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    Being from there... And without getting too political... If this is what it takes to light a fire under the Cuban populous to finally go out and fight for their freedom, so be it! We can't be so selfish as to say, I want Cuba to remain as it is... You know for the cheap rum and cigars. Some of us here on this forum have real friends, people we consider family even, struggling there on a daily basis. I happen to have relatives there who stand in line for hours for food that they don't get sometimes. I'd trade all my cigars for their freedom, even if I had to smoke a Gurkha. #CubaLibre
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    kind of feel like I am a few dozen boxes short as well.They sure smell sweet and lovely though.
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    Last night in Zhuhai...BBF ULA 2014 What a beautiful cigar!
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    Cohiba Esplendido and sparkling water to start the evening. 0
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    MAS JUN 08 Lusitanias. I bought 2 x 10's boxes from our host a decade ago/HQ and wrote "Age" on the orange sticker, put the box in ziplock and buried it at the bottom of one of my cooleridors. I debated putting the box on auction with Bond Robert's when that got going to bag at least $30 something a stick. Work has been slow with the outbreak. But, when I opened the ziplock and smelled the lovely, creamy Cuban tabacco with barnyard still present, opening the box to perfectly constructed and very oily double coronas, I could only keep them for myself. I could not afford the current asking prices to replace a box of decade + aged cigars in this size for certain. The same happened with an intact box of BHK 54'S, BTO AUG 12 that was sleeping nearby the Lusi's. The first cigar I took out of the BHK's was difficult to do, especially with what I could have earned from selling them. With all the difficulties recently with Covid 19, seeing a friend that was younger than me pass away from complications from Covid, and opened my mind up to, "life is short, enjoy what you can". I turned 54 in July, "I'm gonna start burning through my stash" as I wish to do. I'm a cigar smoker, and collect really to age at times, then enjoy what I have patiently waited for". I am not into this hobby to make money... Btw, I paid around $300 for the BHK's and $115 for the box of HQ Lusi's, if I remember correctly. Those days seem long gone forever at the current asking prices, that are getting more and more rediculous by the week. I'm not sure who is paying the 35% to 75% increases in some cases. I hear the Asian market has grown significantly, but know the increases are not only from Habanos price increases alone. Sorry for this rambling on, just my thoughts on enjoying life while I can and what the hell happened with the price increases. Now, back to this smoke. I am very glad I did not sell them. Beautiful construction, appearance, aroma at cold and burning, taste and complexity. There is still decent strength here. This is in my top 3 cigars, I smoked this year. 95 +. 😊
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    Happy Labour day everyone. Going from one end of the spectrum to the other. 2019 H. Upmann No. 2 that a BOTL sent me after our discussion on how well new regular production is smoking... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Original release Fundy EL OVSU (El Laguito March 1998). About as good as a cigar can get. The final third was ridiculous.
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    I'm smoking a CPE this morning. Tony is smoking a D4.
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    No time to smoke lately, but here are some recent ones. BRE - OCT-19 Connie 1 UEB-AGO-17 Lusi Divinos - First on and pleasantly surprised LGR-AGO-17 PLMC SOR-DIC-19 E2
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    Hoyo de Monterrey Double Coronas ROE Jul 2016 How often do we get the chance to light up a Double Corona? Not often, I'd bet, with the demands of modern life, 2 to 2-and-a-half hours to set aside and reflect on a cigar can be considered a luxury in terms of time. Yet, every time I do so I invariably find I have no regrets in regards to the cost to my time, this Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona delivered on flavour, body and strength. I'd like to thank @wineguy for gifting me this cigar to review. This was mild to mild-medium bodied, nuanced in flavours and easy to retrohale throughout. Unlike other popular Hoyo De Monterrey regular production cigars such as the Epicure No.1 and No.2, this had minimal light cocoa. Instead it had a core cedar, light cream and clove combination, together with some vanilla sweetness here and there and spice on the edges. After the midway point of the cigar that cloved spice really started to dominate the flavours. It was still smoking exceptionally until the point I nubbed it well into the final third, however, I would have preferred less cloved spice and more cedar, vanilla and cream texture to the cigar. Nevertheless, this Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona was quite a good cigar and with more age I envisage it will only get better. If you get the chance to get a 50 cab, and you enjoy Hoyo de Monterrey as a marca, or you don't mind a Punch Double Corona (which can be similarly woody, just more so) I don't think you'd regret adding the HdM Double Corona as an acquisition to your humidor.
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    A few from the past days 93 Churchill which was beyond its prime Great aging potential on these Montes Custom BHK54 Reyes
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    Back to the beach house for a little end-of-summer sun and golf. Played East Hampton Golf Club today, and Sebonack Golf Club tomorrow. Siglo VI Esmeralda Monte 2
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    First off, nice freaking pictorial @lovethehaze, makes me want to play golf again! Ha! i gave this Partagas shorts the el prez feel at the humidor and it was a tent peg. It was going to give Labor Day more meaning but since it came from the Jesus cab it was not to be ignored. You couldn't pack another milligram in this roll. After patient use of the PD tool And some finger rolling, we ended up with a Firm Draw. An Excellent Shorts with a perfect wrapper for me. I love these bold Minutos. Have a great Labor Day FOH
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    Great Dip 2 LGR DIC 18 gifted by @GVan Tastes of sourdough, green tea and cream - mild smoke. Really yummy!
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    Some poker sticks last night
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    Trinidad Coloniales and sparkling water this evening.
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    ‘14 Monte 5 this morning and now this ‘19 BBF
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    ‘14 Short and a ‘19 JL2
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    C&C time. Managed to get this in before the rain came thankfully. Especiales from 14
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    P Short at one of my favorite smoking spots
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    Romeo y Julieta Churchills GOM Ago 2018 I have been 'waxing lyrical', so-to-speak, about this cigar for a few years now due to their consistency in construction and flavour delivery across a number of box codes. I guess the hallmark of a 'hot' cigar is when it's not at its usual best it's still pretty good. Such was the case with this GOS Ago 2018 Romeo y Julieta Churchill cigar today. The construction was excellent. Ash-length, burn and ash rings were all impeccable. The flavour was a little heavier on the cocoa side of things which made the cigar seem not as balanced as many other RyJ Churchills I've enjoyed this year. Mind you, I still got cherry fruit and sweet turkish delight flavours to complement the cocoa. If I reach for another RyJ Churchill from this box and it ends up like this one I honestly wouldn't be disappointed, nor would I have any hesitation in reaching for another one soon.
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    C&C time. VR Unicos (2018) - 24:24 Sent from my SM-G986B using Tapatalk
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    Having an early morning Siglo VI, after getting off a 24 hour shift is kind-of "a thing" for me. I guess when I come home completely exhausted, the amazing flavors in the Siglo VI reminds me of why I work 24 hour shifts in the first place.
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    Enjoyed watching the first nfl game of the year with this wonderful Trinidad
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    My first JL1 (UTL APR-19) gifted from @Devo. Still very young but smoking great! Graham crackers and a citrusy twang on the cold draw and first third. Slightly sweet and salty through the 2nd third of the cigar with a Chinese Fortune Cookie after taste - I know, kinda funny description but that's what it tasted like! Stayed consistent throughout the finish. Smooth velvety smoke, never harsh or bitter even towards the end. These should age very well! About a 90 minute smoke. Love these ....
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    Just finished 2nd week with the new firm. Feeling very blessed to have landed such a job, being picked over many highly experienced folks. Celebrating (again, lol, I love to celebrate) with a 2011 Monte No. 3 Sevilla Jar for the box pass last year, hosted by @Habana Mike, who, incidentally, provided the cigar. Muchísimas gracias, Señor Mike! It was worth the wait.
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    Fundy (2018) - 24:24 Sent from my SM-G986B using Tapatalk
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    2008 Secretos. Out camping this weekend with the family. Unfortunately no fires aloud so I’m stuck smoking in the dark 😖🤷🏼‍♂️
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    C&C with a Perla in the early morning sunshine
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    C&C with a PLMC LGR Jul 17. Even the wet in the air from earlier rain didn’t spoil the caramel notes.
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    Por Larrañaga Montecarlos TOS Mar 2017 This TOS Mar 2017 represents my darker-wrappered Por Larranaga Montecarlos, which I smoked half the box within six months of acquiring it. The last cigar I've had from this box was in August 2018, so around two years...my how time flies! I've since been smoking my LGR Oct 2017 and LGR Ago 2018 PLMCs, as these had lighter wrappers and were more abundant in caramel from a younger age (and thus more to my liking). It's not that this TOS Mar 2017 box has been that bad; rather, they've been more dominant in coffee and toast notes in their first 12 to 18 months of rest so I decided to give them more time to develop more of that significant caramel note that Por Larranaga is renowned for. From the very first puff, I got a wondrous hit of sweet caramel and honey. This stayed until the middle third when the coffee and nut took over. In the last third the cigar again reverted to being toasty and slightly sour, like lemon tea. At this point I decided to leave the cigar there (around halfway through the final third) but I was satisfied with how this box has since developed in the last 24 months. I hope to re-visit this box in the another 12 months to see how they are coming along. In the meantime, I have my other lighter-wrappered Por Larranaga Montecarlos to enjoy!
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    Trying something new. 2019 Trinidad Esmerelda tonight. Excited to smoke this, seeing how popular this has become. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Enjoyed a Cohiba Medio Siglo with some iced Black Rifle Coffee Freedom Fuel earlier this afternoon before the much needed rain.
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    UTL JUN 18 JL2 Cracked a new box of HU No. 2. Always good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Punch 48 and some sparkling water this evening.
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    BBF MSU MAY 19. This one has some spice bite to it.
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    Last cigar from a beloved box of 2004 HU Monarchs from an AT. Beautiful stick, perfect ending to the box. Celebrating my family’s move to our new/first house this week so it felt right to put a killer box to bed here and celebrate 10 great years living in Miami. Life has changed a bit since I moved here a single 30 year old who had a hard time committing to anything more than a 3 year car lease! To the next 10 years!
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    My club had a cigar roller there today. They put on a band with the club's crest on it. It tasted like something I might like, if I was a person who liked non-Cuban cigars. I threw it away shortly after this picture was taken, and lit up a CoRo.
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    Trinidad Topes with some homemade wood fire pizza and paired with a Poli Miele (honey grappa) Sent from my SM-G975W using Tapatalk
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    2019 Edicion Limitada Ramon Allones Allones No. 2... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Celebrating 11 years of retirement with a 1970's Montecristo Nr 1 courtesy of Min Ron Nee.
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    HU2 and a "Hemingway"
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    CoRo and some sparkling water this Friday evening.
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    Cracked a new box of Partagas 898 LMB FEB 18 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Nudie N1 on this stump hacked with my new short axe... bit of a workout 😀 Monte 2 from 2019 Partagas Short UER MAR 19, this box has been 👍

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