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  2. Hello everyone. My name is Jim, turning 30 soon, and I was a pipe smoker for a few years and enjoyed cigars occasionally as well, but have turned into a regular cigar smoker over the last few months or so. I decided to take the plunge and get my hands on some Habanos since I’ve always been told that I need to try them to really appreciate the unique flavor profile. I’m learning a lot just by virtue of having lurked on this forum for a while now, so I thank all of you for your wisdom!
  3. 94 Punch Churchill was my very first CC. Smoked in 96. Don't know how it'll smoke today but in those days Punch had serious legs. The one I had that day changed my life. I still think it was maybe the best cigar I ever had. I'm sure it wasn't but I think of it all the time since I walk by the place I smoked it 24 years ago every week.
  4. Heh heh...I was wondering if anyone would pick that up. My heroes as a teen were Roger DeCoster, Marty Smith, Brad Lackey, and occasionally Bob Hannah.
  5. All the images I can find of genuine Sublimes show the warranty seal on the BN box itself, so that appears to be legitimate. That being said, Cohiba Sublimes are one of the most sought after cigars made since 2000 and sell for many thousands of dollars. I would want full provenance on cigars like that. Fakes of these are sold online all over the place and it would be highly profitable to get the highest quality fakes for these cigars. Genuine bands for 04 Cohiba are easy to obtain. Basically, if you're wondering if your Cohiba Sublimes are fake you probably bought them from the wrong source. Here's someone who bought what are quite likely fake Sublimes in 2010:
  6. Habaneros- one year old still harsh Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  8. I’d be super wary for your friend, unless your friend in question is a serious collector (or very wealthy). But given that he’s having to ask after the fact post-purchase, I hope things work out either way.... especially since intact boxes of Sublimes (with provenance) easily fetch a few grand per box — at a minimum. First EL to get massively counterfeited, from very good knock-offs to extremely bad, and are still sold today. As for the box, I’ve always seen the seal on the box itself. Confirmed it in a few Lot photos from past auctions. Hope that helps. Good luck!
  9. I think there are particular cigars at particular times where spending the extra coin for PSP could be advisable. I would certainly put cigars like Monte 1/2/3/4, DE, RyJ Churchills, Trini Coloniales, Party PSP2, D4/D5 in that category.
  10. I listen to podcasts more than music now. 1) JRE... I like the comedic guest episodes more than anything else. 2) This American life. 3) the Daily by The NY Times 4) Serial 5) freakanomics radio 6) Kill Tony... open mic comedians get one minute spots and the panel critiques the set. Since the pandemic tho, it’s just been with the panel Talking and not the same. 7) Radiolab 8 Behind the bastards... talks about worlds worst people. 9) Ari Shaffir’s skeptic tank...good conversations with interesting people and topics 10) The Legion of Skanks. Raunchy comedy.
  11. Ok. I'll create a tournament for that time-slot and we'll see how we go. The more the merrier, of course, so encourage others where you can. Anyone who hasn't joined the FOH Poker Stars Club yet, the details of how to do so are at the start of this thread.
  12. I get on a RyJ kick when it starts getting hot out. My big 3 are the fruity ones. Churchill, ex#4, and mille Fluers (pictured)
  13. I have a higher level of certainty. They dont always pan out, but the success rate is far far far higher than buying blind. There are some cigars I adore, but they are victims to big inconsistency, i use psp to better have a higher chance of quality (looking at you monte 4s) Or some of my more expensive purchases. It provides a level of comfort whem buying a brand like cohiba that they have looked at first.
  14. Brilliant on all points my friend. Right there with you.
  15. These arrived today. Sir David Bolivar Royal Coronas Two different box codes and two different shades.
  16. Unless the price makes my backside tingle in funny places (my wallet, you bunch of degenerates) then from a beginner's mindset, I'll buy some quarter boxes of PSP as a benchmark that I'll grade other cigars from that line against. Buy a box then compare side by side visually. And as El Pres constantly reminds - a PSP wrapper, mastercase, box code doesn't mean it will be the greatest smoking experience of your life, it's about giving you a visual and trends to have a headstart towards a "cracker". I adore having the opportunity to know date and box code at the time of order (via 24:24). I take it as such and find myself sometimes buying PSP, sometimes not, but I've never received a box that was below my expectations. As my experience builds, any of the major brands that are mass produced, I've sworn off buying blind. (Monte, RyJ, Partagas)
  17. Bit younger than most it seems... so maybe not as much of a time capsule. Mine are: - Seinfeld - The Simpsons For some odd reason, I remember watching Skippy the Bush Kangaroo as a kid.
  18. Good read again Ken. Beaujolais, for me, are a refreshing outside for a hot day. I probably only pick up one bottle a year and ensure it is of recent vintage. I wasn't aware of any that actually aged well, thanks for that. The lagavulin 8 is a great one considering the price. I get a ton of lime out of it for some reason.
  19. From my first visit to EL... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. I second/third the Joe Rogan Experience, as mentioned above, not all episodes are great, but there are some that get very interesting. Bad Friends - Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino. Two hilarious comedians who just talk to each other for 2 hours, no guests, laugh out loud comedy. In Bed With Nick & Megan - interviews with very famous guests. Hosted by Nick Offerman, hilarious and smart guy who played Ron Swanson in Parks and Rec, and his wife Megan Mullally, played in Will & Grace. Found My Fitness - mentioned above. Love her. When you want the real, unbiased science on health concerns. Unfortunately, not too many episodes. The World In Time / Lapham’s Quarterly - run by Lewis Lapham, one of my all time favorite human beings. Extremely well read and experienced person interviewing various authors and such. Comes from a very rich family yet took the route of journalism growing up. Look up some YouTube videos on him or read his Lapham’s Quarterly to get a better idea of who he is. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. As these guys mentioned its more likely the humidity of where you are smoking as I find during the summer its super humid and so by the final third the cigar changes drastically. One thing to try if the flavour is really not how you like it, try purging the cigar, blowing back out a few times and see if that improves the flavour.
  22. For me a all time fav all the Gerry Anderson shows we’re good and well ahead of its time
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