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  2. Idk about that, I had a year old la Fuerza this year that was sensational.
  3. Good review. I live in Florida and dry box everything from April to September++
  4. I store at 65% Bovedas, I only usually dry box in the summer, as even thought the north of the UK is very stable, we currently have a few steamier days which may have sent the cigar over the edge.
  5. So is it really that simple, if Russia and Venezuela had not keep Cuba afloat would the embargo have actually had its desired effects. Mute point now but my guess is China will step in as it has all over Latin america, take all the cigars and prop up Cuba for another 50 yrs. Or maybe Trump will wander down and explain to them how Cuba could be a shinning star and both the people and government would be way better off with alittle capitalism and really screw up the cigar market. The embargo does seem to be having a bit more effect, maybe it's time to give diplomacy another try. The question is could the current leaders let go of their oppressive hold over the people and move to a more supportive, enriching environment. Their current attitudes dont seem to be working for the people or gov.
  6. I'm glad you posted this. So I tend to avoid most discussions about NC cigars on these forums. Primarily because it's a CC forum but also because the vast majority of people who comment do so without a basic understanding the NC industry, NC tobacco, or blending techniques. Most people are probably not aware that the big 'pepper bombs' for NCs represent a very small fraction of cigars, almost all of them from Nicaragua and they fall into two categories. The first is that they've blended them to be that way, the second is that they're using under fermented tobacco. Under fermented tobacco has a harshness to it, and most people will taste that as overwhelming spice and pepper. Which takes us to the question about why would CCs age differently than NCs. It all comes down to tobacco fermentation. In the NC world most cigars contain wrapper, filler, binder that has been fermented at least 6 months, and in some cases 3 years or more. The goal is to release a final cigar product that has the specific taste profile that was intended, and remains consistent on a retailers shelf. Most CC tobacco is not fermented very long at all. Cuba has a demand issue that they cannot supply with the current levels of tobacco growing and cigar production. The end result is that you many times will have fresh cigars that people feel are unsmokeable and need 'rest'. This rest, believe it or not, is a form of fermentation that cigars can undergo, where the tobacco will improve and marry together to provide a much better flavor. I'd prefer a situation where Cuba was fermenting their tobacco properly, rolling with pairs and consistent under consistent quality control measures, but it is what it is.
  7. Kate Beckinsale in the Underworld franchise has been great.
  8. just curious what RH do you generally store your cigars at? do you generally drybox everything before you smoke?
  9. They are expensive sticks, although not that much if you can get them at the lowest retail price and compare with other current REs. That being said, when I cracked open my box the smell was... intoxicating. I'm rarely surprised by the smell of a box of cigars nowadays, but these are extremely potent. Makes me think these might actually be pretty strong cigars, unlike most ERdMs.
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  11. Have read some mixed reviews about the Orgullosos, but the vitola alone was enough for me to pick up a couple boxes. They do look good, that's for sure! Planning on trying one anytime soon?
  12. I don’t know—I suspect without the embargo Castro would have been swapped out for two or three other dictators by now. One of the ways the US kept Castro in power was that we let all the agitators who would have overthrown him move to the States. The next would-have-been Machado/Batista/Castro probably owns a thriving business in Tampa right now. Actually, you could make the case that the embargo created a great outcome for the US at Cuba’s expense. Because so many motivated and restless and angry Cubans left Cuba, we got a lot of solid Americans out of the deal.
  13. It's an English dessert. Using dates, brown sugar, butter, water, eggs, flour and a couple other ingredients. It's very tasty, made with home made toffee sauce, and of course a dollop of ice cream.
  14. I don't believe the 98 or 02 are that bad. I've had 98 HDM Churchills that were awesome. Clove, cream and spice. Not a tent peg in any of them. Now, 99-01? Really bad. I had an 00 box of Des Dieux that all were unsmokeable. And I foolishly paid a high price not knowing about the three bad years.
  15. Coffee I get online at I'm a member of their coffee club, have been for years. Love the San Juans. Went deep on them when they first arrived, and I mean deep, and glad I did. Now, I just replace boxes as I finish them. Smoke time is almost perfect for the little man and momma napping. By the time I'm done, she is up and he is just starting to rouse from his afternoon nap.
  16. Taken from this post. Here's a recent list of rollers that was put together. See credits below. Roller || Address || Notes Alejandro Gonzalez Arias || Hotel Comodoro Cigar Shop at 3ra Ave. & Calle 84, Playa || Replaced Santos. Word is good on his sticks. Leopoldina Gutierrez aka 'La China' || Partagas LCDH at Calle Industria #520, Centro Habana || Great personality, excellent roller. Get whatever you can. She can't roll as much as she used to. Yolanda Medina || Hotel Melia Habana LCDH at 3ra Ave. between Calle 76 & 80, Playa || Classy lady. Piramides are her signature roll. Blends are on the sweet side. Maria || Quinta y 16 LCDH at 5ta Ave. and Calle 16, Miramar || Unknown to me. Amaury, and Reynol || Club Havana LCDH at 5ta Ave. between Calle 188-192, Playa || Worth the visit for his Monsdales alone. His new Robusto Largo is also a winner. Reynaldo Gonzalez & Jorge || Conde de Villanueva LCDH at Mercaderes #202 corner of Lamparilla, Habana Vieja || Another master roller. Known for rolling monster sized cigars. Full bodied blends. Juanita Ramos Guerra || Hotel Melia Cohiba LCDH, at Paseo Ave. between Calle 1 & 3, Vedado || Ask about her Elefantes. Short, chubby cigars, packed with flavour. Milagro Morales || Hotel Nacional LCDH at Calle 21 & O, Vedado || Unknown to me, but a stop for a smoke here is a must. Arnaldo Alfonso Ibanez || Hotel Palco LCDH at 146 Ave. between Calle 11 & 13, Playa|| Great old guy. Can do it all. I like his shaggy foot Lanceros myself. Cueto || El Morro Castle. La Habana del Este, Havana, Cuba || Roller of the world's longest cigar (268.4 ft Guinness record). Credits: * List: Matteo Speranza for Cigar Inspector * Notes:My own.
  17. Approved! Great job @Bucky McSwensen! Knocked it out of the park. I will update inventory later today as it now heads to @db13.
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