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    I've been going to Cuba for nearly 10 years now. And over the years I've brought back various bits and pieces of art that I thought was nice. On my first trip, as a present for my wife, I brought back a tiny bronze sculpture of a raised fist set in stone. I thought it looked very revolutionary, my wife just saw it as me giving her a fist. Though she saw the funny side. Later, I first met Jose Rey of Havaning.com when I met him to buy some of his pictures that I'd seen on Facebook. Even they didn't get past my wife. Then last March, I was trying to photograph the waves coming over the Malecon from the back of taxi and having the usual luck when trying to take pictures with an iphone from the back of a moving car. Results like this. Until I noticed something in one of them. This one. From that I did some cropping, the only Photoshop I did was remove the rear-view mirror "dimming lever" to get as wide a shot as I could. And I got this. My wife finally liked it. Since I had waited so long to get something "Cuban" on the wall, I decided to go large. I called up a photographer friend and was recommended a place called Inspirational Arts here in Dublin. Two guys, Ed and Jim there were fantastic to work with, after a bit of humming and haw-ing about the amount of noise in the shot. They got us up to have a look at some exposures and papers. And finally we got this out of it. 3 metres (10 feet) wide. It arrived Friday, I was away until Saturday night, hung it yesterday morning and here's the result. I'm very happy with it and my wife loves it. I suppose the point of the story is, when in Cuba get your camera out, you never know what you might get. Also I suppose, I'm always amazed at the amount of information an iphone camera (that was an iphone 6) can capture at that distance and with that amount of cropping, through a windscreen, from the darkened (tinted) back of a moving taxi.
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    HUSW! Is that butterscotch coffee I taste?
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    Never did this before but hey, our son turned 31 today and one of us does it tomorrow with a different number. Lololol CB And then...
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    So first thanks to all who responded to my post about cigar shops in Mexico. We were pretty far south in Riveria Maya and with a consensus of nothing special around I avoided the $100 taxi fare and just enjoyed my cigars for the week. Although the duty free at Cancun airport did have 7 boxes of Edmundo Dante’s at 355 US/box. Quite honestly the provenance was more than questionable and my dog routinely takes shits which I’d rather smoke. Now on to it. I love my wife and she loves me; so much so she asked if I would teach her how to smoke a cigar and maybe on vacation we could enjoy a cigar together. She asked this before we left so I brought a bunch of Rascc and Trini Coloniales, which are excellent cigars I believe. Small and cheap enough that when she took two puffs asked what the hell is wrong with me and crushed it out like a cigarette I wouldn’t be too tempted to murder her. To our single brothers these feelings happen when you’re married. I brought myself an 06 Party P2, 07 Siglo VI, and a few RyJ Capuletos and RACA. I start her off with a trini. One of the best cigars I smoked out there honestly. The humidity was brutal on the bigger cigars. She detected some flavors but thought it was mainly a mix of ashtray and wet ashtray. More for me I thought, but like all women my wife is stubborn and determined, 2 wonderful qualities I admire ladies, so she wanted to try again. This time we went to the cigar bar where I planned on smoking my P2 and I brought her a RASCC. Well the P2 was amazing for the first three puffs I took. She knew they were aged and asked to try it as the RASCC was a bit more wet ashtray to her. I agreed as I do enjoy RASCC and figured a Party would knock her for a loop. To my surprise she took one puff, retrohaled, and her eyes lit up like I just gave her a Chanel bag. I knew I had just shot myself in both feet and maybe an arm. I didn’t see the cigar again How old is this, how’d you get this, are there more of these? As she rattled off questions and smoked my cigar my head was spinning with ways I could hide the rest of my stash. I knew however that I had opened Pandora’s box and it wouldn’t be shut without a Herculean effort. Last night was our final night of the trip and she wanted to sit in the outdoor jacuzzi tub and have a romantic cigar. She asked about the best cigar I had left. Of course I immediately offered the Capuletos ,a 2016 EL I told her, what about the RACA 2015! but she took one look at my Siglo VI and said isn’t that the cigar you’re always talking about; I’d been had gentleman. Like a poker player knowing he’d just been bluffed into going all in and he was now facing a full house I swallowed hard and accepted defeat. As I sat in our romantic bath and watched my beautiful wife smoke my beautiful cigar I am not ashamed to say I shed a few tears. I pondered my options, none were any good. At least I could smell the honey and sweet grass aroma coming from the foot from time to time. Well on the flight home my wife was raving about the cigars and asked me how often do @El Presidente and @WarriorPrincess sell 10 year old cigars because I’d like more. I had to think fast, and I believe the Gods smiled on me. This was our anniversary vacation and our first attempt at baby making. Well actually having kids, we did the deed before obviously. She’s using some pee sniffing computer which tells her when it’s the best baby making time. It was the vacation week. So I blurted out “I think your pregnant so no more cigars for you until the kid is older”. Well that seemed to quell the beast I had awakened and I believe the rest of my cigars are safe for now... I hope. Rob can I send boxes back to you to store in the OLH? This definitely constitutes a severe emergency. Anyway gentlemen, enjoy your cigars, share them when you can and if your wife wants to try any hit the local B&M for the crappiest thing you can find. I am of course joking, mostly, I’m very happy to share a hobby with my wife and if she starts putting money towards cigars I’m going to have one hell of a collection. As a final note she did look quite sexy in the tub with a cigar in hand. So I won’t complain anymore. Thanks for reading and enjoy every moment we have with those we love. They are precious and we aren’t guaranteed any more of them. Ted fastkiller13
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    1. Ramón Allones Club Allones 2015 - Edición Limitada (RAE Jul 2015 - thanks Steve!) Gifted by Steve (thank you!), it's been a little while since I've visited this cigar. I remember that I enjoyed them immensely throughout 2016, with strong coffee, dark cocoa and stewed fruit flavours on show. These also tended to be 'powerhouses'. What has changed in this cigar at 3 years of age since I wrote up the review below? Well, I can say that the intensity of this Club Allones has 'evened out' and as a result, the coffee flavours and dark cocoa has transformed into a milder cocoa flavour, with the Ramon Allones stewed fruit profile being slightly sweeter. I may have to re-visit these again soon! 2. Sancho Panza Sanchos (NNSO-TTH-02 -November 1990, thanks @ayepatz!) This Gran Corona Sancho Panza Sanchos (47 ring gauge x 235 mm in length) was graciously gifted to me by ayepatz (a huge thanks mate!). I say "graciously" because sadly this cigar was deleted in 2006. There is now only one regular production gran corona cigar, the Montecristo A. The previous one I had more traditional Sancho Panza salt and wood, this cigar was different, there were more notes of sweet hazelnut flavour combined with the age floral notes and baking spice. There was a little wood and salt evident, but no cream. Construction was outstanding throughout, and at 28 years of age, showed no reduction in quality flavours, in fact, I have no doubt I could have aged this longer and it still would have been a quality cigar. This was a blissful 2 hours well spent! 3. Ramón Allones Small Club Coronas (TOS Nov 2016 - thanks @Luca!) Gifted by Luca, it's been a while since I've had a Ramon Allones Small Club Corona. This was just perfect on a weekend afternoon in the sun with a long black espresso coffee, which complimented the cocoa, wood, nut core flavours of the cigar. At times there was some sweetness coming through like a cinnamon spice. Thank you Luca for gifting me this cigar.
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    MSU MAR 18 Partagas E2. They're way too fresh, but they're so damn good I can't keep my hands out of the box.
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    Siglo VI 2007 (Aged Sampler) - 24:24 Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    Can't fit into the pants that I'm supposed to wear at a friend's wedding later this month so. Breakfast today was a 1999 Du Prince and a piece of chocolate. No calories in cigars, right? No construction issues with these, beautiful old blend. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
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    I just got home to find these PSP Cohiba Robustos waiting for me.
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    MUL NOV 14 RyJ Ex4. Beautiful. Lots of sour cherry notes. Many thanks to @CigarAsh!
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    ‘09 Imperiales. Classy smoke, sorely missed.
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    CoRo AMO AGO 15 and some iced Black Rifle Coffee while watching the Milwaukee Brewers this afternoon on the patio with the pugs. Go Crew!
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    I got home from work around 10:30 this morning, having been there since 6:30 yesterday morning, and started the day with this very nice CoRo from our host, followed by one of the best Monte 2s I have had in a while, also from our host. After a great 3 hour nap, I’m capping off the day with an Esplendido.
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    Hoyo Petit Robusto March 2017
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    C&C Time! Dip 2 (2016) - 24:24 Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    First time been able to load this thread on TT app In months..... Cigars enjoyed on holiday, recently... Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
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    A 54 and Black Rifle cold brew with Baileys seems like a great way to spend a friday morning in the woods. Sent from my SM-G930R4 using Tapatalk
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    A day wandering Paris smoking all sorts of cigars! Ryder Cup here I come!
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    A day spend at the beach in Dubrovnik, luckily it cleared up again after yesterday’s 45kts. of wind! Tonight I’m finally back off home to wife and kids! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    C&C Time! Connie A [2016] - 24:24
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    First smoke in the new house!!! Built a temporary patio til the spring when we get the real one out in haha !!

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