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  2. Partas mille fleurs. I was done for the day. But after my last cigar above wanted to make sure my taste buds weren't fried. Milder than these have been tasting most days this week but definitely a different, stronger more peppery taste.
  3. Yes, there is a little park with Floridita on one end and the new location on the other end. This would be just behind the Kempinski hotel and close to the Bacardi building.
  4. So I decided to attack the problem head on and dry boxed the vegueros in a couple empty and dry SLB cabinets. hoping this will pull enough moisture out to get them down into the low 60s where they'll be stored for the foreseeable future.
  5. Montecristo no. 4. Very nice. Young, 2019 but quite sweet. Smoked a couple of Cohiba Coronas especiales earlier today and this tasted eerily similar. Can't explain it.
  6. Smoked the first PSD4 out of my box of GEL NOV 19's Despite the young age and the paper sack wrapper, the cigar smoked superbly, with perfect construction all the way through and a wonderful Partagas profile of flavors (perhaps slightly mellower then expected). I can't wait to see what the future holds for this box.
  7. Pigpen

    The Wheezycab

    That is a thing of beauty ....... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. A HdM Epi 2 for me yesterday circa 2017. Used my new Victorinox punch ( Like the one Ken uses) on it, really nice smoke.
  9. Package arrived two days after ordering. Lovely bit of kit. Expensive, but has a really good quality feel about it. Used it on the first cigar I smoked after its arrival. Having never used a punch before was very impressed both in how easy was to use and how nice it was to smoke a 'punched cigar'.Can see this being used loads, absolutely love it.
  10. I’m over it too. It’s an absurdly emotional time and I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that we all had to spend a lot of time alone with our own thoughts and some of us cracked. I can hear it when I talk to a few of my own family members on the phone—saying loopy, generally paranoid things that aren’t true. Heck, I don’t even look at the news anymore—just a bunch of people saying wacky stuff like it’s self-evident.
  11. San Cristobal de La Habana El Morro (2001) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I'd actually put forward the Majestics or Epicures as pretty close but the licorice note seems to not be there. I think the Mag 46 is a unique blend as does the No. 2 now that the PC is gone which was pretty similar. I've never been a fan of Mag 46 or No. 2 or the PC. I love the Connies and SW and I do like the Mag 54. I always have said HU has two sides--dark and light. I prefer the light.
  13. When necessity drives me I build my own. The icebox humidor is a good example and it has been fantastic if smaller than required. I’ve been working on a second, larger unit. But finding the time to finish it has proven difficult. It can definitely be done however.
  14. I preferred them machine made, especially the Partagas. Those old cello Super Partagas & Mille Fleurs were great. Used to pick them up for $40-50 box at the LCDH and just blow through them in a week.
  15. Thank you everyone for your input. I have had plenty of the Shorts and Mille Fleurs (both RyJ and Party) and am a fan of all. And I picked up a box of 2016 Party Aristocrats that have been very good. Some very mixed reviews here. I may give the Juniors or Seniors a shot as I can get them for a pretty good price, but I usually do have Mille Fleurs and Party PCEs around.
  16. New drop from the butcher. A little boozy for me at 10.5% but 1 to prep the liver for The s show that will ensue tomorrow ....
  17. RAT NOV-19 Dip 2. From 24:24 Not as salty as the dark wrappers. Cornbread, vanilla extract, cedar and dry hay. Still very enjoyable and excellent construction. Playing some Rummy with the fiancé.... She’s winning. Must be the Don Julio..
  18. Yeah, guess I read it wrong....still good location for the time being.
  19. How was it? I sold a box last winter. I had only smoked 3 and last one was probably 10 years ago.
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