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  2. Makes perfect sense to me--when currency loses value, prices rise. Except "officially" the currency hasn't lost value. What they should have done is just left prices alone if they weren't going to alter the official 1:1 exchange rate. It wouldn't be so obvious that the CUC has lost 50% of its value and the state would have benefitted from tourists continuing to exchange at 1:1 officially and use bank cards. Instead, they get greedy and create a huge incentive for tourists to exchange off-market and use cash. The incentive was already there to begin with that obnoxious 10% fee but now you're crazy if you don't exchange cash off-market.
  3. I had jl2s just like that .....burned terribly ....gifted half of them away ....they look beautiful, but I usually don’t have great luck with wrappers like that ..dark and oily Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Can't wait to hear about the Lusi! Thanks for the reviews.
  5. Romeo y Julieta Petit Julietas circa 2019 I like to thank @Luca for gifting me this Romeo y Julieta Petit Julietas, my very first one! I've had a heap of similarly-sized entreactos (30 ring gauge x 100 mm or 3⅞ inches in length) before with the Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo du Maire and El Rey del Mundo Demi Tasse but I can assert this small panatela was very different to the HdM du Maire and ERdM Demi Tasse. The cigar started out with typical Romeo y Julieta flavours of cocoa and berry fruits but towards the middle it became very herbal, like a mix of grass and mint. It was certainly very different. To say I enjoyed it would be an understatement! I do feel that one has to be predisposed to Romeo y Julieta as a marca to fully appreciate a cigar like this otherwise it can come off as 'muddled'. If you don't mind RyJ Habanos cigars do yourself a favour and give this a try if you like the intensity of a smaller 20 to 25 minute cigar such as this one. Romeo y Julieta Cazadores LAT Sep 2017 The Romeo y Julieta Cazadores is known amongst aficionados as an 'old school' Cuban cigar, a throwback to the 1990s when Habanos S.A. produced powerful and robust cigars. It's a 43 ring gauge x 162 mm (or 6⅜ inches in length) lonsdale which should provide a minimum of 90 minutes of smoking time. I'd like to thank @Bijan for allowing me to smoke this three year-old example. In regards to strength, this was around the medium mark but it was full in body or flavours. It had a combination of cocoa, coffee, Earth, leather and a little bit of salt throughout and stayed that way so it was by no means a complex cigar. In regards to comparing it to other Romeo y Julieta cigars it stands more on its own as it doesn't dominate in berry or fruit flavours like a RyJ Churchill or Exhibicion No.4 would. Overall, I'd still surmise that this Romeo y Julieta Cazadores was a good cigar but due to its combined Earth and leather flavours I didn't connect with it as strongly as other Romeo y Julieta cigars. I'm grateful for the opportunity to sample it though.
  6. @Bijan that didn’t take long! 😂 Another great review man!
  7. BPC last night. Propios and BBF from Christmas sampler for review.
  8. @Kaptain Karl @Tstew75 definitely young. Wouldn't have been my first choice to smoke either, but it was the smallest so I figured it would be good for a winter smoke. Otherwise I was leaning towards the Lusitania, maybe I'll brave it tomorrow, YOLO and all
  9. My second cigar from the Christmas sampler. Cigar is underweight. Not much on predraw. First third: Leather and earth. Mainly earth, this compares to the BPC I had last night which had more leather and some spice. Second third: Some cedar, and mainly earth. Final third: Mellows out a bit, some lighter flavour as tea. 50 minute smoke time. I give this 4/5.
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  11. Yes - happy to be of assistance. Believe me, demand for US greenbucks or Euros is VERY high in Cuba right now. Second problem is out of my hands, sorry 🙂
  12. Good to know! That seems rather interesting, as clearly the CUC prices stated above at a 1:1 rate with USD do not seem worthwhile. However, with a 1.5:1 rate, they are much more reasonable. I guess this is all dependent on being able to bring them back to the states, though
  13. Not a foolish question and I understand it is "strange" for people that have never been to Cuba or understand the sytem there, no problem. Correct - you go to a state run CADECA - exchange place - and you get a 1-1 exchange rate. No - but there are private persons, most likely your Casa Particular renter or others, that would love to give you the un-official rate for your greenbacks, there is a large market for that, just let it be known you want to have CUC's. It doesn't involve risk, just some looking-around and you will get the rate you want, supply & demand works in Cuba quite well if you have contacts or speak the language and know how it works. It is generally very safe - but if you are not comfortable doing that just don't.
  14. So. Damn. Young. I've smoked 3 or so, they're giving up very little at this point. To be expected.
  15. I've seen multiples of 4 different codes, with no real consistency amongst them. I guess I was implying either trust our faithful host, or really be ready to gamble if buying blind from elsewhere. I'd guess 1 in 4 boxes look A+ (maybe on par with other CCs, but I'm sensing more variability).
  16. That is cool in every way. I wonder if that's a secret drawer on the front bottom too.
  17. Very pleased to show off this early Christmas present from FOH. The cigar sitting on top of it is an OER NOV 19 D4
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