments!
  15. Boli RC (PSP) - MSU NOV '18 Only 23 left and just...
  16. Bolivar Petit Corona ETP JUN 16. There was a very pronounced graham cracker flavor in the beginning that blew me away. Slowly faded at the end of the first third. I usually have to think really hard to get flavor notes. I love when they kick you in the mouth and there’s no doubt.
  17. I guess that makes sense. While illegal (apparently) the USA is a hotbed of simple tax free cuban cigar purchases. The lack of legality probably makes it more attractive to the young instagrammer.
  18. I have a box of 10 of both the 54 and 50. Also had a few singles from the Christmas sampler. I have only sampled a few but didn’t love them. Honestly seemed like smoking air. Decided to let the sit and see what happens.
  19. Same as a young wine...either it has the 'legs on the chair' or it doesn't. It def takes a little time to discern whether a CC (or a btl of wine) can/will age....but it's all about using your imagination to envision what's possible with the young material in your hand. In other words, its takes experience & lots of smoking to know.
  20. I'm in tons of private FB groups in the states, I see new guys come into the CC fold daily. People are always looking for their next obsession.
  21. An exclusive wedding cigar from a solid BOTL. This was a tatuaje closed foot Unicos done by Pete J. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Efficiency doesn't seem to be Cuba's strong suit.
  23. The wrappers and construction look pretty good as far as I can tell from the picture. If they charged $5 and called it a custom with no bands I probably wouldn’t be disappointed in the experience.
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