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  2. I am not nearly as experienced as many here but I have encountered more problems by being impatient and not letting time do its job. A well acclimatized cigar will have far fewer draw problems, imho. Also too I have learned that if I do run across a stick that has too tight of a draw, I will place it in my dry box and revisit it at a later date. If it is still plugged after a few extra days then it goes back or I will use the PerfecDraw.
  3. been loving the darkest timeline podcast, just started couple months ago. has ken jeong (aka chang from community and mr. chow from hangover) and joel mchale (aka jeff from community and host of the soup) they mostly discuss community (one of my favorite shows) and ken is a doctor who shares his knowledge about covid.
  4. Since I'm goin through The Wire now, for maybe the fifth or sixth time I'm checking out the "Way Down in the Hole" podcast where they analyze each episode. And The Collective Podcast, which is a "graphic/motion design all creative" show.
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  6. Currently massively enjoying the "Socially Distant Sports Bar". You have to be able to understand a Welsh accent, but its fabulous, the very funny sports fans discuss some of the most poignant moments in sport. The first time i've genuinely laughed out loud whilst listening to a podcast, Particularly the episode when they discuss Irish gypsy bare knuckle boxers, and Kimbo Slice. In the UK i whole heap of sports fans are currently switching to this channel, and dumping more generic dull podcasts.
  7. For BBF, I need to specify the wrapper type. The dark wrapper is often closer to the full body
  8. I don't think I've ever had an underfilled cigar. Or maybe I have, but just didn't know it. I do sometimes notice that certain cigars heat up too much, at which point I'll simply slow down. I have no idea if that is that a sign of it being underfilled?
  9. Trinidad La Trova, if you can find some. Love the buttery profile
  10. A well-rested Punch 48 that I got around 1 year ago. Really love that one. Also a Monte 2 ROTT. I somehow find that cigars do fine ROTT, but then go to sleep for around a month + before waking up again. Just last night, squeezing in in time for May, was a Nudie Lancero - is it the N1 or N3? I can never remember the numbers. Wanted to do it for the FFF review comp but I got lazy, so I just succumbed to enjoyment
  11. Podcasts you are listening to? I am thoroughly enjoying "Business Wars". Brilliant and in depth accounts of great corporate hand to hand battles. Macy's s Gimbells, Th Raisin Cartels, Hershey vs Mars, Facebook vs snapchat ,WWE vs WCW etc etc etc.
  12. I took a couple year break from cigars due to a couple life events. A couple months ago I jumped back in with a CoRo.
  13. Open your balcony door & smoke right there. Position a strong fan to help all the smoke out. You're arguably inside the apartment / on the balcony at the same time!
  14. I can see the 39s being an issue. At 60 deg you could definitely take that rH down to 62 or even 60-61 for 90 days. There's a lot of seco in Laguito 1 & 2s relative to their RG that can really absorb moisture and contribute to tight draws.
  15. @JohnS is there a way to edit the title? I have tried looking around and am not able to find it!
  16. Lovely ex 4 tonight. Red fruit and coffee off the bat.
  17. Black socks over new balance sneakers. Youve perfected the dad look. Well done.
  18. Gorgeous psp epi #2 ESL FEB 18 Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  19. You never know. They may go for a movie based on the early episodes of the anime, before Ed joins the crew (hoping to get another movie or two, if it succeeds). In the anime, Ed doesn't join the crew of the Bebop until about a third of the way into the series. You can easily get a trilogy out of the material available.
  20. I'm annoyed they canned the new GTV, based on the Giulia platform. Wanted to get another Alfa, but I want a 2 door coupe.
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