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  2. Thanks much for all the feedback. I'll definitely try the dryboxing method and have begun to take detailed notes. It's a bit difficult as I usually smoke 1-2 cigars a day and at least one of those is smoked as I work on my laptop. Thanks again!
  3. Love the box, Don't see it often and it adds an additional uniqueness to the presentation. I am beyond curious to the specifics. I have been to numerous locations and nothing shows up about this cigar. I would also be curious as to the rest of the collection this owner has🤔
  4. Stump89


    I've also combined like cigars from other boxes together. Example: Monte 2s from 2015 and a few from 2018 in the same box. Never had any issues. Just as long as there's a way to tell them apart.
  5. I thought it would be inverted - that 60-62%rh may be better with temperature in the higher range of 77-78df, and 66-68%rh at 70df. Any other thoughts on the recommended rh% in the 77-78df temp range?
  6. joeypots


    I have a small cabinet humidor and a desktop. I move about 4 cigars from a box at a time into the desktop from the box in the humidor. When the box is about ⅔ empty I either put the remaining cigars in the desktop or combine them with other boxes. I keep rare singles in plastic bags and tubos in the drawer in the cabinet. I often combine cigars in 50 cabs when I have less than a half cab of two cigars. I've never noticed any mingling of flavors from different cigars being kept together even after many years. I keep track of the whole mess at
  7. Brian okiec

    Colder temps higher humidity?

    I was looking a a chart that showed lower temp in wineador the higher the humidity should be. I have a wineador in process of getting it ready to fill. After a week I am at 66.5 degrees and 77 %humidity. The chart says I am a little low on the humidity end. Should I be ok at this range? I am sure when I put in 150 sticks the humidity will drop .. thanks
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  9. Hadroxity

    Your current top picks

    I'm pretty new to collecting CC's, currently the best of what I have is JL1, I think this may just be due to it being the oldest by date I have. Waiting on some orders to come in to see if the JL1 still holds the crown or not.
  10. ac031898


    I keep mine in the boxes until they get close to empty...I have a couple of cedar trays I picked up on Amazon where I keep the loose sticks, and also have a ‘ready to smoke’ box where I keep a mix of loose cigars. I have found it easier to add a new tupper to my storage vs constantly moving loose sticks around, but I know that space doesn’t always allow that for some folks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Sounds like a treat, I'll have to pick some up.
  12. Hadroxity


    In my Wineador I store them whole box unless they did not come in a box. If these 24:24 orders keep piling up I may have to reevaluate the whole box method. Or just get really good at stacking.
  13. RubenF


    Is a tupperdor a viable choice of your house temperature is set to between 74-76° F consistently? My storage right now is a large wineador which I keep at 65° F
  14. nKostyan


    I, and I know that many of smokers do: do not mix different cigars in the same box. When there's less than a quarter left to the box, I just move all the cigars to the humidor and throw the box away.
  15. So storage and aging How do you manage to keep your storage situation as efficient as possible, while still able to identify particular boxes etc.? Example: Say I have 2 boxes of cigars. I enjoy younger smokes about as much as older ones, so in all likelihood I'll smoke about half of each box within 6 months of purchase and put away the rest. That leaves me with 2 half empty boxes taking up space in a humidor. This is cool with only 2 boxes, but as most of you know it never stays at two. So is it a valid strategy to just bundle the sticks in one box with ribbon, label it accordingly, and pack it within the one box, provided everything fits? If this doesn't work (for whatever reason, I am a newbie after all), what do you suggest? Thanks in advance!
  16. skalls


    Looks like Paddy Lowe is a free agent now. I'm not sure he was entirely to blame for the fiasco that Williams is in. I certainly don't have any knowledge of the inner workings of the team. Claire doesn't seem to be a good manager/leader and I suspect she's most of the problem there.
  17. A couple of my locals carry it, and another called Coole Swan (which uses white chocolate as well as cream). I don't drink it much, but will give it a go.
  18. irratebass

    What's in your glass today?

    We've been over this, but SO GOOD!
  19. Got up a little earlier so I could make some soda bread. I still don't think you can beat a better combo than homemade bread and scrambled eggs, I've been making my own butter recently too and don't think I'll ever go back; such a big difference. A banana with natural yoghurt and some local honey on the side Tea with a slosh of whisky
  20. Thanks Ken. Give me a month and I'll show you myself.....
  21. Chucko8

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Today’s offering. SW from 14. Flavours on point.
  22. The Buffalo Trace Kentucky version is pretty good for US folks.
  23. Wait until you have a Canadian Warship in Brisbane - then you know there's trouble afoot!
  24. Correct: I + I + I + I = IV
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