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  2. Bolivar Petit Coronas, Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill's, and a handful of singles courtesy of our host. It was a good day!
  3. one of the guys is the head maker at the group which includes valdespino sherry. so basically i doubt there is another human on the planet with better access. but they have only released 3-4 whiskies, i think, and normally these are around 500 - 600 bottles only. so they will always be cult but getting them is tough.
  4. they seek out quality barrels of sherry that do not form part of the bodega's plans and then bottle them. they have some amazing sherries, but small production and have become really expensive. the only one i am not certain of is the gin. the whisky they get from various producers. the rum came from antigua i think?
  5. Happy Birthday @X-Man! My eyes lit up at the reference from Matthew 6:3 for that is what my father has quoted many, many times to me from a young child! 😄 Congratulations too on that fun cake and party in your honour! 👍
  6. Shame to see so many feeling the RASS is sliding. Don't have any newer that 2016. Guess I either need to hunt some more older cabs or wait until they improve again. Won't be picking up any recent ones based on the consensus here..
  7. From what I can see you are a man who has made an impact on people's lives. The respect shown to you is clearly earned. Happy 50th and those shoes are sweet!
  8. Romeo y Julieta Dukes 2009 - Edición Limitada 2009 The Romeo y Julieta Dukes 2009 Limited Edition was the first of its type in regards to its vitola. At 54 ring gauge x 140mm (or 5½ inches) in length, the factory name of this cigar is actually called 'duke', otherwise its broader common name is 'robusto extra'. Two years later the popular Partagas Serie E No.2 was released. Since then we've had five Regional Editions and the 2018 Bolivar Soberanos Limited Edition share this size. This 2009 Limited Edition cigar received high critical praise amongst aficionados when it was released. It was noted for its bold cherry, wood and spice flavours. How did this one fare in 2020? In a word, it smoked like it would have in 2012, it was that bold! The first third was gorgeous; cherry and what resembled coconut cream abounded for the first few puffs until some spice kicked in. In the middle third that spice took over with the cherry and some cocoa and wood notes. In the last third the wood dominated. This cigar was the type of Romeo y Julieta that is the antithesis of the current Romeo y Julieta Churchills, which I find a much milder and sweeter. There are colloquial rumours that surround the Limited Edition program amongst enthusiasts. Firstly, they tend to emphasise chocolate notes due to their maduro-shaded wrappers (true) and secondly, they tend to hit their peak within 12 to 24 months (false). This cigar today provided testament to the fact that Limited Edition can have a long shelf-life indeed!
  9. But still...fabric masks are better than no masks at all. I'm not sure that point can be argued.
  10. That's an awesome gift from your son. Also, champagne - and cigars?! Not only do you have a great son, you seem to have great work colleagues as well!
  11. Ah, the infamous nipple stick! Never saw these in foil. Ones I had were tissue-wrapped like the rest of the line. Very nice!
  12. UEB ABR 18. Not complex but a bargain week night smoke at a sub $8 usd/stick.
  13. I agree 100%. I would grab a box in a heartbeat if they weren't so expensive. And I saw that too. Clearance price here is more than the store! Oh well, a little out of my range either way. I will have to settle for the occasional 5er!
  14. BBF MSU DIC 18. Once in a while u get lucky and get one that is better than most. This is that one. excellent!
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  16. Happy B-day - love the cake idea! My favorite saying is "he who dies with the most stories - WINS!" That's one great story to share for years to come !
  17. +1 Love it. Gotta have it. Put me in for one LGC and one Partagas. Just the marca stamp. Will trade for a handmade wooden ashtray... 😋
  18. Just make sure you keep track of how many bullets you already fired.
  19. Great read... still fun to get caught up! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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