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  2. mt1

    Box of the Day

    I sense some great 24:24s coming up!
  3. That wraps up my week in the warehouse. Back next week for a few days before heading overseas the week after. The best of today
  4. Cold Smoke

    Opinions on HU majestics?

    A dependably decent smoke for the money.
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  6. Make sure after you freeze you move them into the refrigerator. Taking the cigars out of the freezer and immediately into room temp. is not good for the cigars (supposedly) causes cracks etc.. most of us at some point and time have been there (beetle hole, off to fridge). Rest assured, your cigars will be fine.
  7. i saw this. truly disgusting. let me say that these cheesemakers are not blessed. indeed, nothing but a sad gimmick which demeans us all!
  8. Fact is, many if not most, don’t. Greed overpowers common sense and any form of self control. History is littered with examples. The environment is beyond repair, and only drastic steps can prevent extinctions and major catastrophes. These and many more measures become increasingly necessary as we push far past the common sense barriers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. El Presidente

    Beetle holes? Please tell me no.

    Definite beetle. Freeze away. Simple process and you will sleep soundly
  10. Ahhh yes, Wisconsin were as a child I would play arcades in a bar. It was ok as long as an adult brought you. I was always stoked to be handed a fist of quarters for the pinball. Of course my grandpa and family had a different view of things like alcohol or whatever. As far as he was concerned, if "you were old enough to die for the country, you were old enough to drink a damn beer in it.
  11. It's an inconvenience, but freezing isn't a big deal. I've done it a few times over the years. It won't affect the flavor or quality of the cigar.
  12. BBF, JL2 & Regios are smoking well ROTT for me.
  13. MigsG

    Opinions on HU majestics?

    Do you remember what the regalias tasted like?
  14. Hollywood Ninja

    What's in your glass today?

    Some of the last of my Hibiki. Sad face.
  15. I would but it’s 3am in the states and I have a 9:00 meeting 🤦‍♂️ I’m going to drop them in the freezer as a preventative measure, lots of Fuentes and anniversary edition sticks in that box.
  16. Quintero Favoritos (25) Petit Robusto (50 x 115) RMO JUN 18 Mostly Clearance The ultimate yard and fishing cigar. Sometimes we forget that cigars such as the favoritos are the backbone of many members humidors. A D4 to them is something special and a Cohiba Robusto is a dream. There is a time and place for a hefty yard cigar, fishing cigar, camping cigar, handing out to moochers who don’t smoke cigars….etal. Good Cuban toasted tobacco flavour but dry box if you can. Some can really surprise you but that is not what they are intended for. There are always those times when you just need a decent cigar that is going to be in the background. The definition of good “Cheap and Cheerful”
  17. I’m no vet but I’d put my money on JL2 and partagas P2 (sep/oct/nov 18).. and I have. More than I’d be proud of.
  18. Heston Blumenthal Crotch Cheese Is Now A Thing From his pubes, specifically London's V&A museum is currently running a food-themed exhibition titled FOOD: Bigger Than the Plate. In addition to containing an edible water bottle and a toilet made from cow manure, one of the highlights of the exhibition is human cheese. Yes, cheese made partially from humans. And one of them is famed quirky chef Heston Blumenthal. Cheese is generally made from starter cultures that come in a packet. They're basically single strains of bacteria that curdle the milk and help get the cheese on its smelly way. Guess what else produces bacteria? The human body. And in the very specific case of old mate Heston... it was taken from his pubic hair to make a comté, according to the Guardian. Blumenthal wasn't the only celebrity who has put his body on the line in the name of cheese. British rapper Professor Green had bacteria taken from his belly button, and a columnist for the Guardian had some taken from her nose. All in the name of sheer curiosity and display. Are you not entertained!? If this is grossing you out, never fear. You can't actually eat any of the human cheese - it's just on display. But I do challenge you to search deep within your own soul and answer this question. If you had the chance to smear some of that crotch cheese on a rosemary and sea salt cracker with some quince paste... would you? @Ken Gargett you're our very own Cheese purveyor and now creator, is this something you'd tackle? No pun intended
  19. MigsG

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Thanks - so perhaps the Corona Major would be a better alternative? Any experience with it? If you don't mind reading my last posting here, does it sound like I had an HUPC, Regalias or Corona Major?
  20. My 2017 rass definitely need more time down. Hoping to try some of the newer ones and compare them as they age. Trust the masses.
  21. Some more photos, best I could with my phone.
  22. MIKA27


    Can Red Bull and Ferrari end Mercedes’ winning run in Monaco? If you had picked a race ahead of the season that would give Ferrari and Red Bull their best opportunity for victory, chances are you would have chosen this weekend’s race in Monaco. Mercedes have been off the pace in the Principality in the last couple of years, allowing Ferrari and Red Bull to take a win apiece. And with Mercedes having won all five races with one-twos so far in 2019, it’s no surprise that the subject of a potentially different winner was a hot topic in the Monte Carlo… The F1 paddock was in mourning on Wednesday, following the news Niki Lauda, a three-time world champion, had passed away. The Austrian was an F1 favourite who was great company. His efforts at Mercedes, where he served as non-executive chairman, were a key part in the Silver Arrows achieving the level of dominance they have enjoyed over the last five seasons. Lauda twice won in Monaco, the Austrian taming the tight and twisty streets in his Ferrari to triumph in 1975 and 1976. On paper, his Mercedes team face their sternest challenge of the campaign to repeat that feat, with the Silver Arrows having struggled to challenge at the sharp end in each of the last two years. Last year, the fight for victory was between Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo and Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel, the former holding off the German while nursing an engine issue to come out on top. Max Verstappen will fancy his chances, of course. Had he not crashed in final practice last year, and missed qualifying as a result, the Dutchman would have very likely won the race – with Red Bull probably scoring a one-two. This year, though, he was playing down his chances. “We get into this weekend seeing Mercedes clearly as the favourite,” he said. “I don’t think we are as good as we were last year. But we will find out. I’m confident that we can fight for a podium, but we have to find out what step of the podium.” His team mate Pierre Gasly echoed his team mate’s cautious take on the state of play. “Based on previous races, the team here has been pretty much stronger than at any other track,” he said. “It’s a track that suits the car well. I would not say we are the favourites but we should have a better performance than at other tracks.” Red Bull will know this is their best chance of victory since last year’s Mexican Grand Prix, but they are also aware Mercedes will likely be more of a threat this year on the Monte Carlo streets. Why? Well in Barcelona, the Silver Arrows were brilliantly quick in the third sector – which is packed full of low-speed corners. Gasly described their pace there as “pretty scary”. Yes, Monaco and the third sector of Spain are very different challenges still, but according to our data simulations, Mercedes look like they will have the best package this year, with Red Bull and Ferrari closely matched and not too far behind. We shouldn’t be surprised, really. Mercedes have been brutally efficient this year and taken every single opportunity afforded to them. Reliability has been impressive and they are operating on a level not seen in the history of F1. Lewis Hamilton has also described the W10 as the best the team have ever produced… Ferrari have struggled to get the tyres to work consistently in 2019, the type of track surface having a big impact on their level of competiveness. Whether or not they can contend for victory in Monaco will depend partially on whether they understand their car better. Ferrari chief Mattia Binotto suggested their pain could be caused by the overall design concept, and admitted earlier today that the team are “already working in Maranello on evaluating new concepts, as well as bringing some initial further updates” to Monaco. It will take time for them to define what changes are needed – and even longer for them to be introduced. But Vettel, winner in 2017, does not believe that rules out hope of victory here, and is open-minded about the team’s chances. “Obviously this track is unique and anything can happen this weekend, so it’s probably irrelevant what the paper might say or the form of the last four or five races might suggest,” he said. “Coming here, anything can happen, but certainly going forward we know we are not quick enough to beat Mercedes. But we are working very hard to make a difference to do so as soon as we can.” His team mate Charles Leclerc, racing on home soil for Ferrari for the first time, also tried to remain positive. “The low-speed corners weren’t great in Barcelona, but normally Monaco is pretty different,” he said. “We will try to turn things round. It’s not going to be easy but we will give it everything.” Crucially for Ferrari, they are not letting their heads drop despite the drubbing they have received at the hands of Mercedes. Get everything right in qualifying – when the hard work for the race win is done given the lack of overtaking opportunity – and they could finally get some light relief come Sunday. Red Bull, too, will be thinking this is their time to shine, the impressive amount of downforce the RB15 can generate a real plus point in Monte Carlo. But much will depend on what Mercedes do. If they get everything right, as they have done all season, the driver on the top step may well be bedecked in silver. Given the circumstances, that would be a fitting way to end what will be a very sombre weekend.
  23. You can read RARW (Ramon Allones Review Weekend) reviews on the forum. I also usually postpone for 3 years and do not even try, but 2018 is unusual for RASS
  24. El Presidente

    Beetle holes? Please tell me no.

    Before you do that, take the band off and take a closeup photo for us.
  25. El Presidente

    Beetle holes? Please tell me no.

    Unfortunately yes. All into a ziplock and into the freezer for a week.
  26. I cracked my Dominican humidor today and found this suspect hole on a recently acquired AVO Ritmo. Thankfully I have a separate humidor for my cubans but this has got me panicking a bit. Any opinions on if this is something to be worried about? I isolated it right away, no signs of holes on anything else in the box. Should I watch for a couple days before ::shudder:: freezing my collection?
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