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  2. La Gloria Cubana Medaille d'Or No.4 ETP Oct 2015 (thanks @Luca!) Thank you @Luca for gifting me this awesome cigar. What is awesome about this La Gloria Cubana Medaille d'Or No.4? Well, firstly the vitola dimensions...who among us doesn't appreciate the throwback to the thin ring gauge? At 32 ring gauge x 152 mm or 6 inches in length, like the slightly bigger Por Larranaga Montecarlos (33 ring gauge x 159 mm), this cigar needs to be smoked slowly to be appreciated. Secondly, it's fantastically complex, like La Gloria Cubana in general, which benefits from a rested period, in my opinion. I loved the fruit, wood and subtle spice in this cigar today, but what I really enjoyed was the nutty creaminess that I found more evident at this stage of its rest (3 years) than more youthful varieties of the LGC Medaille d'Or No.4. My conclusion after smoking this today was to source a box for myself and soon. The only problem with that is resisting the temptation to smoke them too quickly, both as a cigar and in regards to giving them time to mature.
  3. Awesome assortment arrived today, thank you @El Presidente and all at FoH for making these contests happen!
  4. That ditch is steeper than it looks! Glad you can laugh about it. The good cigar helps.
  5. On the home whilst really enjoying a 2017 CoRo I moved over to allow a car to pass. Bad idea. Turns out my 4x4 is not really that good off road...
  6. RyJ Petit Royale SMA JUN 18 at dusk: a very tasty half hour smoke, much punchier than the Churchill line.
  7. According to the website: The Texas Blue Corn Bourbon must be aged in new charred oak according to bourbon law, and is bottled at two to three years. The bourbon is also bottled at cask strength (64.5% ABV for most bottlings), lending some real body and kick to the drinking experience.
  8. From a creative standpoint, Pink Floyd definitely takes it. Plus David Gilmour is legendary.
  9. Saw this as well, such a disappointment. I thoroughly despise the montesco. Here's a haiku (I think) just for fun: Stop the Montesco Please Habanos stop it now You make me so sad
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  11. El Prez cheated with Bill Burr. I piss myself when I watch his comedy. So an oldie but goodie as they say
  12. Sure wish we could see more dalias, lonsdales and lanceros!
  13. Mulaney is fantastic. He and Mike Birbiglia are sneaky hilarious IMO. I used to do stand-up in California and a little when I moved to Oregon. Fascinating hobby. To me, one of the best doing it today is Norm Macdonald. Just on another level compared to a lot of people.
  14. Hello Guys, My name is Patrick. I’ve been a subscriber for a while now but never submitted a post. I have been a wine and Cuban cigar aficionado for over 25 years now and have always enjoyed reading the FOH posts. I thought you might enjoy seeing a box of Pre-Embargo Montecristo #4 I recently acquired. They were owned by the same family since they were new. The cigars are in very good condition. A few had some foot damage so I cut the damaged areas off to clean those particular cigars up a little. I was told, and tend to agree, that these cigars date from the 1940’s. If my memory serves me correctly, during this time frame it was not uncommon for some cigars to come unbanded. I put these cigars into cellophane sleeves to protect them. I tend to put my rarest cigars into cellophane. I have found that by doing this my cigars are not only protected from any handling, but age gracefully. In addition, the cellophane maintains each cigars humidity and aroma to a much greater degree than the same cigar removed from cellophane.
  15. Noticed when you checked the draw you drew from the foot. Is there a reason? Does it make a difference in what you were looking for? Thx.
  16. Newcastle has The Cuban Cigar Club at the bottom of Grainger Street. I haven't been in for a couple of years so can't comment on current stock... It does, however, have a nice sampling lounge!
  17. Well, I was thinking of laying these down for at least 6 months before trying them, but it seems I really do have to crack open a box soon, specially while they're still available. BTW, my boxes are MSU SET 18, and they do look and smell great.
  18. Re Ligero, it used to be that no Cuban less than 38/40 RG (If my memory is right?) had any ligero in the blend. If that's still true or not I've no idea
  19. on the reg production side, 2011 H.U. Connie 1. one box left. Also, Boli Simones. Simply delightful, flavorful, complex cigar.
  20. Agree with the comments. You are probably in good shape. Only thing I would consider doing different is putting a couple of calibrated hygrometers in the cooler BEFORE you do anything else. Get a handle on the real rh in there before trying to raise or adjust it. Should give you an idea where the rh has been the past several months. Also, smoke a couple and see how they are. Good luck.
  21. Not the most famous guy out there but he’s as clever and quick as any of the greats. Plus Oh Hello was a great play and Big Mouth is the funniest show on TV.
  22. I will piggy back this. Where are those smaller shops selling them for less as mentioned above. Pls PM. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. I am going to Newcastle (UK) in october. Any ideas where I should look if I want to try to find a Box? You can send me personal message if you have ideas.
  24. Got a box. Will try one in the next couple of weeks and report back
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