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  2. Coffee I get online at I'm a member of their coffee club, have been for years. Love the San Juans. Went deep on them when they first arrived, and I mean deep, and glad I did. Now, I just replace boxes as I finish them. Smoke time is almost perfect for the little man and momma napping. By the time I'm done, she is up and he is just starting to rouse from his afternoon nap.
  3. Taken from this post. Here's a recent list of rollers that was put together. See credits below. Roller || Address || Notes Alejandro Gonzalez Arias || Hotel Comodoro Cigar Shop at 3ra Ave. & Calle 84, Playa || Replaced Santos. Word is good on his sticks. Leopoldina Gutierrez aka 'La China' || Partagas LCDH at Calle Industria #520, Centro Habana || Great personality, excellent roller. Get whatever you can. She can't roll as much as she used to. Yolanda Medina || Hotel Melia Habana LCDH at 3ra Ave. between Calle 76 & 80, Playa || Classy lady. Piramides are her signature roll. Blends are on the sweet side. Maria || Quinta y 16 LCDH at 5ta Ave. and Calle 16, Miramar || Unknown to me. Amaury, and Reynol || Club Havana LCDH at 5ta Ave. between Calle 188-192, Playa || Worth the visit for his Monsdales alone. His new Robusto Largo is also a winner. Reynaldo Gonzalez & Jorge || Conde de Villanueva LCDH at Mercaderes #202 corner of Lamparilla, Habana Vieja || Another master roller. Known for rolling monster sized cigars. Full bodied blends. Juanita Ramos Guerra || Hotel Melia Cohiba LCDH, at Paseo Ave. between Calle 1 & 3, Vedado || Ask about her Elefantes. Short, chubby cigars, packed with flavour. Milagro Morales || Hotel Nacional LCDH at Calle 21 & O, Vedado || Unknown to me, but a stop for a smoke here is a must. Arnaldo Alfonso Ibanez || Hotel Palco LCDH at 146 Ave. between Calle 11 & 13, Playa|| Great old guy. Can do it all. I like his shaggy foot Lanceros myself. Cueto || El Morro Castle. La Habana del Este, Havana, Cuba || Roller of the world's longest cigar (268.4 ft Guinness record). Credits: * List: Matteo Speranza for Cigar Inspector * Notes:My own.
  4. Approved! Great job @Bucky McSwensen! Knocked it out of the park. I will update inventory later today as it now heads to @db13.
  5. The list appears to be accurate except for Jorge Lopez (Club Habana). He is now living in Chile. Amaury, and Reynol are now rolling there.
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  7. new to the forum and FOH, so I apologize if this question isn't directly related to the OP, but I figured it isn't too off track. Do you all freeze your boxes you purchase from FOH?? Ive got 3 inbound and curious the process you all take, thanks
  8. Speaking of box of the day, Wow!! I hope the box of Unicos that are on the FOH auctions, come supplied with nuclear fallout sunglasses!!!
  9. 98-02 cigars were a train wreck. Known as the black period. I see people selling those cigars on facebook forums and laugh at the price they pay. People held onto those cigars for decades hoping for a new generation of smokers who didn't know how bad those cigars were.
  10. I have had 2 singles of the upmann robusto. Not sure the box code but I really enjoyed them. That 17 box code is just strange. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. No more cedar sheet either between rows? Single cedar slips? This new? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. #2 it’s a bad angle of my angle cut. I know lots of Monti hate here but these #2’s are always on point as long as I have smoked them. Never ever had a bad one. Maybe it’s b/c of my love for coffee but the retrohale tastes like a good espresso with a hint of cream. Literally a 92 pointer or better every single stick ! To me this is perfect size I feel the same about Edmundo and DE as you. I also enjoy the #4 quite a bit seems to deliver similar flavors to my pallet.
  13. Is that an Edmundo? Or DE? I have been eyeing a box of Edmundo. I love the PE and would like the same delivered in a slightly longer vitola. Not a fan of the DE for some reason. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Yup, yup, yup...too much cedar or wood and not enough vanilla sweetness. I hear ya! 😉
  15. Construction-wise, they are very consistent.
  16. I gotta find that coffee. Btw you crush San Juans on the daily [emoji38] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. El Principe, LGR May 18 (I think). My observation, apart from how delicious these are, is that I've never had a CC where the burn was so consistently perfect. I haven't smoked a ton of them (a box purchase is in my future) but every damn one of them has burned laser straight, not a single touchup needed. Am I just lucky, or are they usually like that? One thing I notice is that they've all had quite thin, even fragile wrappers - and I suspect that's a big part of the reason for the unerringly even burn.
  18. I have 5 or 6 NC's out of the 100's of cigars I have for a change of pace every blue moon. Does that count? That's all NC cigars are good for in my book.
  19. it's a San Cristobal and that means waiting a few years before they are really good anyway. Young stuff from them is not worth wasting your time on.
  20. Bladnoch, the zombie lowland malt (distillery keeps dying and reviving). Lowlanders don’t get a lot of love, but I’d happily drink (the now closed) Littlemill and good indie Bladnochs until they disappear for good. In fact, I’d take a good Bladnoch over a Rosebank. Don’t shoot!
  21. bang for the buck has to go to HUHC's they are wildly popular for good reasons and cheap. if they are Too $hort for you , then you can smoke them back to back to back cause they like crack
  22. Le Hoyo Des Dieux BUM NOV 2013 Aroma at cold: Rich dark honey, bready, woody Cold Draw: Sweet funky, woodsy, slight tannic leather 1st 3rd Salt on the lips, tannic mix of oaky wood and leather, Dark leathery raw vanilla bean. Buttery smoke starting stream from the cigar after the first 10mm. That wave of tannic aromatic white woods is building, gladly so is the creamy vanilla, I love that Dieux get into stride so quickly, there’s no crossing of fingers or hoping, it’s just there in spades. Salt, sour, and sweet, in perfect step, and volume dial is slowly, but relentlessly rising 2nd 3rd Like most of the cigars a love the most, theres something slightly funky or rotton in the mix, with Des Dieux, I feel its the rich sour butter/cream. This is far from being the best from the box, forgot to dry box, and there is distinctly less of the soft lilting vanilla. Palate very very dry now. Jesus, this is like working in a saw mill with no mask, has to be smoked so slowly as its overwhelming, almost unpleasant. 3rd 3rd The vanilla is trying to get through, but I think I’ve done the cigar a massive disservice by smoking too wet, the black English breakfast tea paring didn’t help either, it’s a white woods bomb. I still love it, but a long way off what a DD can be Conclusion I feel battered, face smashed with an oak baseball bat. The cigar was erratic and searingly powerful, lesson learned, the next one is going to get at least 48 hrs in the dry box. It could of been a dud, but my gut feeling was it was all my fault. Score The cigar gets a 89, I get a D-
  23. It's so played out, the whole this is what cigars should look like luxury lifestyle BS. Luxury lifestyle is a marketing ploy for insecure suckers that usually come from nothing that are now over compensating. Come to L.A. and witness it all over the place . Sad that some people will adopt stereotyped marketed products. Didn't I do my rant on Beverly Hills not that long ago ? Don't get me started !!! I'm good with sitting on a curb and smoking a HUHC in a pair of boardshorts and flipflops. Is that luxury lifestyle enough?
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