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  2. Get the occasional cracked foot, but as said, since you light the foot, doesnt seem to bother me. The only ones that I serious problem with are slb mag 50s. Seems like there are more cracked than not cracked. Maybe due to such a thin delicate wrapper. As much as I like the 50, I quit ordering them.
  3. Excellent read. Very interesting though the appreciation of liquors is lost on me. It doesn't matter if it's an 18yo aged single malt or Kirkland (Costco) brand generic whiskey, for me it all tastes the same. But they all improve with each subsequent shot.
  4. First I would start by saying, this stick experienced a blow out, not the sticks fault. Conditions were not optimal and this is the only one from the box to do that. Pre-light construction was fantastic, great color and aroma. Cold draw was a touch of cedar with cocoa. This pyramid is one of my favorites. Very consistent flavor. Very balanced, not one flavor dominates or overshadows another. Cedar, cocoa, just a touch of coffee and spice throughout. Very enjoyable smoke. 88/100
  5. No expert on the subject but I beleive two things can cause this..... rough travel.....cigars not secured and consistantly rattling around in the box/tube/cab and even worse....rapid change in humidity/temp somewhere in the shipping process. I pick out the cracked ones first for test burning.
  6. Been smoking cigars for over 20 years, got into cubans less than a year ago. After finding this forum I decided to start aging cigars. Bought a cabinent humidor i never dreamed I'd fill. Well, as of last week its full. Havent counted, but around 35 boxes.
  7. Du Prince TOR SEP 16, very good already. Gesendet von meinem CLT-L29 mit Tapatalk
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  9. I like the Hoyo DC and the Party Lusitania better than the PDC. But that's just me.
  10. Funny story to go with this cigar. I just left the coffee shop, got into my car, stuck my unlit cigar in my mouth and looked down at my phone to check the notifications. I was startled by a tapping on my window. I looked up to be startled again to see Alec Baldwin was the one tapping. For a second, I didn't know whether to open the window or not. I thought maybe I did something to piss him off. So I open the window, and said "Hey Alec, what's up?" He points his finger at my cigar and says "It's been a long time since I've had one of those in the morning. He then walks away saying. "A long time. A long time." 😂😂😂
  11. Found couple of boxes being in Spain, and was happy to buy them, because I love that vitola very much. I had enough time at lovely summer evening and some Kopke LBV 2012 Porto as a pair and decided to smoke one for the contest. the cigar itself looks beatyfull: minimum veins, smells terrific. first third some citrus, dried fruits, light sweetness. second - fried toas, same dries fruits and some cinnamon. last third sweetness is gone, added peanut and coffee. I would say it's amazing cigar, very delicious, one of the best prominente. my rate is 94/100
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  13. On overaging - I definitely think there is a point where older doesn't equal better. It's not just limited to the high end of the age scale either - to my tastes some distillers spirit is better with less time in wood. I did a tasting of Old Pulteney recently and Old Pulteney 12 seemed better to me than there older expressions which took on too much influence from the wood which took away from the briney tastes of the 12. Like cigars older doesn't always mean better!
  14. this all touches bang on one of my early points - and it reveals the massive hypocrisy in sports, all nature. in rugby and league, we see players claiming tries and celebrating only for video refs to expose them as fibbers - not even close sometimes. in cricket, i mentioned the appeals for lbw and caught behind when the players know that it is not out, putting it into the hands of the ump. that is accepted as part of the game. and yet, claiming a catch you did not take (yes, i'm looking at you joe root, but leave that aside) is absolutely seen as cheating. if i was asked to explain the reason or difference, i could not.
  15. This restores my faith in the universe. Thanks for the link Ken. Looks like they presented it really nicely too. Just need to mortgage the house now. Great write up too, hats off
  16. I think it's really interesting to look at modern day rugby union with regards to this, and how we perceive and evolve with the rule books of different sports. These days when a winger has a flailing effort to dab the ball down in the corner, and he knows (he 100% knows) he's lost the ball before crossing the whitewash, they often get up celebrate wildly, then go on to slightly grimace to the ten, and tells them "try and take the conversion quickly" To me this is pretty similar, the player knows they've not scored, but they has abrogated their responsibility as an honest sportsman to assist the ref. These days this is done in Rugby Union, with a cheeky wry smile and a "ah well, I had to try my hand". I think if this particular part of the discussion on cheating has taught us anything, it's that the publics obsession with wrong decisions whether is be Tennis/Cricket challenges, Rugbys 4th official, or VAR, is increasingly dissolving the players personal responsibility to govern their own actions, and thats a sad thing. As for Kens, "you can't be a little bit pregnant", I think thats true...... but you can be very, very pregnant.....and it doesn't look like a pleasant place to find yourself haha!! and I think thats what we should keep a grip on. Some cheating like Neil Back, slapping the ball out of Peter Stringers hand into the Leicester Tigers defending scrum, was hilarious as spectator with no team in the game, and many look back on this as almost and admirable 'dark arts' rougish act. I'm sure many supporting Munster would not agree. There is a sliding scale of severity, and we need to be honest to it The reality is, the real arbiter of how bad something was, is not the ref, or the players, It's us as fans of the game. Regardless of who we support, we should chew the fat be reasonable, and point out what is BS when we see it. The history books will self govern the legacy any particular team or player will forge for themselves, all that will take care of itself.
  17. Ah I didn't realise the trunk was 200mls! Thanks
  18. They do it in a series called The Family Casks but I'm not aware of a bottling from single cask at different ages or in mini bottles. But it would be a great idea!
  19. you are welcome to follow up as often as you like. they do both. i have seen their 1971. cracking stuff but a full bottle about $5K. excuse the blatant self promo but this will give some more info on their vintage releases. these are 200mls.
  20. Are they as specific milestones though Ken?. i.e 12, 15, 17, 20 etc? what I'm talking about, is every year from the barrel (including a small bottle of the raw spirit, then 1yr, 2yr etc etc. you could argue that potentially 6 bottles of the 30 bottle package may not be very pleasing, but for true whisky enthusiast, it would be a great tool for learning. If this is what Glenfarclas are doing excuse the follow up message
  21. i know glenfarclas does - that said i am not so sure how easy they are to buy. i think they do collections. i have a heap sitting in front of me, right up to 40 year old. i see quite a few as easy for samples. but they definitely have some. in europe, it might come down to EEC regulations. i know that the bureaucrats prevented champagne from using the 500ml bottles, though that has recently changed.
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