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  2. Just respect peoples time & partly relative to what you buy. Monte 4 single....10 minutes Cohiba anniversary humidor.......stay for dinner.
  3. Nice.........i see you've opted for the Hannibal Lecter cut........nice work
  4. I find these guys pretty hilarious - they've many amusing vids. This one reminds me of a litigious someone.... Language..
  5. Glad to hear it bro! Like them both myself, but the monte is quite special.
  6. Why does this remind me of Eddie Murphy in 'Golden Child' zen log jumping.......80's films are the best...............i'm off to watch Black Rain now.
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  8. Tubes and vinyl, especially when paired with complementary modern technology.
  9. No point in smoking 'em if they suck. 😀
  10. Respectfully have to disagree on all of that. I've smoked hundreds upon hundreds of NC cigars that are flat and lack evolution. I've smoked a small number of Cubans that lack evolution. As far as NCs using short and mid leaf filler, that's just not true. The vast majority of NCs use long filler just like Cuban cigars, and if they don't it's almost always disclosed either by the manufacturer or by media sites or magazines.
  11. Have you ever seen a worse box of Cubans? Hahaha. Lepers? Nahhh this is the zombie apocalypse!!! Zombie army marching forward!! Tried applying some perfec glue (ALOT of perfec glue) and allow for several hours to dry. Sadly, did not help much. I carefully used a sharp puncher to remove what can hardly be called as a cap. Flakes and bits and pieces of tobacco everywhere. I did pick the worst of the lot. With a deeeep crack just over an inch long starting from the cap all the way past the shoulder and into the band. Draw was all over the place. Nothing much can be drawn into the mouth. Very very thin nuances of a Cuban cigar. For what it’s worth, the footsmoke is amazing. Would have could have should have. I decided to be a little creative, with help from the band I completely circumcised the head of the cigar (it was falling apart anyway) Now somehow ... the draw is now excellent. As good as a Cuban will ever be!! Smoke production is now above average and the flavours are now coming in! There is some Cuban sweetness, some nuts. Some coffee. But there is this overwhelming grassiness. Green. Slightly sour grassiness that dominates the flavour profile. I’m unsure if this has anything todo with the wrapper being peeled off from just he head. Anyhow I smoked this down to the nub to pass time. One down. 11 more to go! Sigh.... these don’t come cheap too Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Every cigar produced in Cuba uses nothing but long filler, and every cigar produced outside of Cuba includes short and mid filler?
  13. ‘01 Monte tubos, thanks to @KnightsAnole . Really enjoying it. Smoked the ‘99 Du Roi yesterday, and it was excellent. Found a few boxes around, might be time to pick one up
  14. Haha I need to strategize how I up my patience and planning in order to stash enough cigars that I don't constantly smoke them in under a year of sitting. I just bought a new round of Cohibas. First one will be smoked approximately 75 days from receipt, because I'm going somewhere and want a Cohiba on the beach. It's a struggle.
  15. except that you will pay 3-13% fees in exchanging money to purchase at that price.
  16. Sir Sigmund, how is the flavor profile of the death wish coffee? I put in long hours and typically I’ll draw a few shots of espresso for an afternoon pick-me-up. I know DWC has the highest caffeine content but does it deliver in a good flavor profile?
  17. Non cubans have much more evolution than cubans. Not saying that is a good thing. Cubans have slight evolutions while non-cubans have fairly major evolutions. It is in the way they make the cigars. Where cubans use nothing but long filler (hence slight evolutions s you smoke thru the leaves) non-cubans include short and mid length leaf into their cigars. Hitting different type of leaves throughout the smoke results in significant flavor evolution. Having said that, I prefer the cuban slow evolution. But to say cubans have more evolutions than non-cubans is incorrect.
  18. Monte Edmundo 2018 I don’t want to play hide and seek with flavors in a cigar and this one did not disappoint. Leather and nut greeted me almost immediately with no subtlety. I paired it with fresh squeezed OJ and the pairing was exceptional. Wish I’d saved some OJ for this spicy finish. The first third was all leather. 2nd 3rd gave way to a very pleasant spicy concoction and the final third has been robust spice/pepper on the retrohale. The heat has finally subsided and my wife has the windows open for fresh air. Early on she came to the door to comment on how pleasantly sweet the aroma was. About 45 minutes later she came to shut the door saying the aroma had gotten much stronger. Yes honey, that’s my experience precisely. Its a MWBB cigar...more will be bought. 👍🏽 Thank you, Mr Edmundo.
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