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  2. nKostyan

    JLP Cazadores - good, bad, ugly?

    Try Petit Cazadores. Many smokers agree that this is the best of JLP.
  3. nKostyan

    JLP Cazadores - good, bad, ugly?

    Ugly? I got a box of HQ (TPO Jun 2017) It seems roller tried very hard to get him transferred to work at the factory EL Laguito
  4. Nico

    Bushido - Which one is real?

    Which one of the two came from the online sell? Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  5. As a full bodied Lonsdale, I have no idea how these haven't been axed, but I'm glad the haven't. Great review dude. Hats off
  6. The only LCDH I'd strongly discourage people to buy from here in Germany would be Hamburg - don't get why anyone would still buy there..... Frankfurt is a close second as service is shitty to non-existant from my one and only experience there. Never been to Berlin - nor care to. If I am not allowed to "touch" a Cab or check the bottom markings I will bring my money somewhere else right away. My favourite LCDH's here are Cologne, Kaiserslautern and Saarbrücken. Family run cozy affairs with great service and good attitude.
  7. Great review, and nice pics as ever
  8. Partagas Maduro No.1 LGR ABR 18. Not my most recent CC purchase, but it’s my most recent unboxing. I will definitely be smoking one of these chocolate bars within the next few days.
  9. Ahh, the ultimate outdoors cigar. Went fly fishing for the day with The Boy as he's back from uni for the weekend. The sun's out, which buggers up trout fishing no end, but we went anyway (spoiler alert, didn't catch anything all day). Beauty is in the eye of the beholder indeed. This brute of a cigar had some serious ridges from the ribbons, a rough, thick wrapper, speckled with oil and a hint of white mould. Looked like a cracker to me as I know this box has really started to blossom recently. Strung up the 5 weight and tied on a little emerger nymph to test the waters. Sparked up the Cazzie. Beautiful. Rich and powerful - leathery coffee, hint of something sweet. I love the way these start at full throttle. Got lost in the fishing for a while as i smoked away. No fish interested, changed to a weighted nymph to see if they were feeding deeper. The cigar, much like the fishing didn't develop much but was very enjoyable. Great burn, great clouds of thick smoke on this windless day (another nail in the fishing coffin). The wrapper on these always seems thicker than most cigars giving them a tendency to be fire proof or tunnel (but dry boxing sorts this out) and I thought it might be starting to tunnel but it just kept the burn slightly ahead of the wrapper (what a great design feature for the perfect outdoor cigar, it's own windbreak...) Tied on a wet fly to try and stimulate an attack response from fish that clearly weren't feeding. Didn't work either with the sun now high in the sky and cooking the surface. The Cazzie just chugged along being excellent, casually classy despite its appearance. Leather and wood throughout, hints of sweet fruitiness here and there, and before I realised it an hour and a half had passed lost in the cigar and the repetition and wait of the fly cast and watching the wildlife ( herons, swimming grass snakes, jays, rabbits, geese, swans and a multitude of others). Wonderful day to not catch fish. Score: one nil to the fish Sent from 47171 Lempo
  10. Ken, it is a gift if she is trying to get in my pants! Anyway, I was about to open the Monte A last night just as I realised there is no room in my humidors because of my recent shopping trip to Amsterdam 3 weeks ago. And because most of them are new to the humidor, it is going to take longer for them to be ready to smoke. So will have to leave them for now, and will post on this this thread when ready. Sorry about the lack of pictures, I must get a camera.
  11. Nice review! I jumped on a couple boxes of UTE Oct 16 PSP boxes a while back. Glad I did.
  12. Reference to a terrible disease aside, my wife even chuckled at this. This after nearly 30 years of marriage, mind you.
  13. Nice review, I love these. It was between a Churchill and a Capuleto for my review...shoulda gone with Capuleto.
  14. Thank you. My uncle passed several years ago. We have some sad memories after he was affected with Alzheimer’s, but he and my aunt were wonderful people and I have many more happy ones. I know you had no ill intentions and I appreciate your kind reply.
  15. This is from my first box of Churchill's, which I'm about ¾ through. Most have been very good, but I've also experienced a few plugs, and a few with a very strange burn issue - in that the entire cigar, not just the wrapper, seems fire proof. As luck would have it, the one I pulled out this evening was perhaps the worst example of this yet. From the get go, there was some swelling and cracking of the wrapper at the foot, but I figured once I burn past it, life will be good. Upon lighting, there was an immediate intense aroma of barnyard wang - like horse piss on hay. Not an unfamiliar nor necessarily an objectionable element, but this usually plays a minor role as part of a larger array of flavors. In this case, it was THE flavor. Burn issues of several varieties appeared immediately - I had to puff like crazy each time just to keep it going, and it ran up one side, well, like a racehorse. More cracking appeared as I tried in vain to correct the burn. The ash was black as night, indicating incomplete combustion. I even tried a complete re-boot, knocking all the burning portion off and re-lighting. No luck, in the chuck it bin it went. S**t happens. While not at all reflective of the majority from this box so far, my score for this particular cigar is a negative number. Not only was it an utter failure on all counts, damn thing wasted a ½ hour of my time. I grabbed a trusted Connie A, washed my mouth out with some St. Germain, and got on with life. Cheers all, and Happy Easter! This is where I chucked it. And this was right after I lit up a Connie A
  16. Great review. Love these. Down to my last box. They have become special occasion smokes.
  17. Yeah, don't let the Berlin LCDH sway you from visiting the others. Most are great. Hamburg is run by a charlatan and thief, but at least in person you will be able to be very insistent about receiving cigars you paid for.
  18. Check out Stuttgart, Leipzig, Munich, ... and you will change your mind.
  19. Nice review Javi Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. havanaclub

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Home from a wedding and enjoying a medio Siglo. Cracked a new box and giving these a whirl. My 17s are definitely better but this box will likely be just as good. Just need some more time down. UTL NOV 18 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. This box has been perfect. Always that snappy RyJ cherry flavor. Great smoke production. Smooth, with cedar and sweet tobacco flavors. A bit of espresso mixed in. Medium bodied throughout.
  22. Might just be a tapatalk thing.
  23. JayHabanos

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    San Cristobal De La Habana El Morro (2001) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. Capt. Corona

    The Ultimate Visiting Cuba Thread. Best I can tell you. The old factory is closed. This is the newer improved version I guess
  25. The first Capuletos I had was with Ted @fastkiller13 and was thoroughly enjoyed. Much like the first one, this one was very full of chocolate. First third had a bunch of cooking chocolate. That raw cacao nib flavor is strong throughout. Great white ash. The second third began and that's when the chocolate/cherry combo kicked in. I will say that the image below came to mind with the cella's chocolates I use to enjoy as a kid, but the flavor here was more dark than milk chocolate. I missed out on the photo, but I had more than 2 inches of ash going. It was gorgeous. The last third was more of the same. I'd say less cherry and more cacao. I really enjoy these. I didn't give myself a chance to drybox this one but it smoked incredibly well. I'll give it a solid 91/100. Happy Easter all!
  26. I’ve been extremely unimpressed with everyone of the handful of LCDHs I’ve visited excepting Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. Did not experience any scam / price gouging at the one in Berlin but very unfriendly and one of the worst stocked cigar lounges I’ve ever seen.
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