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  2. my apols if i misled. i was putting them to one side. sure, they exist, sometimes perhaps even unconsciously, but i think you get refs/umps being human and making errors. i think that if technology assists that, i'm for it. honour and skill would be great - different things of course. but cricketers are rarely going to walk, footballers won't give themselves up for a handball, so many examples. i think these forms of technology will come in more and more. these days, imagine if the 100m sprint or swim was decided by blokes with stopwatches. we've moved on from that because technology assists. each sport has its own version. VAR is just part of that.
  3. I think it’s a crock like @Ken Gargett said if it wasn’t for biased refs and umps none of this in any sport would exist need to get back to the days of playing the sport and the games the way they should be played with honor and skill
  4. In my eyes, this cigar is a legend. My experience with CC's is limited, but I've always been aware of the Lusi because of Hamlet. He's spoken fondly of it in articles I've read and reviews generally praise its performance. This cigar looks and feels like a 10. Construction and burn were perfect for over 2 hours. My experience? A tale of 2 cigars. First half: Flavors all over the spectrum. Charred bell pepper, bell pepper, butter, coffee cake, peppercorn, cedar, pencil shavings - all in that progressive order. A solid Medium cigar with great flavors. Second half: this is at the 90 minute mark and doing great, but then it gets harsh. I hung in another 45 minutes but it never really turned back. There would be occasional bits of French roast like flavors, but it was mostly aggressive mongrel. Score: The first half was a solid 96, but I ended up stopping with about 2 inches left as I just couldn't stick with it. Overall a good 92, with loads of potential if some more aging can smooth it out. 41 days in the humidor, 6 days dry box. I can't imagine grabbing another one any time soon as the stars aligned this weekend with the family and my smoke style would put this cigar at close to 3 hours. That said, I am thrilled to have a 10 box that I can pull 1 a year from for the next decade. Highly recommend the Lusi!
  5. Upmann- Connie No. 1 Meg May 16 UFC fight with Hoyo De Monterrey Double Coronas (Feb 17) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Not CC’s but very good anyway. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. not seen that specific incident and something which gives sp*rs anything is to be abhorred of course but most sports have gone down this track. rugby and league have 'video refs'. the NFL has everything checked and coaches can challenge. tennis - players can challenge. cricket ditto. it will mean more correct decisions, which is to be applauded. in time, it will be 2nd nature. leave aside biased refs and umps (i'm looking you, *&&^%&%&0#, everytime the reds play nsw, you sodding cheat), they make sure that many of the errors get picked up. look at the two Ashes tests so far. so many abysmal umpiring decisions.
  8. MUL DIC 14 Montecristo Edmundo paired with a Flying Dog Bloodline Blood Orange Ale and some aged cheddar cheese, sausage and crackers. Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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  10. There’s also an anime series based on it that’s quite excellent. It’s a film that’s clearly been an inspiration to many creative minds.
  11. Rolling Stones are in town at Levi's stadium on the penultimate show of this year's tour. As usual, I was on the steel call to build the stage... Very early on... Day 2...The view from where lunch was served, on the main concourse behind the stage....Two of the four video wall towers are done and the other two are about to be placed. Coming back from lunch on production day, and it's pretty much done... .
  12. Another trip back to Cuba? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Reynaldo it’s a Boy By Rocky Patel celebration for one of my managers who had a son 6 weeks ago. Yolanda I’ve grown quite fond of the Herrera Esteli Brazilians lately. These are smoking good! My little buddy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. For long term ,say 2 to 3 years what temp do you like for storage and aging. I am new at this wineador storage for Cuban sticks. I have it set at 63 f and 65 rh. I think that is a good starting point and easy to hold at.
  15. I have one. My mom bought 7 of them. It's fantastic stuff. Has a banana creme brulé aspect that is heavenly. Open it and enjoy it. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  16. Great cigar to cap off a nice visit to the cabin Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. ESL May 18. My first of these. I really enjoyed it, but need to up my dry box game I think. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  18. Agree, but the sci-fi film that was based on TM7 was one of my favourite movies as a kid... (Sybil Danning might have had something to do with that )
  19. Hi all after staying up late to watch the Manchester city v Tottenham hot spur game last night . after 30 shots on goal to 2 ,had my heart ripped out at the end of the match .was a great game ...but var ,the new hand ball rule seems as unmanageable as ever what’s your take .....
  20. Partagas Series D No.4 LMB OCT 18 (PAWRC) Draw nice and easy, Construction very good, smooth Colorado wrapper 1/3: Starts off with spice and wood with an initial nutty edge. Spice is dominating on finish. Excellent smoke volume. Minor burn corrections. After a dry start getting a bit of sweet cream on finish as spice fades a little. Just under medium. More burn issues mostly staying lit. Should have dry boxed longer. 2/3: Flavors intensity goes up to medium + With woody creamy texture dominating. Still a touch of black pepper on finish. Burn issues continue as I’m fighting 100% ignition of the blend. It’s not helping flavors at this point. 3/3: This third just started burning normal as you can see the black ash changed to a nice whitish grey. A true Jekyl and Hyde smoke. Fairly disappointing in fact. Overall The crappy burn created some harsh flavors not typical of this box. All the while I’m thinking of that excellent Party Short last night. Scores an 80 only because I did get some moments of this marcas DNA. Truth be told if I had time I would have pitched it and grabbed another. Cheers
  21. I’m not surprised. Cigars produced and rolled in a communist country - they most likely don’t give a rats tail about the fact that you’re paying more money for something that you expect a superior experience for. This is a country where people make barely enough to feed their families, how could they possibly comprehend or understand people who are well off spending money on cigars let alone on one cigar that costs more than they make in half a years salary.
  22. One of the things that I appreciate about these review weekends is that they remind me to dig out cigars that aren't in my regular rotation or that I've set aside for some "special occasion." Well, it's a beautiful Saturday evening and I have a couple of hours free, so this is a special enough occasion to light up a Lusitania that's now old enough to order a drink. This is a single that I picked up in a box pass, thanks to @Projectal. The cold aroma is light and papery, but a nice sweet nutmeg note comes off the foot. The wrapper is medium colorado and slightly rustic, with some bunching around the veins. The construction feels firm, if a little inconsistent. Once lit, it gives a perfect draw with just the right resistance. The ash is grainy, grey, and otherwise perfect. The first inch or so is pretty muted. It starts out with a light, woody base and some dry mineral notes that I generally associate with vintage Cuban tobacco. That basic profile holds through the first half. There isn't much in the way of body or strength. The performance has been impeccable though. Around the midpoint it begins to warm up a bit. Some sharp baking spice and red pepper show up to compliment the wood, while the mineral note is gone. From there, it really picks up. The smoke takes on some depth and leaves an oily finish, and the aroma smells like leather and browned butter. In the last two inches, the salty red pepper really comes to the forefront before the smoke heats up and I have to put it down. This has been completely different from what I've come to expect from post-'08 Lusis, but it's been a fantastic treat and a nice reminder of why I fell in love with Cubans back in the late-'90s. Score: eh, let's call it 94.
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