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    Had to show off this one... Had to sell my last full dress box of these to offset the crazy price.
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    A nice reward for a lot of yard work today
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    Always on the hunt for 50 cabs...
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    It was a 5 cigar day, starting off with a CoRo and a failed attempt to get my hair cut. Novedosos E2 50 And whatever the fuck this Mexican thing is called. Mighty tasty, but the name is too hard after a couple of drinks.
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    Custom cigar rolled by Hamlet from a batch I got from him in Havana a number of years ago. Maybe the best cigar I’ve had this year. Almost perfect in every way. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    So I know it's not Cuba, but I had the chance to visit Altadis USA's Connecticut Broadleaf farm last week during the harvest. Since we're all cigar lovers here, I thought I'd share some photos. There's a brief description under some of the photos. Enjoy and feel free to ask questions. I never get tired of being in tobacco fields. They are gorgeous. These plants have already been topped are were going to be harvested any day. Broadleaf is stalk cut, meaning that the leaves stay on the stalk instead of coming off in primings. The top is cut earlier so the bottom (huge) leaves can really grow and get all the nutrients in the final stage of growth. Undoubtedly the biggest leaves I've ever seen in person. Flowers and seed pods left on for show (untopped plant). Broadlead doesn't grow as tall as shade / other varietals. Very very old seeding tractor, still in use today. Workers ride on each station and feed the seedlings into a wheel that places them equidistant from each other. Replacement parts have to be made in house. Cutting the plants, of course by hand. Each person makes their own custom ax out of a saw blade and weight it to their personal preference. They are sharpened after every row. The stalks and leaves sit on the ground for 45 minutes before they are put onto the barn slats so the leaves can start to wilt and be less rigid and be handled without damaging the lead. A torn leaf means it can't be wrapper which means less ROI. Curing barns can be fully vented on the sides to control temp and humidity during 6 to 8 weeks of curing. Fresh cut stalks being hung in the barns. Another barn that had been filled earlier (I think a week before). This I had never seen in practice before. Cooler temps and rain were moving into the area so they use propane burners with metal plates above to control the temp and excess humidity. Notice the barn slats were all closed. They rushed us in and out via a small side door to keep as much heat in the barn as possible. Welp, that's it. Hope you all enjoyed a little view of Connecticut Broadleaf!
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    In-service the last couple days at school as we prepare for the kiddos to be back. Football season already in full swing. Time to relax this evening with a HdM Rio Seco and some EHT with a few ice cubes, because it's August in Texas.
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    My first Connie A. I'm in trouble. This cigar is what obession is made of. It's young, rested about 30 days, only 2 days dry boxed, and it's still one of the best I've ever had. Spectacular!
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    Driving your car through the Netherlands, to the UK and back is a bad idea - especially when you have extra days to waste on checking out the little cities along the way [emoji41]
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    A great LaTrova night, with some Wisers. Have a great night folks!
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    C&C Time.. Sig II (2017) - 24:24 Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    Trying to get motivated to do some yard work.
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    A lovely 50 Cab that smells and looks amazing. Just needs to sleep for 5 years!
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    Woke up early to start smoking a pork but. Decided while I’m at it to have an HdM DC while everyone is still asleep.
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    I woke up to a foggy morning at the beach. I am hopeful it will burn off later. I started the day with a 1966. And then a BBF. And the sun is out!
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    La Gloria Cubana Taínos LRE Dic 2009 This is the first cigar from a box I've rested in my On-line Humidor for a number of years and recently had shipped. If you've researched the La Gloria Cubana Tainos on the forum you'd know that it is a much-loved and much-missed cigar. Although, perhaps the examples from the early 2000's were not as much-loved, the last few years of production in '08 and '09 were better. This LGC Tainos had a core cream, nut and fruitcake flavour that was wondrous, together with some floral notes that comes with aging. Retrohaling, which I'm disinclined to do on younger cigars, presented no issue here as the draw left a pleasant tingle through the nose and I had no problem retrohaling into the last third either. What a pity this cigar had to end after around two hours. Even then I wanted to smoke more but it would have necessitated burning my fingers!
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    Well... that was a near perfect cigar experience. End of a long and tiring journey: London > Dubai > Entebbe > Kampala. I bought a wonderful looking box of La Gloria Cubana MdO no.4 on the way, and could not resist smoking one when I finally made it to my hotel. Code is ETP ENE 17, and they are a glorious rich vibrant colorado with a hint of golden rosado. First one I clipped was a little tight, so I put it back in the box. Second one I chose more carefully, and had the perfect draw. Then a balcony smoke in the hot afternoon sun with a beer. Wow. My first ever of these, and I totally get the strong love. It was just outrageously tasty, and wildly complex. A deep, intense, jellied fruit. Like burnt apple crumble, or something like quince, or perhaps over-ripe apricots. Plus a fatty, spicy, animale richness. Frying pan about to turn, perhaps with cumin, maybe a touch of cardamom in it. Then hot fertile earth, mulch and clay at the same time. So much smoke and flavour. Brilliant!
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    Trinidad Vigia SLE OCT 2016 Like the recent last two I've had, this had a strong hay/barnyard cold draw and very pleasant coffee, dough, hay, spice and butter texture to the cigar. Flavour-wise I categorically assert that these are a winner. The ring gauge is something I'm maybe becoming more accustomed to!
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    Vegas Robaina Famosos AEM May 2015 This is the third Famosos I've had from this box and I must confess that this cigar, at this stage of its maturity at just over 4 years of age, is starting to grow on me. Before we get to discussing how it smoked, a caveat I need to share is the fact that the cigar came out of the box with no cap...yes, I repeat, no cap. At first I thought that someone had clipped it for me, but upon closer inspection, I could see that a cut was not applied to the head. The tobacco indicated no signs of being sliced and was rough and loose. As they say, "Cuba being Cuba", accept it, despite it making no sense, and move on. The flavours were very similar to the last one I had. There was minimal milk chocolate and raisin sweetness and a core 'pure tobacco' or grassy flavour, but not like Cohiba-type grass, and baking spice with a hint of floral notes. The flavours were one-dimensional, there was little complexity or change through the thirds, but this is not a criticism, I didn't mind it being this way. I nubbed the cigar as far as I could go and surprised myself at how long the cigar took me to smoke, perhaps 80 to 90 minutes, which for a Hermosos No.4 I would reckon my average time would be around the 70 to 75 minute mark. After smoking this today, I reflected on the fact that this year I consider the Sancho Panza Non Plus to be the most unique Habanos cigar in my rotation, at the moment. After having a few of these I believe this mid-term aged Vegas Robaina Famosos could be a candidate to join the SP Non Plus in terms of offering something different from other Habanos vitolas, when it comes to flavours.
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    Monte Tubos 2001 Ramon RE and Heaven Hill BIB 6-year Bourbon
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    What's left of a CORO from 08, and a damn fine smoke it was! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    SLR DC OTS DIC 09 About to embark on this beautiful two hour journey. Thank you to my buddy @ayepatz for this smoke I wouldn't have otherwise experienced. Iain you're a gentleman and a very generous friend. Cheers mate!
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    RyJ Short Churchill. Really nice cigar, but I just wish it could somehow be two inches longer Thanks @cmbarton!
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    EUB JUL 17 Churchill. Gifted from a BOTL on another forum. Pretty pleasant cigar.
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    After a long day at the office I am squeezing in a very satisfying short before the wife and kids are home from the cottage. HQ REG NOV 17 from a 50 cab. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Super oily and rich Gigantes from '16. Excellent example!
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    Trinidad Robustos Extra OUS Sep 2009 This was the first cigar sampled from a 12-count box I've rested in my OLH for a number of years and shipped recently. After smoking it, you have to wonder why this was ever deleted. Simply put, this was as close to a 100 point cigar that I've ever had, and trust me, I've been fortunate to have had some good ones. Better than the recent LCDH Trinidad La Trova? In a word...yes. What made this near 10 year-old cigar so sublime was the rich creamy butter texture it gave from beginning to end. The La Trova I had a few months ago was similar but more intense in flavour, more salty and spicy. In comparison, this Robustos Extra had no significant dough flavours, but it had cedar, grass or hay, leather and tea flavours aplenty and these flavours were both balanced and mild. It was also very easy on the nose, retrohaling was pure bliss throughout the smoke. The question of when cigars are at the peak comes up from time-to-time on our forum. This cigar today makes that question moot as I have every confidence that I can leave the rest to smoke over the next 5 to 10 years and this will still be great.
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    BPC ETP SEP16 End of week vacation on Baltic Sea.
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    Diplomáticos No.2 EML Ago 2014 You may have heard the story, which some hold to contention, that the Diplomaticos marca was introduced post-revolution in the mid-1960's as a cheaper alternative to the Montecristo marca for the French market. Whether this is true or not, one thing I do know is that the vitolas that came out in the Diplomaticos line resembled the Montecristo No's 1 to 5 in their dimensions, but whereas those original Montecristo vitolas are still in production, unfortunately, only the Piramide Diplomaticos No.2 remains with us today. I find the Diplomaticos No.2 can be either a little sweet in its cinnamon, nutmeg and wood expression or alternatively, it can be a little savoury when it's more sourdough, paprika spice and capsicum (or bell pepper). I've enjoyed a few La Corona TOS/LGR Diplomaticos No.2's in the last few years and so recently I felt it was time to call down my box from my OLH of these EML Ago 14 Diplomaticos No.2's to compare how these cigars are when a little older. This Diplomaticos No.2 was full of flavour, especially sourdough. The difference with the age of the cigar lay in the fact, that after almost 5 years, it was mild and so the paprika spice and capsicum which intertwined with that core sourdough didn't overpower my palate. In fact, it was very pleasant to draw down on this cigar and nub it to its conclusion. Coupled with the excellent construction that was evident, I very much look forward to next cigar from this box and soon!
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    Bolívar Belicosos Finos LMB Feb 2019 I enjoyed a BBF a few weeks ago so I decided to have another today. Similarly to my previous one, this had a soft marshmallow and light cocoa texture which made it a dream to smoke, coupled with a maltiness which really appealed to me. Again, like my previous BBF, it got a little 'earthy' in the end, perhaps a little leather but unlike my previous one of these, it wasn't really too creamy nor did it exhibit any nutmeg. The aftertaste resonated on my palate for a few hours afterwards. What a great way to spent a weekend afternoon!
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    Saint Luis Rey Serie A GAT Sep 2012 You have to wonder what Habanos S.A are thinking when they reduce a marca such as Saint Luis Rey to one vitola, the Regios. Sure, Saint Luis Rey as a brand established itself in the 1940s in the United Kingdom and subsequently did not do so in other regions, nevertheless, the Regios and the Serie A are quite different cigars, in my opinion, especially as these can be quite complex in their flavour delivery. I find the Regios more approachable young, yet the Serie A can really take you on a journey when smoked with some age on it, as this one was today. This cigar showed nuanced, subtle flavours and changes through the thirds. The first third showed notes of powdered cocoa, hay, lemon/orange citrus sweetness and apricot or peach stonefruit flavours. In the middle third there were additional floral flavours and cream. The end of the second third and the final third contained chocolate and espresso coffee. What a cigar! And, what a shame I have 7 left! It was my great pleasure to gift one to my dear friend, @ayepatz and smoke one together. Hence, I think when I smoke my last Serie A in the future (as they are now discontinued) I will always remember how good this smoke was in fine company!
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    RAG DIC 17 La Trova after a rainstorm.
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    Piramides...gift, year unknown. Prolly 2014-2016 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    La Gloria Cubana Medaille d'Or No.4 ETP Ene 2016 The third from my box, this La Gloria Cubana Medaille d'Or No.4 was a little different to the other two in that it had a hint of nut and cream, albeit mainly in the first half of the cigar. Fruit, wood and a little spice flavours were well-balanced throughout. The odd thing about this cigar was the fact that it went out two or three times. This was not on account of the gorgeous winter afternoon weather today which was 21°C (or 70°F). The re-lights did not detract from my enjoyment of the cigar at all, thankfully.
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    ERDM CX from 15 honey sweetness with some nuts and a hint of floral notes
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    C&C Time. Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    ARS NOV 18 courtesy of @MigsG Thank you, my friend. Fantastic smoke at such a young age. At times it showed pure brilliance. I’ll procure a box of these and try to forget about them for a bit. Coming up on 2 hours of pure relaxation.
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    August 5th is never a day I look forward too or want to see since 2016 onward. If I'm honest with y'all it's a day I dread since my dad passed away in 2016. I miss my dad, and it that feeling is more painful on his anniversary of his passing. He was in such pain at the end and his passing was actually a blessing from a certain perspective. But that doesn't change how I still miss the rounds of golf, the track meets we worked, and the conversations we had. I can still hear him telling me "Don't get stuck in the past and move forward." He said that to me about 2 weeks before he passed away. He's right, getting stuck in the past and losing the present and future isn't going to do me any good and it'd be dishonoring him in a way. But for today, and the past couple August 5ths and all future ones, I take it off from work. Go golfing in the morning, try to stay focused (and fail), and then eventually wind up on the deck with an adult beverage and cigar. So the drink today is one of the first releases Kilchoman ever made. I'm an Islay loving peathead and absolutely love everything this distillery releases. Cigar is a Partagas Presidente (ALO AUG16). After the first puff of the cigar I raised the glass, thanked my dad for everything he did and his influence in my life. Then for the next hour and a half I sat in quiet contemplation and remembered the good times we had. It still sucks that he isn't around, but Dad, this one was for you. Thanks again!
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    ASE NOV 09 Choix Supreme A BOTL El Güegüense Short Lancero from 2016 or so. Nick did a limited run of these and a Lancero and the proceeds went to a project called Operation Esteli.
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    #4 UEB May 18. Already through 6 of these in the past month, wish I could age these but they’re phenomenal already! Spice, citrus and more citrus so far.
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    Trying a different bourbon with the LGC Serie D No. 5 ER España, yes ice with even though we've had a cold front in Texas, lol! High of 89F today. Paired it with some some Willett. Not bad, the cigar brings out some nutty flavors in the Willett. Interesting pairing. I like it. Also, these LGCs are great right now! Don't think they need much down time.
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    Gifted CoLa from 2018. Outstanding.
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    H Upmann- Connoisseur 1 MEG May 16 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Only getting better....

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