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  2. Yes they are a peso cigar,bought in Havana . Band name is selectos. I say yes buy them ,I brought 50 sticks back to the USA in Sept. Worth every penny you spend on them, so far only one was so so and the others good. They are better after sitting in humidor at 65 degrees and 70 humidity for a few months. I am going back in Feb and for sure picking up more. I did have a hard time finding them , but after a few days I found a small store/restaurant had them 1/2 a block from my casa.
  3. 2013 first CC and first cigar ever a RyJ No.2 Tubo. I split a box with my best mate. I did not know how to properly humidfy cigars and they were bland and dry. Yet I saw potential and decided to push forward with the hobby. 2013-2016 Smoked only NCs since I didn't have access to reasonably priced CCs here in Canada. Tried a bit of everything found 3-4 sticks I liked. 2016- Present. Smoked the remaining NCs and phased over completely to CCs. The reddit cigar community r/cigars became toxic so I left and someone on the forum told me about FOH. So I joined and never looked back. Started buying 6 packs to see what I liked and now graduated to boxes. Still exploring but have a good idea of what I like and don't like. CCs are just that much better of an experience than NCs. Glad I found FOH! Now during the warmer months you will find me at some point in the weekend on my balcony having a CC and some port wine or a San Pellegrino Aranciata. Hoping for a quick winter!
  4. Officially I suppose this is a re-introduction, as I used to read this forum a lot, and post occasionally over ten years ago. Since then I went from smoking pretty much a cigar a day, to maybe once a year, quit politics and started working in wine, married an Aussie, and am about to move to SA. Where hopefully the combination of a slightly more amenable climate, and the fact that my humidor (which had been untouched in years) managed to keep some nice sticks in remarkably good condition, will mean I'll start enjoying a smoke a bit more regularly. Looking forward to getting back into things. I imagine I've missed quite a lot in the last decade!
  5. The dude has been weird since his playing days, this is nothing...look on youtube how Dennis Rodman broke his willy multiple times! and the story of how it happened each time. It's not graphic at all just hilarious.
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  7. 2006 was introduced to cigars, didn't dive in until Aug of 2011.......started buying more CC's in 2016, still not 100% cc's, but leaning that way more and more, just need to smoke out my NC stash.
  8. When you say the QDOs need to be put away for a little time, is that one year? Five years? Still learning on some of these. Thanks.
  9. My first cigar ever was a Hava-Tampa w a wooden tip, stolen from my dad. That was about 1988 when I was still a pup. I first got into cigars on my own around 2002, REALLY got into them around 2010, and had my first Cuban about 5 years ago. An RASS given to me by my uncle Phil Kohn, who does cigar reviews online. I have a pretty solid collection of NCs, but I absolutely CRAVE the taste of Cuban tobacco. The hardest part for me, being in the US, is waiting for the mail!
  10. That's awesome! Dont go back to the Marlboros! I know what you mean about that taste. I CRAVE that Cuban taste now!
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  12. Thats my plan too. I have about 500-600 NCs, and was on my way to building a nice CC collection. About 4 years ago, I fell in love w the taste of Cuban tobacco, BIG TIME. Had some CCs to smoke but most put away for aging. Then I got sick and have been unable to work. So I stopped being able to buy more CCs and ended up smoking most of what I had put away. So now I am slowly rebuilding my CCs thru FoH clearance, sales from other vendors, buying singles from people and trading top quality NCs for aged Cubans. I love "My wife is pissed" 🤣
  13. A buddy of mine is friends with the manager as well. She told him they didn’t have any. He said she is not a very good liar.
  14. I was first introduced to CCs around 12 years ago. Instantly fell in love, but due to accessibility and affordability, I was stuck with smoking mostly NCs. Wasn't until around 3 years ago that I switched to buying and smoking CCs exclusively.
  15. Congrats Deeg! Good on ya! Hope we do another one of these. I have a Soberano I would love to review!
  16. RA Superiores MSU FEB 18. Absolutely delicious. A perfect specimen. I have my last three put away to see if they get even better w age. Never had one w more than 2 years on it.
  17. I wish VR would get back to making more cigars. I've liked everything I have smoked of theirs.
  18. I studied medicine and used to be involved in medical research. Addiction is a disease. They have even found that there is an "addiction gene", the A1D2 gene. Only approximately 25% of people who try opioids become addicted. Interestingly enough, the A1D2 gene happens in about 20 to 25% of humans. And yes, doctors did indeed pass out opioids like candy in the 90s and early 2000's, which was ridiculous. But we also now know that hardcore opioid withdrawal can indeed kill. Especially when it exacerbates a secondary condition like heart disease or brain aneurysm. Long term opioid use changes brain chemistry, and we now know that the brain can even grow MORE opioid receptors, making the physical addiction even worse. So to say these people are merely "weakminded" isn't exactly accurate. Opioid addiction is different than almost every other addiction because it does actually become a medical issue fairly quickly. No disrespect intended; you are certainly free to think that those who suffer from the physical AND psychological disease of addiction merely lack willpower. But I doubt they want your sympathy.
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