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  2. Almost thru my 2nd box of Bolivar CG (2015) PUR's. They are all amazing. Glad I have 3 left!
  3. Actually we did. Paved a clear path for that. We couldn't have done a better job putting Castro into power.
  4. Mine are almost 5 years old and I feel like they need much longer.
  5. La Opulencia is nice too. If you like Nic Maduros try the Wise Man Maduro
  6. I think everyone on early enjoys 03-10 cigars over 97-02!!!
  7. I’ve never had an outbreak (even after I return home from vaycay to see my temp spiked to 78 for a few days) As I’ve always purchased from proper sources, but I just picked up a Cuban “no name” petit 2 from my regular B&M. Is it safe to believe that HSA freezes even these no name brand sticks that are blended specifically for B&Ms? Or should I be freezing this stick?
  8. Fast Food. My favorite Sardines on Organic seed crackers. So damn good.
  9. Yea, it was a whole bundle. I guess it’s impossible to pin down which farm then. I hoped it was kind of a trademark thing. Thanks for the answer, appreciate it!
  10. All you have to do is Google "Tom Cruise as a woman", and you get this ...
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  12. When ever you are in the middle of Germany, just knock on the door. You are welcome. we can smoke some old stuff after filled up with cake. Taste wise really good if you love the sourness of the lemon paired with the sweetness.
  13. Pear & almonds perfect match. Just give it a try.
  14. So many variables. Many of the old Havana cigars hold up very well for decades if stored properly. I just had a really good Qunitero from the 70's. I have smoked a few that were in the last 3 years that didnt have as much depth. You just never know. The best cigar I have had recently was an '07 VR Unico.
  15. With calories 😂😂😂😂 well hips don't lie 😂😂
  16. OH you mean a bundle wrapped in a palm/banana leaf? Yes there are a lot of them around the island esp Vinales.
  17. That's good to know. I have a box and a 50 cab of Lusis, a box of Sig III and a box of Boli CG from that code but none has been cracked into.
  18. I have a box of PSP Monte No 5's (PUR FEB 16) from our host which I have not yet sampled, as well as a cab of Lusitanias (PUR NOV 16) from another source and have had about 3 of them from that box. They were all quite excellent.
  19. Hi guys, I have a few boxes with the PUR box code, all from ENE 16 to FEB 17. As these boxes are still a bit young I haven't cracked into them yet. A friend and I were wondering about that particular box code. Did any of you smoke any cigars from that code? What did you think if yes?
  20. Install an external temperature controller and problem solved. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  21. Good morning Mr. RASS DIC 18. Acclimated but young. Starts of mild and a bit fruity. Excellent draw. Good smoke volume. Finish is Medium +. Cheers
  22. Inhumane? Do you really know what defines that word? It is the communist dictatorship oppressive government that rules Cuba. The exact dictatorship that prohibits and suppresses small independent business in Cuba. Just to be clear my country (USA) did not place Castro and his ideology into power 60 odd years ago.
  23. Use a temperature control module. The refrigerator plugs into the control module, and it will cut the power depending on your settings. This way you can keep your temp at 65 instead of also helps the unit running so much and lowering your humidity.
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