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  2. Although I don't prefer the vitola, still good. Verstuurd vanaf mijn VOG-L29 met Tapatalk
  3. Been happy with all the 18s & 19s I've had. Always an underappreciated cigar.
  4. Monte 2 picked up 1/4 box from 24:24 couple of years back. Lost the recorded details on them but do recall they were PSP. Was a terrific stick though the final third indicates that some more time down will improve it further.
  5. Autumn racing carnival here. Need a few winners me thinks to get my hands on those Siglo 2's. Doing the form now. Giddyup!
  6. Cheers mate, or should I say 'sup bro'. Haven't checked in for a little while. Been working hard trying to make up for lost time during COVID 2020. Low End Theory was suggested by my friend too. Thanks.
  7. Holy crap. Being an analyst (computer nerd) means never going anywhere for work during covid. I walked outside and had no idea we just had a severe snow storm. There are broken trees everywhere.well... I don't need to deal with it, so here is my favorite new release. Punch short de punch. I have like 500 of these. 2020 bitches. So good.
  8. I was in but not for long. Barely made over the 30 minute mark. Good fun as always and congrats to the winner!
  9. Love a day at the races. It’s a great way to kill a few hours, enjoy a couple cigars, & drink too much with a group. CD owns The Fairgrounds Race Course here near me. Without slot revenue they would have closed by now.
  10. these smell great, definitely waiting 90 days before sampling, not sure how fast they'll go after that. -----dobbs
  11. I'm deep on this cigar. (7 boxes + 4 boxes of tubos) It's one of the friendlier priced Cohibas. The negative is they burn a lil hot at the end, but when they're on... the salty buttery honey goodness is on point. Love these. Glad you enjoyed.
  12. Sorry to hear that closing your home track. I know times are changing never liked idea of casino and racetrack together. Miss having track so close. Simulcasting not the same as live races (for that matter you can stay at home).
  13. The ones that especially worth trying are even way more expensive. Considering the Medio Siglo lasts more than an hour, I'd define it as a budget friendly Cohiba LOL.
  14. Podcasts are wildly popular and are basically the new radio. Joe Rogan has an enormous following, as does that barstool sports guy. Tons of advertisement and Spotify gets a lot of pay subscribers similarly to how Netflix buys premium content. I don’t get it either and I’m not even 40 so don’t feel bad for not giving a damn.
  15. Opened a new box of TUE DIC 19 Punch 898’s to try my first one after it resting in my humidor for five months. Really good flavors but the burn was a bit wonky. I really enjoy Punch cigars and think these will become great with a few years on them. Only have a couple of boxes so may try to track down some more.
  16. Back from Kentucky, unfortunately there was limited space in the luggage😢
  17. Can’t go wrong with any of the FourSquare Exceptional Cask Selections, full of flavor and drinks like a bourbon
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