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  2. If not Cuba, then Andorra for price (and stocks can be really good also), for stock definitely Beirut 😎
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  4. Suffered rather joyous fire damage
  5. Very nice boxes, from what translates to...the house of batshit? 😁
  6. While Optic’s enjoying his morning cigar and coffee, I’m just getting started on Friday evening. Gotta love this place! Aloha Friday gang!
  7. Punch- Punch Punch July 18 Por Larranaga - Petite Coronas Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Havana is hard to beat, but if that’s disqualified maybe Andorra or Gibraltar for selection and prices.
  9. I live in west Shawnee. I would love to hear about your trip when you get back. What part of North KC? Liberty, parkville? And Cuba is pretty much out now for us Americans.
  10. Havana. Plain and simple. Best prices in the world, 8 or 10 LCDH's to choose from and you can smoke almost anywhere.
  11. Where would we be without those wives? Good day, indeed.
  12. Whereabouts in Kansas? I’m just north of KC in Missouri. Headed to Nepal for an EBC trek and I’ll be visiting my first LCDH in Dubai. Actually booked the hotel right by the LCDH for this reason. Knokke seems to get pretty solid reviews from what I’ve read but don’t know about the lounge. Im guessing if you want quantity, Cuba would be pretty hard to beat.
  13. If there’s a story there I’ve got to know about the bottles. Can’t tell if the number is staying consistent or multiplying. What a great place to spend an hour or two laughing and enjoying a smoke. There should be a contest to win an afternoon on the deck!
  14. I've only been to a couple... Hong Kong had a small selection but great lounge. Amsterdam had great selection and NO lounge. Rome had medium-small selection and im not sure about lounge.
  15. Also.. Don't ask about the empty bottles
  16. So I was thinking the other day about planning a trip for me and the wife. Then I got to thinking, where on earth are some of the best LCDH for selection and prices. Of course our amazing host here el prez you are the best hands down. So that said where would you go? FYI, if it matters I live in Kansas smack dab in the middle of the USA.
  17. The tag is the best. Its a reminder that the chair is only temporary. Love you guys and love you Ken. This thread is amazing.
  18. I miss the clip on the cap from the first release more than anything.... but have found both to be just as good clearing out a plug.
  19. I was lucky enough to get a couple more boxes of these little beauties (Espana edition). They were waiting for me when I got home from the airport this afternoon.
  20. Had my first in Charleston and I won’t be seeking them out anytime soon. Absolutely forgettable!
  21. Wow!! Gorgeous cigars and display. Why didn’t I participate [emoji2369][emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. I had a 2015 picadores tonight. These still aren’t getting that PL sweetness associated with the plpc at around this age but still very pleasant smoke. This one was a little underfilled but it’s been a pretty consistent box overall
  23. I've been thinking of ordering one for a while. That said, I'd rather have the V1 if that picture is accurate, i don't want to pull too much out and V2 looks like it would remove half the cigar.
  24. Even an hour is quick for a Pc [emoji23] Med blue bimmer!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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