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  2. Pretty excited to get my first order in here for double Rio Seco deal! I was extra proud of executing it one-handed on the cell, while rocking my 3 year old son to sleep.
  3. Oh those M2 are tempting again, and a significant price drop from last 2 box deal on them too. [emoji106] maybe this is a good sign Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Man, you talked me into those Monte 2's!! Heard enough about those light wrappers! Time to see what they're about! 😄
  5. Attempting my first 24:24 purchase - Punch Short de Punch. @JohnS post was 100% correct.Resistance was futile.
  6. Got my montes in! Wondering if I should nab the Hoyo’s as well...
  7. I was going to go with the seco. then I double checked the RG. then I passed, lol
  8. Hard to pass on the Seco. Always wanted to try them. But still showing discipline.
  9. You know what they say about resistance?
  10. I resisted. I have the willpower of a Jedi.
  11. Gotta find out if the hype is right... Punch Short de Punch for me!
  12. Does the box look that bad or did they just stuff fakes into a recycled 09 box? The box looks sus to me.
  13. Looks like my first purchase of the year was a good one, can't wait for them to arrive!
  14. Awesome, I picked up a box from 24:24 last week.
  15. 10 count box day! Two box deal day where you can mix and match and receive the apportioned two box price! Don’t limit yourself to two as two or more receive the discount pricing. 😊 The Smart Money today is to pick up those 10 counts that ring your bell. For me that is Punch Short de Punch, QD50 and Rio Seco. Enjoy and have a cracking day! 24:24 kicks off at New York 6:30 PM DST Monday and Friday. New York 8:30pm Tuesday to Thursday. * Due to Early starts on Friday and Mondays, Di may not be able to answer your e-mail until 10am. If you order late Friday or over the weekend, Di will come back to you Monday. Tranquillo. *Please provide your full name and handle in all e-mails to Diana. [email protected] * When confirmed, settle up. Don't leave it until "manna" * Aged stock has been held by ourselves or sourced from PCC. Provenance is unquestioned. Some boxes may have Health Warning Labels. ** ORDERS UNDER $100 USD WILL HAVE A $10 Shipping Fee Added Quai d’Orsay No 50 (10 ) Petit Robusto MSU JUL 20 Mostly Clearance Quai D’Orsay can’t put a foot wrong these days. From red headed step child to the bell of the ball, all is forgiven as HSA has it’s new pin up boy. They nailed this cigar. Italian sponge cake, quality milk coffee with a crema to die for. Quai D’Orsay has a unique profile. For me this is part Juan Lopez 1, part Cohiba siglo III, part Connie B. One Box $ 120 USD $ 385 AUD Two Boxes (20) $ 199 USD $ 742 AUD Punch Short de Punch (10) ALL SOLD Petit Robusto TPO SEP 20 Mostly Clearance I am addicted to the Punch Short de Punch. I can’t get enough and apparently neither can many of you! Rich. Over Medium for me. Spice, savoury spice with a gorgeous honeyed nut underlay. It works on all levels! One Box $120 USD $ 385 AUD Two Boxes (20) $ 199 USD $ 742 AUD Partagas Serie P Number 2 (10) Pyramid MSU JUL 20 Mostly Clearance They are stellar right now. Consistently good construction with a palate pull of coffee, salted nuts and raisins. Medium bodied, viscous mouthfeel. Drop dead gorgeous all around. One Box $ 139 USD $ 514 AUD Two Boxes $ 247 USD $ 989 AUD Partagas Serie D Number 4 (10) UEB SEP 20 Mostly Robusto Clearance Smoking as well as they ever have . Medium bodied, just over-toasted sourdough, Nutella, touch of cream intermingled with a smidge of sweet paprika. One Box $ 114 USD $ 421 AUD Two Boxes $ 200 USD $ 792 AUD Punch 48 LCDH (10’s) ALL SOLD Hermoso Number 3 LGR JUN 20 Mostly Clearance Peanut bombs. To me , peanut in a cigar = Cuaba Distinguidos, Punch 898, Punch Short de Punch and Punch 48. Punch spice, toasted tobacco, nuts, elements of cocoa build. Touch of brioche, black coffee. One Box $144 USD $ 484 AUD Two Boxes $ 254 USD $ 918 AUD Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo De Rio Seco (10 ) AROMOSOS ESL JUL 20 Mostly Clearance Loving these right now and smoking the house down. Love the 10’s Cream and ginger nut biscuits. If you like gingerbread biscuit, jump on in. I think they are smoking great now but they have plenty of upside for the medium term lay down. Cream, Guinness, gingerbread. Medium to medium full. One Box $ 149 USD $ 562 AUD Two Boxes $ 279 USD $ 1079 AUD Montecristo Number 2 (10) TAU AGO 20 *Mostly Clearance 2020 Monte 2 are in the zone. I can’t recall a better period for Monte 2 than 19/20 production and it is being seen through the ratings/reviews that they have been achieving. Smooth as silk, rich, palate coating cocoa, coffee, cream and cake. Slip a 10 count box in the humidor. They require only a little time down. One Box $138 USD $ 513 AUD Two Boxes $ 248 USD $ 979 AUD Normally (outside of the week before Christmas), the process for hand- picked stock is that each weeks orders for the prior week are brought up each Monday from the warehouse and shipped that week. If you order on a Saturday/Sunday there can be a few days extra delay (as it falls into the following weeks cycle). Similarly if you order on a Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri then they go out the following week 99% of the time. Public holidays can occasionally throw a spanner in the works. If you have multiple orders then they will be scheduled but the team will correspond with you. Do not contact Diana unless there has been a significant delay outside of the above. · This selection will be up for 24hours. First in first served as quantities are limited. Hand Picked denotes they have been selected by myself and represent a mix of high end PE, HQ and sometimes PSP. We will not cherry pick boxes on request
  16. RUP JUL 20 Cohiba Siglo VI. Sent from my SM-N976U using Tapatalk
  17. Once you get acquainted with market pricing and you see a number like that, it just sets off the scrutiny bells like nothing else
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