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  2. Arnaldo at Hotel Palco usually has Marevas on hand.
  3. Hi all. The custom rolls that have been mentioned here appear to be robustos or bigger. I am curious if they have custom rolls in a petit robusto or smaller in size?
  4. CampDelta369

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    PARTSE2 EOT DIC 18 A/T. Some almonds, sour cream, black tea with honey. Started medium but finished a bit harsh in last third. I was not patient on smoking time. Construction was good w minor touch ups. For this size ring gage the smoke density was very good. Draw was excellent throughout.
  5. Capt. Corona


    Prefer cart shopping if given a choice. Quick easy and you know what's left to purchase.
  6. Of all the shows I enjoyed watching Carnival seemed like it had the least closure.
  7. Drguano

    Maybe not my smartest move

    Did you check out the Airstream Caravan on the roof of the Morgan? That would be the bee's knees for a place to stay. If Di needs some nice woolies, we recommend Cleo just off St Stephens Green at 18 Kildare St. Don't forget the Cobblestones for the real Irish music.77 King St N, Smithfield, Dublin Great hanging with you in Maiori. Oh, my suitcase finally got to Minneapolis today.
  8. JACDO

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Young BBF 2019 Jan my first ever.... outstanding!
  9. FatherOfPugs

    What's in your glass today?

    Some Eagle Rare this evening.
  10. Me too. I guess we got a little gift with the Tainos ER. Apparently the color LGC band was a bridge too far...
  11. Just had my first Hoyo San Juan (SOM 16) and loved it. Very smooth, creamy and sweet. Is there a shorter format cigar that offers a similar experience?
  12. FatherOfPugs

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I enjoyed a JL2 this afternoon with my iced Black Rifle coffee while momma and son took a nap.
  13. Today
  14. captain

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Something new to me....excellent stick. Laden with cedar, spice, heavy spiced chocolate. Med bodied.
  15. PapaDisco

    Storing Tubos

    Big benefit to tubos is that rich flavor from limited air circulation. However that limited circulation also means that they are more at risk of condensation from big temperature swings. They go into the tubo all warm and moist in Cuba, and then get chilled somewhere (airplane cargo hold, storage in Canada, etc.) and you get tiny water droplets which sets off the mold bloom. So I like loosening the caps for a few days in my humi and then popping them back on for the long nap. Once their rH matches your storage, and IF you can keep their temperature stable you'll have no problems.
  16. I've had both the shark and the sustromming. Both smell way worse than they taste. I didn't mind either.
  17. PapaDisco

    freezing cigars

    Hey Brian, You're most likely OK if you can maintain those temps and it's shorter term storage anyway. The real disaster scenario is a beetle outbreak in longer term storage that you don't catch right away. I used to freeze everything as per the Japan Tobacco chart that BUCK POSTED (no need to yell ). I started freezing everything after finding a single hatched out beetle in a PSD4 tubo from Germany, so things to get through the freezing rooms in Cuba. However it's a pain in the ass and I've slowly fallen off the wagon. So now my LT storage is in water tight tupperdores (risk control just like Buck does), in a temp stable cellar (65F). I fill a new tupperdore and let the cigars settle to their Bovedas (65%) for a month and then saran wrap and close up the Tupper for a nice long nap. But freezing everything would be safer. As to the proper use of the chart, knowing your freezer temp is crucial. Some home freezers aren't all that cold, so measure yours first. If you do the ASININE REFRIGERATOR ADVICE then use the Acclimated larval chart (24 hours at -10 rather than 12 hours). I think most of us who have done the freezing thing have tended to do 2 or 3 days anyway.
  18. bundwallah

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I've smoked a handful of these already. They're very well preserved within the tubes. Flavour profile: (things I taste) Earth Leather Peanut oil (on the finish. aroma as well) Minerals/saltiness Cedar
  19. Great question. Technology is created and changes so fast these days and with so many sources of media I’m not sure if it has the same awe inspiring effect as when there was only radio, television and print. We were at my wife’s grandmothers house last week and she had us go through some things in the attic. I came across some old Life magazines that I had to take with us. I think you’ll appreciate this.
  20. Buck14

    freezing cigars

    I freeze every cigar. Period. I use a passive humidification system consisting of Tupperdors and Boveda packs. I cannot accurately control my condo’s temperature which can range through the seasons from about 62F to 77F. So I freeze absolutely everything. In addition I have no more than 15-20% of my cigar collection in any one humidor / Tupperdor as a risk management technique. Here is the definitive paper on the effects on beetles / eggs / larvae / pupal of freezing tobacco: One Very Important Note: If you decide to freeze your cigars, NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER put them in the refrigerator prior to the freezer. Some suggest doing this to avoid shocking your cigars and thus somehow causing the wrappers to crack. THIS IS ASININE ADVICE! By adding a refrigeration stage in between the room temp and freezer stages you allow the beetles / larvae / eggs / pupal / etc. an opportunity to acclimate to the lower temperatures potentially rendering your freezing completely ineffective or at a minimum greatly increasing the freezing times stated in the chart embedded below. My freezer ranges between -2F and -4F but I use the 5F guideline for freezing times below to give myself a very wide margin for error. Screen shot below of Temps and Times from the Paper Cited Above.
  21. Wookie

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    The mag 54 and the Connie A are my favorite HU right now. Truly resplendent. Jinxing myself but draws have been perfect on both vitolas on boxes from 2016-2018. My 2014 Sir Winnie's and my mag50s have not been as good.
  22. This reminds me of the Icelandic delicacy known as hakarl, which is shark that has been hung to dry and fermented for several months. Both sound disgusting. I cannot imagine the smells lol!
  23. Ice cream / frogurt is served in mini toilet bowls, and with the traditional "swirl". There are other menu items that are quite... realistic.
  24. Nekhyludov

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    UBM OCT 17 Parti 898. Very nice cigar. It's been way too long since my last one.
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