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  2. Another vote for the ST Dupont Le Grand. The gold and enamel version is really nice.
  3. Since I'm side squeeze single flame torch lighter fan, my dream lighter is S.T. Dupont Defi Extreme. It's quite similar to XIKAR Executive II, but better design with more power and reliability. Another dream lighter is Iroda Pro-Torch PT-220, which will be used as tabletop lighter at herf settings. It ain't fancy lighter, but its large fuel tank and massive power makes it great herf lighter for sure (it has soft and torch flames too)! Note. I don't have any dream soft flame lighters, as I'm not a soft flame fan. My fingers and nails always melt every time I light cigars with soft flames. Besides, I also feel pain on my fingers when I use flint lighters like BIC. Furthermore, soft flame lighters are more expensive than torch lighters, so I'd rather use cigar matches than soft flame lighters instead when I have to use soft flame like lighting pipe tobacco.
  4. Das hört sich toll an! Gratuliere und Hut ab, das ihr das durchgehalten habt. Bis vor drei Jahren habe ich auch noch in der Nähe der Danneckerstr., am Olgaeck, gewohnt. Kenne mich da also gut aus...bist du hin und wieder noch in Deutschland?
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  6. What I’d really like is for HSA to keep making reasonably priced, good-quality regular production. If selling over-priced, nicely packaged LEs helps then great. Does it?
  7. a few things with this. as i have said here and elsewhere, pele is not only the player who is the best i ever saw but also my favourite player (well, him and henri) and what he did in the world cup was astonishing. from reports, he was a, if not the, dominant player in the final. and not fully fit. i'm not sure a WR, at any age, could do enough in a game to match his level there (the position doesn't allow it - a QB might be able to do it). but i would dispute that it is like a 17 year old in a superbowl. or any game of NFL. imagine a 17 year up against grown men who are keen to grind him into pulp. it would be a complete mismatch. men against boys. i don't think that this comparison holds any water at all. but agree with you on the extraordinary performance of pele. i can't claim to have any great insight into basketball or be an expert but i used to watch a lot of it. especially jordan. he was one of the main reasons for my interest. i saw a reasonable amount of the others you mention. not as much as i saw of jordan but enough. he was a step up on all others for me. understand people will always disagree over these things. but to suggest there was no competition in his era is way off beam, for me. there was severe competition. to suggest otherwise, i believe, is an insult both to other teams and players and also to jordan and his team. you compare jordan and lebron for longevity. and both have amazing stats which can be read in many ways. you note lebron is in his 18th season. remember jordan went off and played baseball and retired and came back. you could argue that makes his achievements even more monumental. or not. but take it this way. lebron is now 35. at 35, jordan had just won his 6th (and last) championship. jordan stuck with one team (if we ignore the pissing about with the wizards or whoever at the very end). lebron has moved about and obviously attempted to get with teams and players which will give him more chance to win championships (fair enough if that is what you aim for) for himself, rather than the team. and yet jordan has twice the championships. twice! if jordan had gone team shopping to be with the best team every year, he'd have never lost. sure, jordan had plenty of help but to suggest lebron doesn't - especially when he has deliberately chased just that - is simply wrong. and magic and the lakers during his time was a parade of superstars. although he had plenty of help (how many players win the lot without being in a great team?), you can think of it this way. with jordan, the bulls won 91, 92, 93. he retired/left and they lost in 94 and 95. he returned and they won 96, 97, 98. pretty clear that he was the difference and a massive difference at that. leaving aside actual playing highlights, i have two memories of jordan that show just how dominant he was, for me, at least. one was a game that was on the line with seconds to go. time out had been called and the bulls had the ball, wrong end of the court, four or five seconds left. the cameras got shoved in both huddles. one coach was drawing all manner of plans, giving every direction possible. do this, go here, guard him, do that. in the bulls huddle, phil jackson (i think, the bulls coach?) simply said to whoever had the ball, throw it in and then give it to michael (or words to that effect). game on the line, give it to michael. simple as that. and yes, they did that and he scored and win them the game. the other was one of the very last finals he played, from memory. it may have even been the very last (to be honest, if you told me it was one of the first, i'd believe it, but that bis what i recall). i had left the states by then but happened to be back and stuck in an airport and watched the game. i remember the lead-up. whoever they were playing had one of the era's great players - may even have been one of the players picked ahead of jordan in the draft (i'm thinking drexler but that might be wrong). they compared every aspect of their games and history. turns out that michael was better in pretty much every area, except one. three point shooting. so, of course, the papers were full of questions as to whether jordan was any good at three pointers. i know that seems bizarre but i remember it well, even if my timing might be out. jordan was interviewed and said that these articles and questions were not fair because the way they played, he was not a three point shooter. it was not how the bulls did things. but questions remained. by half time, he had 5 or 6 3-pointers from memory (pretty sure it was six - whatever it was, it was a truly amazing display) and he just pointed at the press box. i think that, at the time, was a record for a final (and he had beaten it within a half). just wanted people to know he could do it if he wanted to, and chose a finals game to do it. the extraordinary self-belief that takes, and the ability to match that, is amazing. i believe that the official NBA website describes jordan as the greatest of all time and lebron as one of the greatest. i think they got it right. anyway, for me, all three would enhance any team, but jordan is the superior player.
  8. Tax in aus at the moment is about 1500 aud per gram of tobacco. It goes up about 15% every year. It has been going up about 15% every year for the past 8 years. Roughly, a robusto an international purchaser buys, for 10usd, costs 15 AUD, and then 20AUD on top is tax, so we pay about 35 AUD for a robusto cigar.
  9. Are MdO's still in production? I think top cubans is the only place that I've seen the #4 and they only have singles. wish I could find some #2s to try But back on topic, I too could l die a happy man, only smoking MC's for the rest of my life. my abr 19 box from LGR are smoking fantastic. Getting another box on order right away.
  10. Soon my beauties, soon.. Been wanting to burn one of these over the past couple of weeks but just haven't had the time.Don't want to rush as it'll be a first try. Now if only the weather gets better again in Blighty... Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  11. out of the AUD prices vs the USD how much of that is tax? i know the AUS tax is pretty bad..... so ether i messed up in my math calculating the exchange rate or its alot worse then i originally thought 😧
  12. thanks for the kind words. although i should point out that there is a huge difference between Rob, Di, Steve and myself. they all make money. i just have fun.
  13. I was just a surprised when I smoked my first RGP too! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. To anyones knowledge, Are there any examples from the days of old where they fancied up Cuban boxes?
  15. Not a fan. I guess I am more traditional and makes for difficult storage for long term aging. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Very nice. Started off with a powerful flavour bomb that was full bodied that evolved to sweet sugar cane, earth, leather with touches of white pepper and liquorice at a medium bodied level. Hope this helps Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Royal Coronas Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. I don’t mind the special packaging, however, I would rather have an extra stick or 2 and plain packaging.
  19. actually he's looking for someone who can publish it in English and hopes CJ will help with that. we had talk with Jorge and Reinhart mentioned that.
  20. I have a few of those left from a box a friend and I split almost three years ago (his cousin was visiting from Lebanon and stopped at the duty-free in the Beirut airport for us). They are spectacular. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6003 using Tapatalk
  21. i like these but off the top of my head, my fave Punches have been the Super Selection 2's.
  22. i do love these beaujolais, but i would hate for anyone to think that i was ranking them on the level of great burgundies. for me, they stand alone.
  23. I think the packaging is nice, and should be for the premium you pay, much like the monte linea. But call me old school, I’d take the traditional boxes. When are the pointed RASS in the British racing green box up for sale? Asking for a friend [emoji1787] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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