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  2. Inhumane? Do you really know what defines that word? It is the communist dictatorship oppressive government that rules Cuba. The exact dictatorship that prohibits and suppresses small independent business in Cuba. Just to be clear my country (USA) did not place Castro and his ideology into power 60 odd years ago.
  3. Use a temperature control module. The refrigerator plugs into the control module, and it will cut the power depending on your settings. This way you can keep your temp at 65 instead of also helps the unit running so much and lowering your humidity.
  4. And curing techniques. The tannins have been minimized across the board for Habanos and I think that plays a major part of how it ages carries strength.
  5. It’s been very difficult to regulate the temperature inside the room I consider to be my “man cave“. About a month ago, temperatures in the room were maintaining consistently at around 78°F, which I consider to be way too high. My dad recently brought over his old wineador. We plugged it in, and low and behold, it works. It’s a two zone wineador. The lower and larger compartment gets up to 64°F – perfect. The upper and smaller compartment only goes up to 54°F. Would most of you consider this to be too cold to store cigars? This compartment could easily fit the cigars in one of my tupperdors, which would be very helpful.
  6. I can’t imagine trying to run a business or start a business under these terms. As a small business owner I’m inundated with monthly/quarterly reporting for the various states we conduct business in but I have comfort in knowing that as long as we comply with the regulations and requirements in place, we’ll be allowed to compete for business in those states. A free market economy leads to prosperity.
  7. I know I read here before about farm rolled cigarrs wrapped in banana leaf. I got a bundle of these from my boss and trying to figure out their origin. If it helps they’re Petit Corona-ish with a pig tail. Thanks in advance!
  8. Amazing! I’ve never paired pear with almonds but it sounds incredible. 👍🏽 I am impressed.
  9. Where do you live and when is the soonest I can visit. That is a work of art and I bet it tastes better than it looks. Wow!
  10. Life goals right here 👍🏽
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  12. Well, either the US embargo has had an effect or it hasn't, The embargo is stupid and has failed miserably. It is inhumane and counterproductive and largely laughed at by the other nations of the world. The US should drop the embargo and stop embarrassing itself.
  13. It was OK. Recent Hoyos aren't really my cup of tea, so I'm probably not the best judge. Typical Hoyo flavors, then it seemed to devolve into charred wood in the final third.
  14. I get the -200 error when attempting to upload a picture.
  15. completely agree, done for the wrong reasons- as is the trend of SJW motivated decision making. Sad!
  16. This was ok, not brilliant. QdO Coronas Claro, circa 2015 I believe. Quite mild bodied, the main flavour I get from this is tea, with rich tea biscuits! Not hugely complex and not much evolution, but a nice ‘straight’ smoke. Perhaps a little ashy-tasting towards the end. By comparison with a similar size smoke, I hugely prefer Punch Punch of the same age for their greater richness and exoticism.
  17. The movie will bomb. No ifs, ands or buts about it. Would you cast Tom Cruise as "wonder woman" ????
  18. To blame the US President and his policy for Cuba's failed socialist economy is ridiculous IMO. In order for a communist govt to survive, it needs total control and domination over it's people. A free market economy filled with private entrepreneurs is a conflict of interest. Please refrain from blaming our country for the situation in Cuba and it's government policies.
  19. I would have to advise you to keep the Elmer T. Lee for yourself!!!! All the others are good and easy to find. Elmer is sold at 4x the actual price if you can find it
  20. Previously, the light color of the wrapper for Havanas was considered a sign of premium and nobility. Also on premium cigars are not allowed spotted and uneven shade. Now this rule is not observed, you can even find QdS in Colorado-Maduro. QdS - brand, when creating which was put the condition "only light wrapper".
  21. As they say once these people get one foot in the door crack, they bust it wide open. Cigars, whiskey, beer, steaks, potato chips, soda, coffee, they will eventually find an excuse to go after all these things in the name of "saving you from yourself". The Nanny state government at work.
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