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  2. I've had it in a Petit Edmundo a few months back, and the wrapper went really shiny and silky as I smoked it down, into a lovely golden light chestnut brown colour, ending up like it was box pressed.
  3. Why not glue a bunch of cigar bands on a piece of paper, and then wrap the tupperdore? Or maybe place the bands on some Contact book wrap, then attach that to the tupperdore?
  4. I recently made a separate tupperdore for my CC’s and noticed that while the inside looked good, the outside looked, well, like a plastic box. I’d like to dress it up some by getting some various cuban marca stickers. Did a quick search on the interwebs with no real luck. Do the marcas make stickers or is this a luxury of the NC brands? Thanks for the help!
  5. Fuzz

    First post on FOH?

    Joined 30th November 2006, after Rob, Smithy and Lisa brought Jose down to Sydney for a gathering in Double Bay. Took me another 10 years to catch up with Jose! First post was an intro. Like others, I did lose a some of my post count during the forced upgrade. But 375 pages and over 9000 posts later, I'm still here.
  6. JamesKPolkEsq

    Milkshaking British Politicians

    >Genocide is more commonly associated with socialism (national socialism for example) Nazis are left leaning? 😂
  7. HDM EE with an interesting STD themed box code HDM San Juan Tubos packs from an impulse duty free buy
  8. LLC

    First post on FOH?

    [emoji106] Thanks Mike. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. LLC

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    ARG ABR 14 Sir Winnie. Awesome cigar and had it watching a great game 5 Raptors win in Milwaukee [emoji459] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. ThePolskiOgorki

    So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    I have seen them go for as high as $1,800 USD, but average is around $1,400 USD in the secondary market. Hard to believe really.
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  12. Chucko8

    Box of the Day

    PLMC... yummy
  13. Habana Mike

    First post on FOH?

    Hey Gary! Thanks for responding. If you go to your profile and click on "See my activity" on the top right you'll see a list of your posts. On the green bar there's a string of page numbers with ">>" at the end. Click on the ">>", scroll to the bottom and there's your first recorded post. For you it's
  14. MD Puffer

    Friday Funny : Family Feud

    Ahhh, the days of sitting around and watching game shows and reruns of Northern Exposure in the middle of the day. I miss college.
  15. LLC

    First post on FOH?

    August 16, 2011 with 3260 posts. Don’t know what the first one was but I know I joined because Rob and Hamlet were coming to Toronto for a MegaHert[emoji3481]. I had been lurking but that made me decide to join. Best move ever, as I met many people at that event that are great friend to this day. Since then met a lot of other people because of cigars since then from all around the world. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Habana Mike

    First post on FOH?

    Right! And you joined in January 2015 7,283 posts - quite prolific indeed! There, did it for you!
  17. JohnS

    First post on FOH?

    When the forum was upgraded a few years ago some posts from the past were lost. I mean, I lost 8 posts myself!
  18. ... it think a little fact checking is in order here. I am not here often enough these days to want to get into what I would normally consider a spirited debate of the policies and preferred tactics of the left and right. Both can hatch their share of crazies. Take a moment to research those that attempt to kill presidents... mostly left leaning or right leaning? You mention Christchurch, so be it. How about the hoards of others who have a left bias? Want to talk about the Bernie Sanders supporter who shot up the Congressional baseball game. Lets start a list and look at the score card. Ultimately however there is a difference between criminal, citizen oriented hate and the crime that surrounds it, and the wholesale slaughter of entire states in events commonly referred to as genocide. Genocide is more commonly associated with socialism (national socialism for example), Soviet Marxist/Leninist socialism, and all flavors of other leftest dogma oriented governments from China, Cambodia and a host of other leftist run countries. When comparing the right and the left, one might take note that the right offers one the opportunity to defend one's self and property, freedom, sovereignty. The left on the other hand empowers the state, creating the very possibility of an 'insane' leader killing millions. Venezuela, once the jewel of central America, where is she now? That is not the 'right' at work. Me, I would prefer to go down fighting and rather not be left to starve as some leader would dictate as they try collective farming, or some other far out leftist idea to perfect man. I sit proudly on the right. I have the right to protect myself and have both the self control and the respect for life, and property that keeps me from assailing anyone. That is because I still have at least some respect for the rule of law. When you are on the right you maintain that individuals can keep power and not abuse others with it. On the left they have no such believe or confidence. Yet it is on the left that the there is history of government sanctioned genocide, the very abuse of power that kills not a few dozen people, but dozens of millions of people. Yet the left, unwilling to acknowledge history and continues to press its agenda of central power, planning and distrust of the citizenry. Both sides carry some guilt for localized crime. One side carries the burden of millions of deaths and genocide. I choose to believe history. I choose to empower myself and my fellow citizens to defend themselves, a mantra of the right. And the mantra of the left, high taxes, high regulation, a slow economy, poorly run healthcare, poorly run schools, frustrations of red tape... with no escape... and good old plain tobacco packaging... Look at LA, SF, NY, Chitown.... Needles in parks, homeless gangs on the streets, massive death counts due to crime, human shit in the subways...! Who runs those towns, right or left? Lawlessness! Look no farther than the left. Case rests. Cheers! -Piggy
  19. So I joined in January 2007 and have had a post or two since then. Was looking at the profile and clicked the "SEE MY ACTIVITY" button. Shows 5,506 posts and 237 pages of history! Clicked the double right arrow >> to go to the first posts and, while I am absolutely certain I posted prior, this is the first one in the history: Curious when you joined, how many posts and post up a link to your first! PS: Vindicated on the RACF regardless of Rob's initial take!
  20. I can see it in VR. You described it perfectly. La Gloria Cubana No 2 does it for me. Clean Cuban tobacco at it's finest. There are cascading flavours everywhere but it is all underpinned by pure Cuban tobacco.
  21. wade1979

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Enjoying this SLR on the deck, after power washing said deck. Enjoy your weekend FOH!
  22. CampDelta369

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Partagas evening. Perfect finish to the day that started out with clouds and drizzle. A too firm of a roll and regrets my Easy Draw is at home. Going to suck it up. Starts out nuts, cream, leather, black coffee w a spice hit. A beautiful wrapper. Cheers boys.
  23. Congratulations! Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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