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  2. "if at first you don't succeed..... hire someone". - My motto.
  3. Çnote

    Booze run

    That's a great one but rarely seen in USA alas
  4. Looks like a case of badly flaking psoriasis on the roller's hands! 😷 😁
  5. Bucky McSwensen

    FOH DIY Thread....could we use one?

    Borrow a chainsaw? This sounds like the perfect time to buy one! I love when I have a problem that is solved with "honey, dont worry, I bought another chainsaw"
  6. If one can even get a cc wrapper to burn at 70%. Probably due to a leak or whatever, my tupperdor and desktop both register 64% very consistently with 69% boveda 60g packs in them. They burn wonderfully at this RH.
  7. Oh boy. Not good! So I think this cements it. Either they trade for Josh Rosen of the Cardinals or they draft a qb. I would be ok with a second round and maybe a conditional next year for Rosen. Otherwise they will have to figure out how to get one at the fifteen spot this year. Which should be doable.
  8. There’s only one explanation...... internal plume! You probably should have paid double for a stick like that 😜
  9. This gorgeous Churchill was gifted to me by a friend last year. I had smoked another one from the same box last year and it was just plugged with tobacco. Upon cutting, the draw was pretty awful so I attacked it with a perfect draw, and after some extensive work it opened up enough. 1/3 White pepper, light milky cream, rose water. light body. Cherry and rose water make more of an appearance and the body is slowly creeping up. Still very mellow and not a flavor bomb yet. A little milk chocolate creeps in on the finish 2/3 Still light body due to the tight draw. Not much cherry, but a lot of what el pres calls rose water and light milk chocolate. While far from a flavor bomb it’s still a very enjoyable cigar with a unique flavor profile. 3/3 Not much changed from the second third. Light, enjoyable flavors, yet just not strong enough to make a great cigar. However, the burn was perfect throughout the entire cigar without needing a touch up! There was 1 of 2 things going on here: either the cigar just wasnt that good, or the very slight cold I've had the past 9 days has really began to screw with my pallete. Due to the tight draw and other cigars I've smoked the past few days...I tend to think its a little bit of both. 88/100
  10. Today
  11. It does look like a cookie
  12. What did the chunk taste like?
  13. Looks like a roller at the Quintero factory was eating a sugar cookie while on the job
  14. dehydrated pectin glue clumps?.
  15. Mrs BirdDog: You’re going to hire a professional to get rid of that tree right? BirdDog: No, I’m going to borrow the neighbor’s chainsaw and spend the weekend hacking at it, then I’m going to order a box of cigars with the money I saved.
  16. Don’t know but that’s no bueno.
  17. Five minutes into a Quintero Favorito, I saw something peculiar peeking through. Immediately I cut it open and found this. A little bit of a torcedero’s lunch? Sugar cookie, maybe? Or could it be something else?
  18. perfect timing need some instructions on building a patio from scratch.
  19. Cigar_83

    Booze run

    @MD Puffer I can totally relate to having young kids and the tight rope ability we need to escape once in a while. In Ontario, Canada we can only buy liquor from two places the beer store of the LCBO (Liquor board of Ontario) which is government run. Essentially all taxes from sales are given to the government so it is regulated price wise. Technically there is a 3rd option such as purchasing from vineyards. I recommend something on the sweeter side such as Moscato with fresh fruit. I second youtube with ideas on different cocktail recipes.
  20. SonGoku

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Continuing my R&J theme today with this Cazadores (GAT SEP 13). Just lighting it I can tell from the smell of the smoke that this one is going to be a lot more powerful than the Cedros de Luxe No. 2 smoked earlier.
  21. Piligrim

    RyJ SUM NOV 16 RyJRW

    Thank you [emoji120] Отправлено с моего ONEPLUS A5000 через Tapatalk
  22. BigSkySmoke

    Travel restrictions?

    Been looking to see if anyone has posted about the news of travel restrictions? Didnt see anything. Just if anyone has been following it. Might have to change out Dec vacation plans, if it becomes a huge hassle.
  23. rcarlson

    Booze run

    Dark & Stormy. Goslings black rum and ginger beer.
  24. 99call

    VR Famosos - May '16

    I smoked a 16 today aswell and my experience is like a mirror image of yours. Blown away by this box, racing through it. Its expression of high quality tobacco, classy milk chocolate and warm red earth/grassiness made it an excellent smoke. Getting in to VR in a big way. when they're good they make the milk chocolate that you can get in Montecristo taste cheap and papery. .....very impressed
  25. San Cristobal Principes is what I usually offer those who are new to CCs and not heavy smokers of NCs.
  26. Rrm7284

    Booze run

    1) Russian Mules 2) don’t be afraid to break out the blender. If you really want to impress her on a hot day, a simple combo of 60% glass of pina colada followed up by a second batch of strawberry daiquiri to top off the glass. It’s easy and my wife and her friends all act like teenage girls whenever I bust them out.
  27. Always wanted to try the Pure Havane as I have both the A*Men and the Pure Malt, and quite like both - but never could find the Havane in any shop to try.
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