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  2. No matter who is in control of Cuba, it's likely to be corrupt and authoritarian. That being said; I'd take the capitalist dictator over a communist regime.
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  4. Drive there in a Rolls or Lagonda. Bring a Jerombom of Champagne, already chilled. In seriousness, I like to bring doubles of cigars in case you want to hand one out.
  5. When the increase is highlighted by putting up this type of comparison, in bold, then it's not really a comparison. You can't help but feel that the Trinidad Reyes (and by extension the Cohiba Siglo I) will fast become a curious anomaly.
  6. My friend begged me to go in on some CC with him in 2018. I downloaded someones spreadsheet to track your cigar purchases it has a column that calculates years and months on the cigars. I was kinda shocked when I scrolled to bottom and saw the total on how much I had spent. Now I am thinking I am glad I spent that much so I will have cigars to smoke through the current supply issues. Still kicking myself for not buying a box of Fundadores.
  7. Party short with a Trader Vic's mai tai. Like being on an 🏝
  8. I feel like the main rule is : don't be a dick. That usually goes a long way. In this context, I'd reckon that means the following: - patronize the B&M by getting a few cigars or accessories. - don't put on airs of what is and isn't "the best" and be responsive to those you chat with rather than a know it all that wants to be heard more than anything. - If someone acts like a know it all, agree to disagree and move on--drawn out arguments over nothing are best done on the internet. I've found the cigar community has a lot of interesting, fun and generous people if you're open to it and look in the right spots. Most importantly: have fun!
  9. I'm kissing new production Trinis goodbye. Unless I find fundies for reasonable price, but I'm not going to hold my breath, they were tough enough to find before.
  10. Punta for a hot day. Impressed by a MC1 yesterday, chocolate notes were outrageous. Have a great weekend!
  11. I LOVE La Trova and I’ll smoke them for as long as I can get them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Thanks to a PM from @Queens88 was able to purchase another box. Thanks mate! These are my son's favorite Cubans and very often I get salt and charred steak - what a unique stick. So sad that they are discontinued. But, every once in a while, with the help of friends, you find that 4-leaf clover ....
  13. Seriously though, The guys there will be more curmudgeon than Ray if you show your preference for CCs and not sucking down a Nicaraguan stuffed full of ligero to the point you will not be able to taste another cigar until tomorrow.
  14. Cuba tried the opposite strategy then, and tried to double production and ran out of tobacco. Also had some change in tobacco plant strains going on at the same time. Big crisis for Cuban cigars. Some good cigars out of that era, but a few of those years had really crappy rolling due to the massive number of new rollers and amount of production, other years had off blends due to changes in strains of tobacco and figuring the blends out again.
  15. BBF w/Woodford double oak. Had to add a cube since it was so humid.
  16. Double header here: El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme OMS SEP 15 and Saint Luis Rey Regios ORG SEP 15. Both are among the last few from their respective boxes, and both decent looking examples: not the very best but perfectly ok. Construction on both turned out very well. The good oil is: these almost extinct, single vitola marcas deserve our support! The Choix was nutty, moderately rich, a little grassy, under medium bodied, but most importantly a damn fine, satisfying smoke. Not particularly sweet and nothing like Cohiba (a similarity that some see), but distinctively different from anything else in the catalogue. The SLR Regios had that outrageous first-puff sweetness you sometimes get: like inhaling the icing sugar off a sponge cake. It settled down a bit after that in terms of flavour, and the big surprise was this cigar turned out to be both significantly fuller in body than the Choix and strong in nicotine. Another satisfying smoke. Of course the Hermoso #4 vitola is also excellent…
  17. I have a box of Exquisitos. They have been good after 90 days rest. Try one and see
  18. A smile and be sociable. Always good ettiquette to purchase a cigar or two from the roller. Nothing more, just roll with it and have fun!
  19. Rob should be producing a good cigar for consumption by real people on a regular basis full time by then. There is an ass for every seat I say!!! Creative destruction is a term used on both sides of the economic aisle. In this case I will lean Marxist... as we are dealing with a Marxist state. What they are doing is creating expensive 'shit' cigars to destroy the entire Cuban cigar industry. And it is working. Most are about a decade or more behind the curve here. Tabacuba has been on this path of destruction for 2 decades. Welcome to the fight! MHO... -Piggy
  20. Even worse now more than ever. And now they have adopted an "F-You!" attitude toward the middle class Cuban cigar buyer. They are going to ride this train and cater their product to those in the world who are the most financially wealthy. They are having delusions of grandeur thinking their cigars are "luxury" items in the same league as Swiss timepieces, Hermes handbags and Italian supercars. My attitude is "F-You back at ya". I'll smoke my stockpile, and when it's gone in 5 years or whenever I'm done. Unless there is a market correction back to some semblance of sanity. Do I expect that to happen? Likely nope.
  21. ... ahhh someone who can afford Cohibas. Can I borrow some money...? (read with levity) Welcome to the forum mate. I have one box of these from about 20 years ago. I have had them for that long and have yet found a reason to smoke them. -LOL Maybe smoke one today and let you know that they are okay to smoke.!!!! Cheers! -Piggy
  22. Things to bring: BMW (non-M versions will need to be parked out back) Rolex Wad of cash- to buy the latest fat cigar with the most bands 64+1 Jet, smart lighter with unrefined fuel refining capability, BMI index reading, with testosterone dosing recommendations. a feigned ignorance and distain for Cuban cigars Smart phone to check your sports bets and to alleviate boredom. No, I am not jaded! I just go there to buy Dupont lighter fuel... 🤪 -The Pig Oh... by the way Mr. Sageman, welcome to the forum! Don't mind me, I am the forum curmudgeon.
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