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  2. I think if you get two boxes you get them at half the 2 box price even if you get different boxes. That's how I read the special.
  3. Pretty good.... Should open up some... Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
  4. Scored a box of the PsdP and PSD4's. Yeah - but was moving so fast that I didn't even notice the two box deals that were better. Still, very happy with obtaining my 4th box of PsdP -- I'm thankful to @StogieSteve23 for introducing me to this cigar!
  5. An amazing JL2 tonight (RUM AGO-19) that just hit 90 days in the humi. Paired very well with an Old Fashion made with Woodford Reserve Kentucky Bourbon. Brought out the orange peel, peat and oak in the cigar!
  6. Box might be legit. Bands are of course wrong for the warranty seal timeframe.
  7. COVID killed my back too. Probably partly due to additional Lbs over the holidays. I need to research the hip exercises. As I enjoy my cigar 😀
  8. Everyone has one special cigar in their humidor. Post pics of your special cigar and answer the following questions.... What is the cigar? Why is it significant? How did you obtain this cigar? When are you planning on smoking it? So the Cigar is a Punch - Double Corona from June 1987 Why is it significant to me? It's from the year I was born. I obtained it from a guy on FOH. Sadly he's not active on here anymore but great guy. I plan on smoking it in December of 2044 when I retire. Here's some photos....
  9. For the final ticket, a SP2. This box has been fantastic and this sample showed promise from the very beginning. First third was espresso, partsgas twang, toasted tobbacco, and paprika. Perfect burn and construction with a medium body. More of the same in the second third, but coffee picked up as the prominent flavor, which carried through to the end and built up to a coffee and spiced cream finale. these are truly stellar. 9 of 10
  10. Pretty excited to get my first order in here for double Rio Seco deal! I was extra proud of executing it one-handed on the cell, while rocking my 3 year old son to sleep.
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  12. Oh those M2 are tempting again, and a significant price drop from last 2 box deal on them too. [emoji106] maybe this is a good sign Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Man, you talked me into those Monte 2's!! Heard enough about those light wrappers! Time to see what they're about! 😄
  14. Attempting my first 24:24 purchase - Punch Short de Punch. @JohnS post was 100% correct.Resistance was futile.
  15. Got my montes in! Wondering if I should nab the Hoyo’s as well...
  16. I was going to go with the seco. then I double checked the RG. then I passed, lol
  17. Hard to pass on the Seco. Always wanted to try them. But still showing discipline.
  18. You know what they say about resistance?
  19. I resisted. I have the willpower of a Jedi.
  20. Gotta find out if the hype is right... Punch Short de Punch for me!
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