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    Celebrating my graduation from Princeton University with a 1991 Cuban Davidoff- been saving this for three years. Firm draw, but delicious classic Cuban wood notes accentuated by faded black pepper. An excellent vintage smoke.
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    ULA JUL 15 Libertador and some fresh Termini Brothers cannoli
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    Montecristo No.4 UEB May 2018 How often do you smoke a Habanos cigar, the flavours are extraordinary, yet the draw is too loose or tight? It's a common experience for us enthusiasts, right? This cigar was the fourth from the box and taste-wise they've all been sensational. Medium-mild cocoa and milk coffee wrapped up in an almond nut and citrus twang essence, this was perfectly-flavoured until the final third when I had enough of drawing 3 puffs per draw to get a decent amount of smoke and it went a little bitter. The moral of the story? I need to invest in a PerfecDraw tool...and soon! The Montecristo No.4 can be like 'heaven' when they taste like this, I would reckon that is why they sell so well despite a reputation for construction inconsistency.
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    SOM DIC 16 Punch Punch. These are so good, sometimes I wonder why I ever smoke anything else.
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    LGC MDO #4 from 2016 First time trying and I'm in love Thanks to @mwaller
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    MOP OCT 18. It’s young, but I like it. Just for fun, same cigar, same month, same year, different factory. ARS OCT 18
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    Spending the day outside with the family. UAO NOV 17 Had a friend stop by.
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    Sunday morning coffee run with a QDO Capitolio. And back home for a CoRo.
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    First shift again this evening. Enjoying a RyJ Churchill. Gorgeous wrapper on this sumb!tch. Cherry, cocoa, sweet cedar, lovely!
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    Monte 1 [ESL JUN17] - 24:24 Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    My first cigar since my son was born, a HdM Des Dieux 2003. A gorgeous day outside, and just fantastic, cream, nuts, and light cocoa, courtesy of @cfc1016. Thanks!
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    Celebrating my daughter's first birthday with the first stick from the box I bought from her birth month. MSU MAY 18 PSE2.
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    Up again tonight. I have a feeling this is the new norm for a while. So, just embrace it. Seamus joined me outside. SCdlH La Punta OEB MAR 07
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    Epi 1 [2016] - 24:24 Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    ~2002 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Cohiba Piramides Extra ULA Dic 2013 The Cohiba Piramides Extra is a recent 'torpedo' addition to the Cohiba regular production lineup. And for all you've heard about giving Cohiba cigars time to mature, this cigar was only released in 2012 and critical consensus at the time certainly wasn't universal. What is it about the Piramides Extra that divides opinion thusly? I feel I've been fortunate to have benefited from the generosity of a few benefactors in smoking a few of these, as well as procuring my own supplies, and I admit that I've come to enjoy them from time-to-time. The cost of these would inhibit the greater majority from smoking them regularly, in my view, and if you don't mind Cohiba as a marca surely you must ask yourself whether this vitola is worthy of acquiescing towards a (10-count) box purchase. This cigar came from a box that is 5½ years old and at this stage of its development I feel I can safely opine that the Piramides Extra is an acquired delicacy best appreciated by real lovers of Cohiba. It tends not to fit into your classic Cohiba grass/hay and honey-citrus profile, rather like this cigar today, it's stronger in flavours and strength and more mocha coffee, butter, spice, leather and cream...in other words, for me, it just stands out a little from its Cohiba brethren. So the next time you want to enjoy an occasion with a special cigar you may find that the Piramides Extra may not quite 'fit the bill', but then again, if you resonate strongly with Cohiba cigars, it just might.
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    An all time fave of mine today. CB
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    Excellent du Prince TOR JUN 16 surrounded by birdsong and the crackle of the fire. Sent from 47171 Lempo
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    LUM JUN 12 Coloniales
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    It was a 4 cigar day.
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    I can’t imagine what will top this experience

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