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  2. I had one such like that the other day. I hadn't had one for ages and it was a hot sunny day so I thought why the hell not. It was a vanilla dream. The following day I thought let's try again.. alright but nit the same. I have just picked up some cohiba Corona especiales to try. They look yummy
  3. Having watched the Netflix show, I’m very surprised Haas kept Grosjean. I would think Ocon is a sure bet for next year. Steiner seemed to like Magnussen. As for refueling...a thousand times YES! I don’t see the safety argument when cars have 500+ volt energy storage systems. They are already dangerous for the pit crew. And you can’t extinguish a Lithium fire.
  4. RyJ for me today. although the CCE are looking pretty darn tasty too 🤔 anyone know a good bankruptcy lawyer ima need it soon
  5. Plenty of good NC cigars in my opinion. I generally buy CCs in boxes...while the NC purchases are singles here and there. I haven’t bought a box of NCs in a while. But I think it’s important to support the BMs when I go in their shops. So I will always try to pick up something. Maybe that’s a new release or just something that looks good or haven’t tried before.
  6. HdM Rio Seco seems like to be one of the popular cigars in 2019! Is it better than San Juan or Especial?
  7. Here's the first of two vids Rob and I shot the other day. Part two will be posted tomorrow (I make a starring support appearance in that one... absolute gold, no word of a lie ). We'll hopefully be doing a lot more of this sort of thing, so if you've got something you'd like Rob's advice on or a topic you'd like to see expanded upon then just fire in some suggestions - we'll try and cover what we can. Enjoy!
  8. the Boli petit Corona is ULA JUN 14 the PLPC, im not sure but most likely 2018, purchased from my local B&M
  9. Happy birthday month @MigsG I needed you to try it so I could know what it was I was tasting. Enjoy!
  10. One thing I haven’t read much about was how the current president was chosen. I’m sure he was hand picked but am still sure the process was interesting.
  11. Cohiba Robusto thanks to @Thirds! A wonderful cigar. So good. Honeyed creamy smoke that's getting sweeter halfway thru the first third. Muchisima gracias, amigo!
  12. I grew up with both being played in my house by my parents, but from beginning to end I still listen to the Rumors album.
  13. The flight down was exactly like a domestic flight. You go through customs in Cuba. The flight back 2-3 hours should be good but you’re not allowed to enter more than 3 hours early. I wish I knew that rule as I had the latest flight in the group and was denied entry with no explanation. After a stressful 20 minutes though they finally explained and security was only 30 - 40 min going through later
  14. Interesting! Should I get Colibri V-Cut instead of XIKAR VX2? Thanks! What makes V-Cut great for Piramides and Belicosos cigars?
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  16. I've gotten a box from the birth month of my other two kids and was planning on doing it again. Surprisingly (or maybe not considering the lack of sleep in the past two days) the Edmundos never crossed my mind. But now that you say it, it is the only box that makes sense!
  17. Congratulations!!! Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  18. After my last concussion I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Hypersomnia, essentially narcolepsy without cataplexy. As my brain healed, so did that issue. So I don't really have a problem falling asleep when I don't want to anymore.
  19. I smoked a 8 year old HdM DC last year with a buddy of mine that stored them in some serious cedar. The cigar lost everything and tasted of nothing but cedar the whole way through. So yes, I would say you can over cedar a cigar.
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