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  2. Well, it shouldn’t, and that’s exactly the situation where I’ve learned it’s most advantageous. 2 years with 150 mile a day commute in heavy rush hour traffic with 99% of the miles done on autopilot has made me a very relaxed driver and much more rested when arriving at job and at home. Sit back and relax while all the mongrels take the stress😎
  3. El Presidente

    Some dark clouds in my horizon

    Oliver so sorry to hear. never feel that you are alone. Many people here have gone through it or are going through it. Stay in touch and reach out whenever you need to.
  4. SigmundChurchill

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    It’s a nice morning for a Siglo VI and room service.
  5. ender.lmm

    Let's talk Mezcals

    In Mexico currently Montelobos, Delirio and some others (I need to ask my friends since I am not so fun of Mezcal), however the pairing with cigars is mostly good Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
  6. I didn't think of singles, that's a great idea. I was so late I went as fast as possible. Ended up with 10 Partagas Lusi's and a box of H Upmann Coronas Minors, both great deals.
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  8. Lotusguy

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Herfing... what an idiotic name. Not a great cigar either based on this fresh example.
  9. Hey buddy! Sorry to here the bad news. Keep the faith and check in from time to time when you can, especially if you're feeling down. I'm sure there are plenty of us here who have gone through similar problems. If you need to vent, by all means, post in here. You are not alone, and we're all here for you. Fuzz
  10. Lotusguy

    San Cristobal Prado

    Worldwide LCDH release like Boli Libertador but trickling out slowly.
  11. It is sad. Many friends in Cuba, some heavily invested in the tourism industry.
  12. Having just survived a 4-hour trek up the M1 with all the aggro tradies, the suicidal P-platers, the holiday-makers who keep forgetting about the trailer hitched to their cars and above all the truck drivers who motor along as if they were all German tank drivers at El-Alamein in a past life, all I can say is that autonomous driving scares the living daylights out of me....

    San Cristobal Prado

    The verdict: It was quite good. Excellent construction & burn. Very smokeable. SC profile all the way. 1st & 2nd thirds were a touch under medium. Last third medium. And I will never buy this cigar. The profile was like a good La Punta. Except half the size. And the El Principe, which is not much smaller, is a bit richer to my taste. I would have loved to have this blend in a re-issued Murallas where it could develop a bit in a larger format like a Rodolfo. I think these are going to be around $12/stick and at that price what are they thinking putting it up against the La Punta? A good La Punta is going to be just as enjoyable at 20% less. The only thing comparable is the Monte Petit No. 2, and I don't believe those are really a good seller. At least those are regular production. This is a HS release, so a bit more money than the Monte. Should have just re-issued the Murallas...
  14. I use a small sealed tupperware without any mediums of humidity. Just the sticks by themselves. At least 3 or 4 days, sometimes 1-2 weeks. Everyone seems to have their own way of doing it
  15. I ordered a few boxes. However, I have been hoping for this type of coupon. I took advantage of a variety of different singles x2. I wanted to try one & keep one. H UPMANN - ROYAL ROBUSTO 10'S LCDH (SINGLE) BOLIVAR - LIBERTADOR LCDH 10'S (SINGLE) FONSECA NO 1 25'S (SINGLE) EL REY DEL MUNDO - CHOIX SUPREME 25'S (SINGLE) JUAN LOPEZ - SELECCION NO.2 25'S (SINGLE) QUAI DORSAY - CORONAS 25'S (SINGLE) JOSE L. PIEDRA - CAZADORES C/P 5X5'S 25'S (SINGLE) H UPMANN - CORONAS MINOR A/T 25'S (SINGLE) PARTAGAS - CORONAS SENIOR A/T 25'S (SINGLE) PUNCH - PETIT CORONATIONS A/T 25'S (SINGLE) SAN CRISTOBAL DE LA HABANA - LA PUNTA 25'S (SINGLE) COHIBA - SIGLO II SLB 25'S (SINGLE) DIPLOMATICOS - NO.2 25'S (SINGLE) RAFAEL GONZALEZ - PETIT CORONAS 25'S (SINGLE) What did you get? What did you wish you got?
  16. Sorry to here ..sad news Oliva.You have plenty of friends here . You are a great guy , was so good meeting you and spending time in Cuba . or whatsap as well or pick up the phone ...anytime you need someone to chat to..please do it !

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Simon and Ramon came through to help me finish up this research paper. RUM FEB 18 Tubos No. 1 compliments of @crking3 Both very enjoyable and just what I needed.
  18. La_Tigre

    Cigar-themed boat names

    I’d go with FonSEXa cause that’s the only way I’m getting laid tonight. ☺️
  19. MD Puffer

    San Cristobal Prado

    Is that the one that was released in Poland?
  20. Hotboxx

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    2017 Behike 56 Not hard work
  21. Less than your humidor RH, at least 24hrs (24-48hrs for me), temp not much of a concern. YMMV.
  22. At night time, turn on a black light, then you'll be horrified.
  23. and don't forget, you can generate, and store the power that can be used to charge the Tesla for free (aside from cost of equipment). a benefit that currently no other vehicle can offer. generation of your own "fuel".
  24. I drove a new Model 3 today. In the curb appeal department, the car is not very attractive, actually kind of ugly. But once you get over the blah looks, it really shines in a few areas. Acceleration is absolutely breathtaking, this thing has some serious torque, and I think it would pretty much leave just about any vehicle in its price range in the dust. Tesla state 0-60 in 3.2 seconds, and I think that feels about right. But more impressive, is the power delivery is instantaneous, smooth, linear, and very quiet. I was really impressed by it's 30-70, which is really very usable and super quick. Didn't get to really check handling, but It does feel a bit heavy and it seems to understeer, so I think it is par for the luxury sedan market. Fit and finish is superb, what you would expect from a $50K automobile. No complaints. However, interior color choices are quite limited and not great either. The big screen is great, very high res, and super useful. The glass roof is really neat, you can see through, but the Florida sun does not seem to permeate through it. The sound system is also terrific, very rich. And the car has great noise isolation, and it runs very quite, so you can actually enjoy your music and let the car drive you to work without stress. Autonomous driving is phenomenal. The car changes lanes by itself, accelerates and decelerates dynamically with traffic, even stops on its own. For congested driving it is absolutely a treat. Also, in beta testing the valet feature allows you to hail your parked Tesla to come meet you at the door and it will literally pull out from the parking space, navigate the parking lot, and meet you at the door - fantastic. Cost to charge the vehicle is reasonable. Apparently the off-peak cost per kilowatt hour here in Florida is $0.06, and $0.11 during peak. On regular charging, it takes several hours to go from empty to full, but only costs about 1/3 the cost of pump fuel. I am quite impressed with it, so much that I think I want one. For daily rush hour commuting, in metropolitan areas, with a range of over 300 miles, it's a great car.
  25. Just got my prize, thanks so much FOH team! Double winner as I am down a couple more since the close of the contest...
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