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  2. Derboesekoenig

    Quai D'Orsay Corona Claro........

    Hey if people are buying...I wouldn't blame them. They would make a killing if they had a couple until people stop buying at outrageous prices (this includes ALL of the QD line)
  3. I have his humidifier system and am very happy with it. I had an of-brand end-table humidor that I couldn't keep steady at 65 in the dry colorado weather and he set me up with a great dual reservoir system that works perfectly.
  4. I’ve owned two Avallo humidors. I like his product very much and his customer service is excellent. He has helped me replace my cooling unit and gave me very detailed instructions to be able to do it myself. Highly recommend Matthew’s product.
  5. Just put one in the box lol [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Jal154

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Smoking room/patio half the way there. Laid a new concrete slab, screened it in..........It’s getting there, still have to put up my outside gate, some patio furniture with cushions(getting rid of the table), lighting and a partial covering on top for those rainy days.
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  8. If it came down to defending yourself against an attack from an Australian Cassowary or a North American Grizzly Bear, I'd take the Cassowary any day of the week.
  9. Jimmy_jack

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    A Johnny-O small 109 and a cigar from Hopduro, a roller on another board Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  10. We only need 10 more spots so I am bumping this thread up...hoping we get some late stragglers! SB squares.xlsx
  11. Has the blend changed?
  12. I sharpie the box code onto the bottom of the actual box so I don’t forget it, then get rid of the cardboard.
  13. Wow that is impressive. is each one bigger than the other? Ha I would like to see that.
  14. cfc1016

    Travel case?

    Cigar caddy all the way. Utilitarian function is of far greater value to me than flash. Small canvas tote for my equipment. Full kit: "50 ct" cigar caddy; "5ct" cigar caddy; canvas tote - The Big Boy: This is my trusty "50 ct". I put this in quotes because the count is a bit generous. I've had this for almost 20 years. It's survived numerous plane rides and road trips and kept the contents intact 100% of the time. It's from long before Pelican bought out Otterbox's 'heavy duty' product lines, and still bears the Otterbox logo on the bottom. I had to replace most of the foam inserts last year. PM me if you want some. It was surprisingly hard to find the 'just right' foam inserts - there are 8 billion different kinds of foam available on the internet and anything marketed as 'for cigars' is marked up *exorbitantly*. I spent ~$15 on a box full of this stuff - way more than I needed - still a small fraction of the cost of anything "for cigars". I can carry 27 'corona-sized' cigars, and perlas/minutos can usually double up in a row. I keep a few 62% bovedas in it at all times, just so it's travel-ready at a moment's notice. The Little Boy: This will hold 5 double coronas easily. I bought this far more recently. Same story - 62% boveda pack lives in there full time. Le Kit Bag: This gets far more use than either of the cases. Front pocket holds my torch and usually a small pack of cigarillos (coshos, chicos, serie clubs). Middle pocket is for the guillotine and a pocket knife in case I need to perform surgery on a particularly sticky band. Back pocket holds my punch cutter and scraps (discarded cellies from cigarillos, discarded bands, etc). There is a zippered pocket on the way back that is home to my perfecdraw and two eyeglass-repair-sized screwdrivers (one flat/one phillips) - for purging the tank on my torch before a fuel refill, adjusting flow setting, etc. Mise en plas. Every tool is returned to its designated home after each use. I have tried using a 'bag of holding' that carries everything (cigars and equipment) and quickly realized that I don't like the idea. I find it best to have a vessel that is 100% devoted to cigars and another vessel that is 100% devoted to equipment. It works a lot better.
  15. trader1974

    Hello From Bourbon Country

    Very cool. We should meet up for a cigar sometime.
  16. Rrm7284

    24:24 WEDNESDAY

    Thanks for that Peteando, this is just the feedback I was hoping to see! Thanks for asking the question too havanaclub. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. peteando

    24:24 WEDNESDAY

    Above Aristocrats. Below Shorts.
  18. Impressive site, but I wonder how many of their cigars have dinged feet, and the staffs dinner wiped all over them? Hey I love a Taj Mahaal made out of Lonsdales as much as the next man, but not at the expense of damage or dirtying cigars.
  19. Wow......*hit the follow button*
  20. havanaclub

    24:24 WEDNESDAY

    How do you compare to the party aristocrats? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Drguano

    Thanks IslandBoy

    No need to hurry back, Mike...
  22. Wow some people really are having the life aren't they :P sad world. nice pics.
  23. Thanks for all the replies. The only thought of keeping them was if I were to sell the boxes as someone had mentioned for authenticity. All my cardboard boxes have the dates stamped on the wood box so out they go. [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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