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  2. Not all that new but still excellent, the leaf by oscar Maduro lancero
  3. For our educational purposes.... all who say counterfeit, can you point out the detail of what you are looking at for our future experiences? With the counterfeiters sharpening their game we all need to be right on their heels.
  4. Maybe my favorite CC of all time! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Had a Wunderlust in Berlin this weekend and it was quite good for my taste.
  6. i picked up a box of the punch short de punch they were very good for such a young cigar i hope you guys get them in stock, love to see your review 😋
  7. Southern Draw yes. Everything we've reviewed coming out of AJF this year has been average at best. RoMa Craft Baka is outstanding. I'd recommend Balmoral's San Pedro line. Inexpensive and very tasty. Tatuaje's new ME2 is very good as well. Other than that not much we've reviewed out of the show so far has really wowed us.
  8. Isn't Wanderlust by Roma Craft a Euro/German only release? Heard good things. I smoke very few NCs nowadays but Warped has produced decent stuff in the past. I prefer their lighter selection, Corto and the La Colmena (at least the ones of old, I think it is a rotating vitola/blend) would be worth a try.
  9. The two new-ish brands that I've found to be a cut above are Fratello (launched in 2013, growing slowly and steadily), and Stolen Throne (launched this year with a single small release). Both, coincidentally, are based out of Virginia. I know Fratello has a presence in Europe and may likely be at Intertabac, but I suspect Stolen Throne is still too small to make the rounds of trade shows.
  10. Try some Southern Draw! And anything else made by AJ Fernandez.
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  12. Highly unlikely ......but I believe in miracles
  13. Box was forwarded to new address. This can take 5 - 7 business days, so I'm not losing sleep yet.
  14. So I bought a box of DIC 18 Lanceros that had MOL stamped on the wooden box, and UAO on the cardboard outer! This was from a super reliable vendor, bought in person at the store. Most obvious explanation is someone at the store switched the outer box (accidentally or deliberately). But maybe it happened in Cuba? Fwiw they are gorgeous, and the one I smoked (too young, too young) was brilliant.
  15. The Dortmund Inter Tabac fair kicks off in a few days and I am looking forward to catching up with some old friends and meeting new ones. While I have the Cuban side covered, let me know what new NC's are worth seeking out. By new, I mean those new brands and players that are raising an eyebrow with what they are putting out. I certainly don't want to waste an opportunity to learn and experience something new, and god knows I love meeting and spending time with passionistas.
  16. Great looking PSP example from ARS AGO 18. These were darker just six months ago, but it’s still on the maduro side of colorado. Draw is loose though. Very interesting smoke. Initial flavours are a fruity dark chocolate. I don’t get prune, more a sort of deep orange flavour. Then a sudden ‘pop’ transition at the end of the first third: sweet, perfume flavours like lavender, roses, violets arrive. Like fancy Italian dark chocolate confectionary. I’m sucking the smoke back in to taste it. The burn is not great though. Uneven and doesn’t really want to stay lit. Needs smoking quite fast to keep everything warm and flavourful and ticking along. Thank god the body is not too strong, or I’d be whacked by the nicotine. As it is I still get buzzed. Those perfumed confectionary flavours hang on though. It’s really unlike anything else. Maybe the closest is a particularly good Punch Punch, but it’s even more exotic than that. Towards the end a dark roasted coffee flavour starts coming in, and I’ve had enough nicotine just before the band. Good stuff. Apart from the burn, it doesn’t feel too early. I have only one more of these, then a full box from ARS MAR 19. I wonder what will happen as they get older?
  17. In the urban jungle, but that's nothing compared to most of your environments!
  18. I couldn’t resist either at those prices. Especially with many members talking about how great the May 18 (UEB,ASR) are smoking. Haven’t had much luck with them, my 16 box is starting to come around. So I am rolling the dice here. I agree, can’t believe they are still up at sub Cuba prices. But I can only assume that Prez probably has a few mastercases up. [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. how about punch short de punch Cohiba Novedosos trinidad Esmeralda/Media Luna or any of the new 2019 LE?
  20. A petit Edmundo for me yesterday. I’ve found these to be really consistent. I’m not really convinced by the orange juice combo though!
  21. i just had a dumas last week and i did get that big chocolate hit but i also got some marshmallow and it was a very rich cigar, maybe the ones smoked for this review were a bit too young still? hope so cause mine was fantastic!
  22. By the way Ken, the main character in the Count of Montecristo is actually named Edmond Dantes, the Mexico regionals used this as the brand name since their was a legal issue using montecristo, hence why they used Emundo Dantes! i also saw the mini series special with Depardieux which was fantastic! and of course, its also one of my favorite books! love it! cheers! Steve
  23. There's really something to be said for the brand, for the first 2-3 years all I smoked was Quintero, and not just for the price! I'd gone through all the lower/medium end cigars in the catalogue (RyJ cedros, Upmann Tubos, Bolivar #3 etc) and came out with enjoying the flavours from Quintero the most. I look back at that time in my smoking journey as one of my most content and relaxed times
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