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  2. I’ve been chasing the RE Cuba’s for the nostalgia. I wouldn’t chase much else unless they jumped at me.
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  4. Well, this got me googling "platypus venom" which is certainly not something I was expecting to be doing anytime soon...
  5. Always rest cigars that have been in transit. However, I tried very fresh samples last year (less than 2 months old), and was blown away by the flavour. They would benefit from aging, but are still great ROTT. Then again, these are the production blends, so YMMV.
  6. There is one fact/fiction. Some think that the shape of the machine gun casing of the Australian tank WWII era «AC-1 Sentinel», was create for opression the psyche of the enemy [emoji2]
  7. what kills you will depend on the river. we have monster eels, deadly octopus (though not up the rivers), sea snakes, stonefish and even those cute little platypus are venomous (well, the males are). and if you are up north and unlucky, a box jellyfish or irikanji might get swept up the creek. apparently the most painful things on earth. the good news is that you rarely live very long so the pain is cut short.
  8. i got it from locals and the imported. in the entire year i was there, the news had only two mentions of australia - our prime minister cried on tv and the australian open tennis. otherwise, not a word. nothing. can't blame people not knowing. the hassles i had just getting a cricket score. usually had to ring home. australia is both a country and a continent. we just take up the entire continent - only country to do so. oceania is more of a general region down in the south pacific. basically the polynesian islands etc, plus the kiwis and us. not sure it is anything official, as in no government etc. we were colonised by the brits way back and there were a series of individual states - nsw, qld, victoria etc. federation, and an overall australian govt, happened beginning of last century. they, the federal govt, look after a series of defined matters such as defence etc. the states each look after state issues (all this is often blurred and can end up in the high court - our equivalent of the supreme court). and cities have local councils, so effectively a three tier system of government. in other words, way way too much government for our population. that is very much a thumbnail sketch.
  9. but if you go back 80 years, there would have been even more! always remember my old man telling me about listening the crocs crying at night while he was away with friends fishing - this was in the creeks around round hill head/1770. agnes waters. really not that far north. would have been the early fifties.
  10. I disagree. Lack of corporation oversight rings of acceptable death number calculations. DEG was known to be a hazardous compound but not known to the chemist or company. It proved to be a very effective solvent, though, so it was used for it’s desirable effects without testing. So, then, you have individuals playing chemist in their back room marketing inhalation products that have no testing. (Wow! This tastes like Crunch Berries and looks like Unicorn dust!) How will you hold them accountable? That is the vape industry I see currently. These complications are not limited to THC use. Would you also argue a lack of need for the FAA. Just let Boeing be accountable to itself by litigation? In the difference between punishment after the fact versus prevention before the fact. I am for prevention.
  11. Places I went in the water 30 years ago I would not be game to now have seen crocodiles in the creek in the centre of my town and in the ocean would never see any there in the past
  12. Thank you to all participants, sorry for not updating earlier but ElPrez was in charge here and he stop at day 2. Maybe was drinking too much. I add some extra photo's....
  13. Good lord. I certainly hope these were notions expressed by transplants rather than actual Washingtonians (I'm a District native). We get plenty of maleducated hicks moving to the area for work, but the local public education systems for those of us who grow up in the DC area, are thankfully pretty decent. I didn't grow up with any such notions of Oz. I also knew a few Aussies growing up, and had one marry into the family. I guess like so many other things, whether you normalize it or fetishize it largely determines whether your notions will be sensible or outlandish. I was always a big wildlife fanatic too, since an early age. I had a 'wildlife fact file' book with all sorts of cool info on myriad species of wildlife. I was always fascinated with the great biodiversity represented in Oz. I guess i was just driven more to pursue corroborable FACTS about the place, than I was to entertain any notions of whimsy. If a claim doesn't cite a source, I'm generally dubious. I will admit, though, that I'm still kind of confused about the distinction between country and continent, in Oz. Seems like the classifications have changed over the years, maybe? Where once the continent was referred to as Australia, now it's Oceania? Also is Australia both a continent AND a single sovereign state, or is it a union of sovereign states? Do the individual territories (NSW, QLD, etc) maintain sovereignty or are they more akin, legislatively, to the states within the usa? I just find the entire thing confusing.
  14. I’ve been led to perceive that going for a swim in a muddy river there results in certain death....if not from the fangs of a deadly snake, or the jaws of a croc, then from a hungry wayward shark. Fact or fiction?
  15. Dark wrapper '18 Juan Lopez No. 2, thanks to @crking3
  16. this is clearly a lie. vegemite cannot be used for eating and certainly not a coffee substitute (although my old man would often have a cup of piping hot vegemite soup when he returned from fishing - recipe: a spoonful of that dreaded muck, boil water and pour over muck and stir. do not include anything edible). the rest of those items most definitely true. fuzz, if i could tell you some of the stories from what people thought of Oz when i was working in DC - mostly they didn't have a clue about anything. they had absolutely no clue how big it was. most thought a touch larger than hawaii. i am deadly serious about that - remember no internet back then and the only australian they knew was crocodile dundee. one bloke told me how much he loved our lions and tigers. others mistook us for austria. i had three people who expressed surprise that i spoke better english than they did. i was able to confirm that their suspicions were most definitely true.
  17. Will these be ready to burn or will they need some time down?
  18. The prize arrived very early. At the door of my neighbor. In the moment I found out he was in holiday the next 6 weeks. Oh well live is a At least when I got them they were okay, not too dry, not in the bin, not crumbly. Put them in the box to recover. And to night is a wonderful occasion to smoke them. Tonight is the ANS pharmacy smoke and Nino has some guests from Taiwan and also a member of FOH. see you later.... 💨💨💨
  19. I got this last year when I purchased a bunch of singles with a box of Punch Petite Coronations. I don't smoke very many long skinnies and had never had a CC one. It had sat in my humidor since last September and I kept trying to find an occasion to smoke it and a weekend review seemed like the perfect opportunity. I usually just take cell phone pics but wanted to try a different approach so I got my camera out for some low light pictures. After I cut it the cold draw was a little tight but I didn't get much in the way of flavors light tobacco and cream. I paired this with a Port from Michigan that has tons of cherry flavor. I always forget that it is 18.5% alcohol. 1st third right out of the gates I am getting vegetal and some cream. The draw seems a tad tight but nothing to worry about. I am getting tons of smoke from this cigar. It is weird smoking such a long cigar I feel like I am not holding it right. It makes me think of the bit in Talladega Nights where they first interview Ricky Bobby and he doesn't know what to do with his hands. 2nd third and this cigar really starts to get interesting. I am having a tough time trying to pick out the flavors of this cigar. I definitely am getting cream, leather, and salt. It definitely has the buttery profile. I catch some fleeting moments where I pick up some sponge cake. Last third this cigar does not disappoint in having a large array of flavors. I am still getting the cream, leather, and salt. It also picks up touch of white pepper. I only had to do a couple small touch ups on this cigar. I ended up smoking to the nub after this picture. Final thoughts. The draw was a little tight but did not considerably affect the experience. They produce a very good amount of smoke and would hold a decent ash but I kept accidentally knocking it off. In the future I think I will dry box these for a day or two. I am going to watch for them on the 24:24 and pick up a quarter box although lately I have not seen them come up very often. These are one of those cigars you really have to schedule for. I smoked it for 110 minutes and probably could have slowed down a touch more and pushed it over the 2 hour mark. I was glad that this cigar was mild medium. In my previous reviews I never gave a score so I will make sure to do that in the future. I will give this a 92%. I would say if you have never smoked one you should definitely try one. I have been meaning to also pick up some Vigia I will have to try to do that in the future.
  20. My cousin from Malaysia is in Sydney this week, her first time she has been abroad. She was kind of apprehensive, because let's face it, I've been feeding her falsehoods about Australia for many years. She was smart enough to not fall for the "we ride kangaroos to school" bit, but was unsure about a whole of other stuff; Hoop snakes that curl up into a wheel shape and chase you if you step on them, Vegemite isn't just for eating but can be used as axle grease, coffee substitute, paint stripper, Drop Bear repellent, etc, the "Bin Chicken" is our national bird, the Australian Army lost the Great Emu War of 1932 (ok, that one is kind of true, but highly exaggerated), and other nonsense. Over the weekend we got to talking and I finally fessed up to a lot of things, which got me thinking, what other things about Australia do people believe, but are in fact a load of crock? Post up something you heard about Australia but are unsure if it is true, and lets see if we can clear it up.... or reinforce the myth!
  21. Wow. Even honorable mention images are stunning....
  22. Be sure to ask for Brian the Bellman for luggage assistance, that's Me.😀
  23. Thanks buddy! I'm really looking forward to see Lotus Jaws Serrated Cutter! Will let you know as soon as I buy that cutter! Much appreciated homie! Seems that Colibri V-Cut and Lotus Jaws Serrated Cutter combo is worth to be my daily cigar cutter rotation! Also, Lotus Jaws Serrated Cutter is cheaper than XIKAR which is +1 for me!
  24. RYJ Churchill is probably my favorite regular production right now creamy, spice and Turkish delight scream and kick you in the teeth will definitely be stocking up on these.
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