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  2. I've been wearing Tobacco Vanille for something like 10 years now, it's fantastic.
  3. Haha. Fair enough. It was a Sprite! But not the Bug eye(google is great) in British racing green.
  4. Ok, cool. Just trying to get an idea how much some of the boxes go for. Thanks for the info!!
  5. Ha Yep, Tom Ford designed fragrances are pretty impressive, but unbelievably expensive. I recently went on holiday with a friend who is only impressed with expensive things, he made a B-line to the fragrances in duty free, asking the girls "whats most expensive?" they pointed him to the Tom Ford isle, he proceeded to douse himself the "Tuscan Leather"..........Jesus!!!!! he smelled like a Morrocan handbag saleman for the whole 7day holiday....unbelievably potent.
  6. Google archive, if you're lucky. If not, hopefully somebody has copied the details. Otherwise, you cannot see it on FOH. Only Mods and Admins have that access.
  7. Well, you're a young man and it is a British car, so you can never be sure. Maybe your neighbour's car was an Austin Sprite?
  8. Haha. I know what Healeys are, when I was a kid our neighbor was "restoring" one in his garage. (he's probably still working on it) I don't remember which model, but is was a rag top and TINY. It was the first car that I remember being able to see over the steering wheel of.
  9. Agreed here. I've found The CG:4 to have a spoonful of slightly sweet, slightly nutty cream added in to the blend that could easily place it as a distant cousin of The 46.
  10. I read that you can look at previous 24:24’s to see what’s been offered. What’s the best way to find them? Again, I tried searching for “24:24” it got nothing.
  11. Austin Healey. I'm assuming a Healey 100.
  12. The thread is title "24:24" followed by the day. Susequent 24:24 threads are hidden once the day passes. For your sanity, and more importantly Di's, send the one email listing all the boxes you want to purchase. Except on cart order days (Fri & Mon).
  13. Big Healy? Im confused. Is that like a Jumbo Shrimp thing? 😄
  14. US President John F. Kennedy was a cigar fan, although it was rare to catch him Smoking. In a period of conflict between the United States and Cuba, the following case occurred. On February 6, 1962, Kennedy instructed the press Secretary to buy more than a thousand Cuban cigars, as the Senate had already prepared a law on the introduction of a trade blockade of Communist Cuba. Only after the President bought 1200 cigars, he signed the bill
  15. I have smelled the Tom Ford offering. It was fantastic, I would wear it, but at $500 a bottle, I’d rather have a box of Sir Winston’s.
  16. I hope this hasn’t been asked before but I tried looking all through this post’s comments as well as searching the forum in general but no luck. When the 24:24/72 is put up is the post just titled 24:24/72 or are each box for sale listed as separate posts? Also, if I want multiple boxes would it better (I.e easier on Diana) to send one email for all the boxes or separate emails for each box I want? Really enjoyed all the information I’ve found on this site so far and looking forward to participating in the next 24:24!
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  18. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  19. Used this Montecristo EdT years ago and it was quite nice, leathery and quite intense. I liked it but have not seen it again ...
  20. Repair and restoration of Big Healeys involves all the usual disassembly/assembly and so on ,and includes the occasional weld,ream,or outright fabrication. also there is usually some refabrication of new from the box parts,and the seemingly magical tuning of wire wheels. eventually we approach the rarefied heights of the tuneup,making every thing play in harmony ...... fearless........and every day.
  21. oliverdst

    The Ultimate Visiting Cuba Thread.

    Sorry, guys, I didnt read all the posts but I can confirm: a) the old partagas factory will be going to turn in a "cigar hotel"; b) there is a new partagas factory where there are tours (Calle San Carlos in Central Havana).
  22. It was the original Toro.
  23. Derboesekoenig

    Booze run

    But. But your name I love rum, but Kraken is disgusting to me. I do like the sound of the plantation one though
  24. The Petit tubos is in my humi now, but as you may see from these photos, the other 2 are brittle and disintegrating. Forgot to turn the Monte A around so you could see the wrapper beginning to unravel. A B C D
  25. Riverstyx

    Booze run

    My wife loves a French 76: Vodka, Champagne, lemon juice and sugar. Usually topped off with a lemon garnish. Clear alcohol isn't my thing but I like 'em alright
  26. I have a buddy that has a cigar-inspired cologne. It's the only time I've wanted to wear cologne. Sadly, he refused to tell me where he got it from.
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