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    A little something arrived on my porch today....
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    A beaitiful LUB MAY 14 Upmann 2 With a few of the Perth crew yesterday
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    Sig II, RASCC, HUHC. I could smoke those HCs one after the other. Great cigar.
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    ABO FEB 18 RAG (HQ)
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    Punch Punch UBM Ago 2018 Please do note, if you aren't aware, that the Punch Punch is a cigar that is considered, according to member feedback from recent polls on our forum, polarising. After I had this one tonight, it's easy to see why. Let me explain further below. The last Punch Punch I had a few months ago was simply delectable. It had a prefect combination of creaminess, leather, cedar and glorious notes of 'Cuban twang', that sour citrus tart essence that aficionados of the leaf drool over in their sleep just thinking about it. This one? Well it had no real creaminess, leather was minimal, don't even mention 'Cuban twang' but at least it had wood and spice...just too much of it for my liking. The wood was somewhat charred, like what my experience was like when smoking 3 or 4 Punch Regios de Punch 2017 Limited Edition cigars last year. The spice was also strong, but it was reminiscent of a clove spice that I find agreeable in Punch so it redeemed the cigar for me...enough that I was able to smoke it through to the last third. So overall this was just average, but it feels worse because my last Punch Punch was simply so sublime. The moral to the story here? Temper your expectations when it comes to smoking Habanos cigars. I need to continually remind myself to keep an open mind and that every cigar I smoke is potentially a new experience, a new opportunity to learn something new.
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    Diplomáticos No.2 EML Ago 2014 I believe this is my 5th cigar from this box and thus far every cigar has been similar, yet a little different here and there. Some have been spicy, some have been strong in capsicum or bell pepper; this one was dominant in sourdough or 'bread' flavour. This was also the mildest of the cigars I've had from this box so far. The cigar still had a little capsicum or bell pepper and a hint of paprika spice, but the mild strength combined with the sourdough flavour really appealed to me. Again, I very much look forward to my next one.
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    MEG MAY '17 Connie 1
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    Two things that don’t disappoint in life: Buffalo Trace, especially from a single barrel and a BBF Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ASR FEB 18 BBF Strong, rich and chewy...quickly becoming a fave.
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    Vegas Robaina Famosos AEM May 2015 This Vegas Robaina Famosos continued the trend of my other recent smoking experiences with this cigar, from the same box code. It was beautifully subtle in flavour and a touch under mild-medium in strength. It was very light on chocolate, the raisin sweetness found in my previous Famosos in the last few months was more akin to dates this time and there was an undercurrent of aged baking spice. The 'luscious grassy tobacco' was the main highlight again; I don't think I can adequately describe this flavour in regards to how surreal it is on the senses. It is quite unique in comparison to the usual flavours one associates with smoking Habanos cigars. Perhaps you should try it for yourself; I know I will be doing so again...and sooner rather than later!
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    Nice afternoon dove hunting
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    Fired up a Don Jose this evening. Hitting the peak of perfection! Kelly, who rarely partakes commented on how nice the aroma was and asked for a puff. After a couple she said it was a gorgeous cigar and asked how many did I have remaining! Guess I need to leave it accessible. That's a better option than having her hunt. God knows what she'd find. Jewelry budget not that high! Soon enough she and Dana are going to be crushing Mike's and my stashes......
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    Smoking a CoRo on the way home from work. I’m on the hook all night with the hospital, so this will probably be the largest cigar I smoke tonight. Nothing worse than being a quarter of the way through a long smoke and getting called into an emergency and having to throw away most of a good cigar.
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    LUB JUN 14 Cohiba Siglo IV paired with a little Woodford Reserves Bourbon. Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone! Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    LGR ABR 18 Montecarlo Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    D4 Palmas Extra Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I’ve been so so on this box of el principe TOS MAR 17 but finally today this one was a star. Had the distinct aftertaste of cinnamon hearts giving my tastebuds a buzz for long after it nubbed.
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    PL Gran Robusto REG DIC 17. Wish I bought more boxes of these. This is excellent now and will be outstanding in the years to come. This IPA is delicious too. Omnipollo Zodiak Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Smoked two last night while watching the Brisbane GWS game. Which was amazing
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    These rosado bombs arrived yesterday. Smell wonderful!
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    C&C M4 [AEL MAY14] - 24:24 Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    Another stunning May 18 UEB Monte 4. The lighter wrapper psp Monte is just sublime. Better than the box of 2014 psp dark wrapper Monte 1’s I have. This one is all citrus, chocolate and biscuit. The entire box have all been 92-93 pointers...probably my top 3 favorite boxes out of 30 I have going right now.
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    Party Lonsdale from 2001. Very smooth and light, though I do wonder if it's past it's best.
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    MOL JUN 18 on the Monte Especial. Beauties going down for a long nap.
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    New box in the mail today. Lovely. San Cristobal La Fuerza. CB
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    Bit rustic wrapper, but beautifully smoking nine year old Cedro de Luxe No.2! This has been a top-notch example of CdL2, how it's really meant to be. With exceptional complexity, with length and richness, way fuller than is always purported to be. Showing notes of nutmeg, an almond-nuttiness, new nappa leather, a pronounced stonefruit - more peach than cherry - framed in toasted-tobacco lushness (and no cedar to speak of). All in fine balance. But all these descriptors are hardly doing justice to the actual experience. I stick to it: This is an unjustifiedly neglected series. Granted, and as is currently being discussed in a parallel thread, you will regularly find traces of white mold under the cedar sleeve, quite like in tubos. But this is mostly from shipping out of Havana and long inactive. Folks, forget the showy CDH ripoff and do yourself a favour: get these, the No.3 or the No.1 (still to be found) before they are gone for good. Mind you, apart from the Monte 3 and QdOCC, this is the last Coronas still in production! And a very distinctive one!
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    Over the past few days Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Last day of fall break today, always nice to have a Monday off. Back to school tomorrow, start the second quarter. Got some more trimming of the trees done today and organized the garage. Time for a snack! My usual Black Rifle Coffee over ice with a SGA NOV 15 San Juan.
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    Bolivar Belicoso Finos SUM DIC 16. First two thirds were great. Cream, licorice, and leather. Last third was bitter and too woody. Overall 88/100 and getting better. Only a third of the box left.
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    Finally a good draw! I got a couple of these in a singles order months ago (from another site) and this was the only one I could actually smoke. Tell me if I'm off base here, its profile is very similar to a Quintaro Favoritos but slightly more floral?
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    Needed to mow the lawn this morning, so I lit up a Fonseca No. 1 while doing so. Great yard work cigar.
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    LUA OCT 14 Hoyo De Monterey Epicure No. 1 paired with a Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale. Have a good week everyone. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    Punch Punch Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Siglo VI at 6:30 AM on my way home from a 24 hour shift. 2014 Petit Edmundo at 8:30 AM. And a CoRo for my afternoon cigar. It’s hard to believe it is the middle of October. Feels like Summer in the Northeast.
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    Montecristo Petit Edmundo (BTR MAR 09). A little daddy time alone on the balcony with a little light rain that does not reach my spot as the wind is very light today. It has been a long week so far. But the rest should be just a little relaxing with some night shifts and hopefully a couple of cigars.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    #2 of 2004 days CA Pretty solid. Mostly leather though some citrus twang but just briefly and retro nice white pepper and cream. But lots of leather. Burn time solid 90 minutes. No CC but a nice gift from a friend Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    H. Upmann No.2 JUN 18. The first inch was a little woody, but mostly floral and soapy. After the first ash drop, I was caught off guard by how complex this became: butter, coffee, caramel, wood, nuts, and earth . Salty, bitter, and sweet all at various points of the smoke. Wonderful, wonderful. Whoever among you picked up some of the PCC aged No.2s are really in for a treat. But y'all already know that.

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