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  2. Faux meats scream over-processed food to me. And I am convinced that over-processing of food is the main problem. This just diverts the problem away from meat, and the resulting products need to be even more processed to make them resemble meat. Whole foods all the way. Everything in moderation. I like a good steak.
  3. There is a fine line between being truthful and good advertising, and unfortunately the level at which good advertising can stray from complete truthfulness can be pretty far, but still be acceptable. In a lot of cases though, it makes sense. I primarily shoot architecture and interiors, and we are constantly Photoshoping out light switches, electrical outlets, exit signs, etc. It makes the picture look better and it is not really a lie; people are not hiring an architect for his ability to design in electrical outlets. For resorts, it is not uncommon for us to photograph the best room (photographically, not necessarily the best room to stay in), and then photograph the best view from the resort, and drop that view into that room shot. Once again, this is not really lying since the resort has many versions of this same room and that view exist somewhere in the building. It's a room that does not really exist, but could very well, and even if it did, the chance of you booking that exact room are low anyway. Another genre I work is splash photography. Recently I did a shoot with a very large Italian coffee company where they want their canned cappuccino moving through the air. The problem is cappuccino is kind of translucent and does not photography well in air, so we used brown paint, which is completely opaque. The paint was the identical shade of the product and looked exactly like the product but without the background bleeding through, so once again it was not really a lie. So if people get offended enough to complain about that cream cheese commercial to the point of making a government agency to put an end to it, where is it going to end? Will what I described above soon be frowned upon by the PC police?
  4. You probably don't realize who I am, but I remember sending you one of those early Cohiba ELs, back when it was a new release, when we were on the old CA forum. I dont remember whether it was the Pyramid or the DC. You sent me a vase that you made. I still have it back at my house in Jersey. So, no. No joke, unfortunately.
  5. Appearance: Golden rugged looking wrapper with plenty of visible seams......not the best looking Party I've seen, but looks aren't everything right? Aroma: On the body I get a heavy manure/barnyard aroma. On the foot I am greeted with leaves and manure is faint in the background, along with some honey. 1/3 Right out the gate I'm met with sweet tobacco and a honey or syrupy element on my lips.....Molasses maybe? Not sure. It's not wanting to stay lit, really struggling with it. I am getting quite a bit of sweetness out of it though, this is surprising me how sweet it is. This cigar is burning awful as well....what a disappointment. I'm having to take about 6 puffs (I counted) then I am met with a nice reward, but DAMN man. 2/3 Starting off much better, maybe there a block of wood in the 1/3? LOL Anyway continuing with that same sweetness, getting plenty of smoke, the burn (as you can see in the pics) is not pretty to look at. I am getting a sweetened coffee flavor on the finish, which is quite long and lingers. 3/3 Starting with a real brunt wood flavor (probably from so many relights). Now I'm getting a type of wintergreen flavor on my palate....interesting. Ok so I did nub it. Draw: Was nice and open, no complaints there. Burn: Awful! So many touchups I lost count. Construction: Again awful, burned like crap......ash was very flaky and uneven, but it wasn't soft or spongy and just a little hard in the 1/3 where the "chunk of wood" was lol. Overall Strength: Mild-Medium Overall Body/Complexity: Medium Experience Overall: So even though the cigar was a struggle to smoke I really did enjoy the flavors I was getting which was honey, sweet tobacco, a bit of vanilla and some wintergreen. I still have plenty of these to smoke, so this little guy isn't making me want to chuck the boxes or anything. Just one bad apple ya know? I will still be smoking these. Have to work for that reward I guess. Smoking Time: 90 mins
  6. I have had issues holding RH lower than 65F. Cooler air doesn't hold RH very well. Just my experience. I like to keep my Cuban smokes around 68-70F and 65-67RH.
  7. Hello, Just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I am James from NJ. I was introduced to this forum by someone on an offshore fishing forum I am a member of. I have been enjoying cigars, both NC's and Habanos for about 7 years now. James
  8. I'm not an expert by a lot. But I've been at this for a while and the EL program was getting going when I started to smoke Cuban cigars. I remember the R&J Robusto EL, the SD#3 El Partagas, the Monte DC EL, the HDM Pyramid and a bunch of others from the beginning of the century. Back then the talk was about using wrapper leaf from the top of the plant that had been processed, aged, fermented, or what ever you want to call it, so that the deep, rich strong flavors of such top of the plant wrapper could be harnesed. We read here now that good wrapper is thin, smooth and supple. EL wrapper was anything but. Some of those early Els were ok but i think for the most part they were either fireproof or so harsh and tannic that they burned my mouth. Many never came around with time. We also learned that the release was important, like the first release was the best, #2 or 3 not so much. Of course getting or knowing how to get a first release was impossible. So now, 18 years on, we learn that with a with a box of ten Cohiba Talisman we are confronted wit a box of 10 cigars that cost more than $500 US with the assertion that the light color wrapped ones are good. The dark ones? Not so much. Is this a joke? I'm not laughing.
  9. I've actually debated starting a thread on my experience with Por Larranaga bands, so this thread will serve that purpose for me. The PLPC and PLMC that I've enjoyed have all been excellent, but have one small annoyance in common. Each and every band looks like it was glued on by a 3 year old using 18 times more glue than is necessary. The consistency of this is uncanny and I often get glue on the wrapper around the band as well. I've hypothesised that PL cigars are labeled by folks on their first day out of training before they're sent along to other factories when their skills have improved. Smoke experience is impacted about 50/50 as these are usually so good I like to nub them but removing the band can break the wrapper, regardless of how surgical I am in it's removal. A minor wart on an otherwise spectacular marca!
  10. Was my first Lusi and def won’t be my last. From a 10 box I got for the Easter sale. First 1/3 creamy milky rich and smooth maybe under medium but very rich in flavor. 2nd 3rd richness and smoothness really overwhelms me to be honest. This cigar is so large it’s hard to imagine the draw and smoke output can be so good the whole way so far. The burn gets a little wonky as I am outside and the rain is on and off which is changing the humidity quite a bit. Last 3rd starts to turn slightly more peppery and earthy but still very rich and creamy as well. I would def suggest to anyone new as I am. Really nice cigar. Smoke time about 1:45 so def make sure you have enough time to smoke it. 92 points.
  11. Wow ! talk about a food that is ultra processed GMO city.
  12. Dealing with 1st world problems. Installing a new control for my air handler. My wife seems to have destroyed our HVAC system while I was out of town last week! Back to work on my CNC so that one day I can make humidor parts again! I have a new controls box I want to build. Otherwise do my chores. Get my horses hay, listen to my wife complain about her terrible life...! Yada, yada... yada! -Piggy
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  14. concur... Water present in a cigar is largely a matter of temperature. Tobacco bonds to water at certain temperatures, an envelope. We maintain that envelope in typical room situations and in our humidors. Shrink wrap or no, wild temperature changes and high or low temperatures outside the 'normal' envelope will allow water break bonds and become free and then bond again. Free water condensates when temperatures drop. You can take a perfectly seasoned cigar. Move it rapidly between spaces and acquire a moldy cigar from the process, using only the water originating in the seasoned cigar! -Piggy
  15. Love you breakdown. Here's my review of your review 😄: HUP might be the best all around marca, especially in the past couple of years. Bolivar hate is super weird haha. Monte rarely over-delivers, especially in their thinner regular range. Linea 1492 line is pretty boring compared to Linea Clasica. YOU SHOULD BUY ESPYS & CCEs.
  16. Excellent condition. Old band is present. Aroma at cold: sweet cedar. 1/3: cedar, coffee&milk, salt, syrup. Clear taste. Low strength, medium body. The taste increases as I smoke. 2/3: there are no major changes, but after the ash is broke, instantly change the taste: there is fried hazelnuts. Coffee already without milk - pure espresso. Wood-coffee-nut profile. Powerful blend. 3/3: explosive growth of taste. Added dark caramel and flavors mixed. Great Cuban mix. Conclusion: the cigar was perfectly rolled and well preserved. The taste was clean, but not degraded. Good balance of strength and body. I wish I'd bought a box. Smoking time: 2 hours. Rating: 5/5 stars
  17. Trinidad Vigia - April 18 It’s a beautiful Sunday morning here in north central PA. I’m enjoying a superb Trinidad before heading out and dealing with the Little League World Series traffic.
  18. What is that curse "may you live in interesting times". Bernays ( used to be the secret knowledge of the insiders. Now every obscure government bureau on the planet wants to get into the propaganda and manipulation act. Hopefully the younger generation will learn to become the cats who will not be herded.
  19. Such confusions happen even in Russia, when Millennials prepare posters for veterans on the day of the great victory (WWII) [emoji2369]
  20. It's certainly a complex flavour profile that I (we) found in this cigar and yes, if the Nudie is similar (particularly when young) it'll be a stellar achievement... But I have faith in the boys and will certainly be buying into it. Sent from 47171 Lempo
  21. I love the entire 1935 line. For the times you want a Monte a bit more power!
  22. Does Cohiba league still shave an opening? When's the draft?
  23. Sorry Elliot, slight correction. They absolutely are aware of the fact they are using sub-par wrapper.
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