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  2. MD Puffer

    Booze run

    Agreed. Champagne and Prosecco are both on my list. Either straight or as a spritzer/mixer- I don't think I can go wrong here. Vodka and (fill in the blank juice)- this base is covered and our current staple! They don't carry Delord, but I am going out on a limb and adding Jollite XO to the list. It'll be my first foray into the world of Armagnac. Cream based cocktails- this will be a hit I think. Again, new territory for me as well. In addition to White Russians, I have Mudslides, Rumchatas, and Brandy Alexanders on the list. The internet is a treasure trove of info. The best sites I've visited so far allow you to filter recipes based on ingredients on hand. As obvious as it was, I hadn't even considered daiquiris until you mentioned them! Oh yes, tequila is on the list. Shhhhhh. If she doesn't like something (eg Calvados), then I'll have to manage to finish it off on my own! 😏 Hah. good one! I have to narrow down the tequila choices. A full exploration of this one spirit will require multiple trips I think. Appleton Estate 12 yr old is on my list, as is Kraken black spiced rum. Spiced rum in general is new to me and I'm not sure if it's more for drinking straight or better suited in cocktails. This particular brand is not in stock at the location I'm going to- I'll be asking if they can order it since it's in their other stores. Frangelico is great and on my list, as is Chambord and a number of other fruit liqueurs. Does this have a name? Good advice here. Other items I'm picking up: Apfelkorn (I've loved this stuff since I was a kid and my Dad let me have some on a Volksmarsch in Germany), Riesling, plum wine, sangria, Irish cream, Limoncello, elderflower liqueur, blue curacao, Chartreuse yellow (still debating whether I should get this one), amaretto, Galliano (also debating on whether I should take the plunge), Kahlua, ginger liqueur, cognac, apricot brandy, Midori, and Rumple Minze. And Rompope. And chocolate liqueur, Tuaca, and finally creme de menthe. Advoocat is also on my list but out of stock. I think this is more than a good start. I'm up against a very discriminating palate!
  3. Part 1 was amazing, but I enjoyed the rise of Micheal in part 2
  4. FatherOfPugs

    What's in your glass today?

    Maker's Mark Cast Strength this evening.
  5. Lotusguy

    24:24 WEDNESDAY

    That must be some secondary market, because I see them on Facebook for $750 daily.
  6. I’m in Southern California. Temps have oddly been up and down for the past couple weeks and I can’t seem to get things to stabilize in my humidor. I too have the M plus 25D at about 3/4 capacity.
  7. Wilzc

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Bubble tea anybody? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Sorry mate... you got sold a bill of goods! I could go on about the practical aspects of beaded desiccants as rH/temp buffers, however I would rather just say this. Why try to fix what ain't broke? Beaded desiccants have their purpose. However there is not much benefit beyond illusion as a passive buffer, in a porous, actively humidified humidor in a net rH negative enviornment. Cheers! -Piggy
  9. VRATJV07

    24:24 WEDNESDAY

    @El Presidente any insight as to where these boxes of Monte 80th came from? I think a lot of us are very curious
  10. +1 on the pic request!
  11. holy crap, no kidding -dobbs
  12. ElReyDel757

    24:24 WEDNESDAY

    @El Presidente, any 50 SLB of RASS on the horizon?
  13. The 1st is much better than the 2nd sure the 2nd is the back story but it is easy to get bored and tune out.
  14. bigguccisosa

    24:24 WEDNESDAY

    Very fair price on the Punch. Congrats to those who got some.
  15. ... smoke one now! Might be the best cigar you ever had. Never assume a cigar is either good or bad. If it cracked and structurally damaged it is game over. If it is not game over, it is game on! Cheers! -Piggy
  16. Photos of the Man Cave please.
  17. Today
  18. Part I. Not even close (in my mind). Not even close...
  19. joshhooper7

    24:24 WEDNESDAY

    They were supposed to just be 2015 box codes. Montecristo was opened in 1935, 2015 was the 80th anniversary, hence the 1935 series paying homage to their beginning. But don’t argue with HSA, they’re still producing Talisman in 2019.
  20. CrownN7eveN

    24:24 WEDNESDAY

    Yes it was, and missed the rio de seco by a nose! lol!
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