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  2. dan benhamou


    Have the opportunity so pick up some of the following: royal robustos 2015 D4 2016 Royal coronas 2013(at a much higher price point) petit edmundo 2014 0r 2011 give me advice guys
  3. Thanks, Fuzz. Didn't realise that. I don't repost many articles, but always had issues with the images when I tried copy & pasting. Found saving them was the only sure method. Sorry for the bum steer, @Ken Gargett. That said, not a great deal of difference and either method means a bit more work.
  4. JohnS

    ICC World Cup 2019 (50 overs) in England

    I tell you though, Eoin Morgan's 17 sixes last night in his 148-run inning of 71 balls was amazing! Also Shakib Al Hasan's 124 not out against the West Indies. Bring on today's game! Will New Zealand remain undefeated or will South Africa start to play like the current No.3 ranked ODI team in the world? Also, will Shakib Al Hasan's form continue against Australia on Thursday?
  5. irratebass

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    New phone, who dis? Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  6. SenorPerfecto

    Has anyone booked a trip from the US lately?

    100 customs from Vinales?
  7. Today
  8. Cold Smoke


    I find plugging in the wineadors and running the cooling system creates all sorts of problems. I just plug the hole and don't plug in the power.
  9. As far as tourist. Hmm I didn't meet any other Americans while there. Met Canadians, Europeans only so I dunno. My Airbnb said they where losing bookings from the US so it does sound like it effecting them. The "Support the Cuban People" I could see it being demanding but I like meeting people so it wasn't an issue.
  10. It was good man! It was my first trip to the island ever. I went to 3 different LCDH on this trip and saw good stock. No Limitidas, Gran Rerservas, Cohiba Tailsman, or La Trova's but some good LCDH select cigars. Picked up some Cohiba Corona Especiales, Montie Maltas, a box of Montie No. 2 plus about 100 custom rolls from Vinales. I'd say every store I went into was well stocked. Oh and I couldn't find any Sir Winstons either but I did see Bolivar Libertadors in a few shops & Partagas Salomones LCDH which where excellent!
  11. How was it? My casa hostess mentioned she could really tell the impact of the absent cruise ships. Any thoughts on if it will have a 'positive' impact on the LCDH inventories, or will non-US, non-cruisers reap the benefits? I obviously have no idea what the consumer market for cigars was for the many cruise passengers. I have to imagine the selection will improve, but the impossible to find boxes will still be impossible to find.
  12. lovethehaze

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    RGPC SOM APR 2017. Smoking good
  13. Though I completely agree about the LGC and HDM bands, I'd happily just settle for a reintroduction of HDM churchills and LGC tainos 😋
  14. Kaptain Karl

    24:24 TUESDAY

    And thats precisely why I have purchased at least 12 more boxes than I expected to in the past 3 months 😉
  15. LonesomeHabanoAficionado

    Custom from Alex June 15 ‘19 (PBRW) *

    I wish I can get these custom cigars in someday! Such a shame that I saw Cuban torcedora rolling custom shaggy foot Robustos at the shopping mall but didn't buy them.
  16. Nekhyludov

    Vinales trip

    If it were me - and this is just my two cents - I would be very interested. A lot of farm rolls can be fantastic. If the farm rolls are from Papo at San Luis, Mena at San Juan y Martinez, or Miguel from Hector Luis', I would buy as many as I could safely get off the island. I would also buy whatever I could get from the Robaina farm. I would want to see, feel, and smell them before I bought. But I'd be looking at bundles. And, of course, freeze them when you get home. I would skip the roadside cigars.
  17. LonesomeHabanoAficionado

    Which Marca is the most...

    Here goes the list with my opinions. Great Marcas But Under the Radar: Juan Lopez (JL2, the pure "Cigarpresso") Ramon Allones (huge fan of RASS) La Gloria Cubana (MdO4, the graceful and complex as English Earl Grey Tea) Best All-rounder Marca: H. Upmann (honestly you can't go anything wrong with this marca except Robustos Anejados) Great Global Marcas: Cohiba (love Siglo II and CORO) Montecristo (big fan of aged #4, 1935 Leyenda) Partagas (need more Shorts)
  18. SmokyFontaine


    I only run it during about 3 months of summer, and have never plugged. I use them more for storage than I do temperature regulation (but like the 3 months of temp regulation over a cooler). I would MUCH rather have have a hard time keeping humidity high, than to have a puddle of water at the bottom of my wineador. And even at that, my rH is +/- 2% year round.
  19. George-eed

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Monte Edmundo from our host. This has fast become a firm favourite and probably my most often smoked cigar Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. August. Stay hydrated my friend!!! 💦 The people at Comodoro are the best! ❤️
  21. Juan Lopez is most overlooked marca as a whole considering their consistent quality over the last 2 decades. It's not on the short list of marca's one could name if you're cigar smoker, but not into Habanos. SCDH may be the big one Habanos smokers gloss over the most.
  22. LonesomeHabanoAficionado

    Cuaba Distinguidos Unknown

    Thanks! I might begin SCDH with El Principe since I've never tried Cuaba and SCDH before. How irony that I actually jumped into the local brands such as LGC, RA, JL quite early and I really adore them as much as Cohiba, Upmann, Montecristo and Partagas but not tried niche and multi-local CC brands yet.
  23. 99call

    Cuaba Distinguidos Unknown

    I'm not really the best person to ask with regards to SCDH, as it's one of my least favourite marcas. I find the Fuerza to be the richest flavour. But defo get a few singles before you box buy. SCDH is not for everyone...and it's definitely not to my tastes
  24. LonesomeHabanoAficionado

    Cuaba Distinguidos Unknown

    Thanks! I'm surprised that Divinos and Distinguidos are the best ones of this marca like El Prinicipe is the standout of SCDH! Will try them in some day when I get Coolidor. By the way, what is another great cigar of SCDH other than El Principe? I feel that both Cuaba and SCDH have the same problem: the particular vitola is the only best presentation of marca.
  25. Hollywood Ninja


    I plug in the winter and unplug in the summer. Lately seems like sticks are arriving wet and my 65 boveda is having a hard time sucking up all the extra moisture. I usually don’t run the cooling unit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  26. For cigar forum more suited these
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