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    My 50th Birthday cigar just came. Davidoff Chateau Yquem. They started putting bands on them in 1980 and they were discontinued in 1982 so this one must be from one of those years. I would normally worry about them being past their prime, but I trust the person I bought it from, and he says these are smoking beautifully. I’m really looking forward to March 7th.
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    I've got a few to share. These are long gone, but they fit the bill. 1988 Diplomaticos No 7 2005 ERDM Tainos Trinidad Robusto T's (this one really hurt) 2014 Qdo Imperiales 1998 Romeo y Julieta Prince of Wales Partagas Serie Du Connaisseur No 1 (1997) 1997 ERDM Lonsdales
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    Celebrated Australia Day here in the States yesterday. After a bit of translating ingredients the sausage rolls recipe worked out and were gobbled up in no time. Finally cracked a few bottles I’ve been hanging onto; was slightly underwhelmed on the Diplomatico, I love the Anejo Reserva and was hoping this would blow it out of the water but sadly not. The Cigar Blend is really nice, was pretty magic with the Sancho but what did amaze me was the Aussie Redlands, they have something special going on down there. 👍🏻 There’s something magic that happens when you bring an aged RASS and a port barrel whisky together.....
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    When you have a breakdown at work with 45,000 sq ft of non-smoking area to yourself. Well....
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    Boil PC (ULA May 15), top marks for this entire box:
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    All the talk about the Punch Double Corona got me thinking ... TUP OCT 14
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    1. Por Larrañaga Montecarlos LGR Oct 2017 Sometimes a cigar surprises you and this was such a time. The wrapper on this, in comparison to my other Por Larranaga Montecarlos box (which contains mottled, oily and almost colorado maduro wrappers on each cigar) was rustic, yellow/brown and non-descriptive, if you saw this in a Bricks and Mortar store you'd surely move on to the next box. However, one puff on this cigar after lighting and I was truly in heaven. This was caramel, honey, milk coffee and toast goodness all the way. I just could not believe how spectacular this was! I shared one with my brother-in-law @Cuzz and he felt exactly the same way! 2. San Cristóbal de La Habana El Príncipe TOS Jun 2016 In comparison to the Por Larranaga Montecarlos I had prior to lighting this cigar, this was a major disappointment, but only because it was a standard El Principe. Cocoa, molasses and coffee throughout, it was a little more intense than what I prefer but overall it was fine, I didn't pitch it or dislike it.
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    Currently enjoying an ETP ABR 2016 BPC.
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    1. La Gloria Cubana Medaille d'Or No.4 ETP Oct 2015 (thanks @Luca!) Thank you @Luca for celebrating a milestone by gifting me this awesome thin ring-gauged cigar! This had everything you could wish for...it was already aged over 3 years, it was marvellously complex and smooth and it wasn't affected by the humid conditions of a showery summer's night. The La Gloria Cubana Medaille d'Or No.4 is often characterised for its fruit and spice, and this was evident in this instance, but its also noted for its herbal, woody and cream flavours. I was fortunate to hit upon a combination of these with this cigar. I shared one with @IanMcLean68 and @Fuzz this night and the LGC Medaille d'Or No. 4's from this box were universally praised as more than worthy of the special occasion. 2. Partagás Shorts GEO Mar 2015 (thanks @IanMcLean68!) Thank you @IanMcLean68 for gifting me this cigar. I couldn't exactly recall the last time I've had a Partagas Shorts, but I believe it was sometime in mid-to-late 2017. This was almost 4 years old, from a reputable box code, and boy it was delicious! Partagas sourdough, light black coffee, leather and cedar were the main notes I got from it, but at times it was a little sweet on my palate (like licorice), especially in the first third. The smoke output was stupendous, I just could believe how much smoke this offered per draw!
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    Out back with the pugs enjoyng this 64F January day, and also enjoying a Parti Lusi OBM ABR 16.
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    Camouflaged MUR 13 😎
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    LMB MAY 18 BBF. Plugged, but tasty. Weather is still fantastic tonight, so it's time for round two. MUO MAY 14 CoRo.
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    Needed these today. MUP OCT 17 Siglo IV RAE OCT 14 898
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    Been a while since I posted or really even got. Out for a smoke, but have been dealing with a lot of things recently. Getting my new house in order (mostly painting) , raising/training a new puppy, and most importantly the birth of my 9lbs. 3oz. baby son Emmanuel which happened a couple days ago. Finally got out to sync smoke times with @Jay_Habanos to celebrate his B-day! Either way hope everyone has a good rest of the weekend. '12 Trinidad Coloniales with a couple fingers of D' Usse VSOP Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    Thanks Joe! Amazing creamy bliss for 2 hours! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
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    H. Upmann Connossieur A (2018 Xmas Sampler Series) The first cigar I've sampled from the 2018 Xmas Sampler and of course I'm going to start off with one of the most reputable. Well, it did not let me down! Quality shortbread, almond nut and light coffee all the way. The only surprise here was that the body of this H.Upmann Connossieur A was slightly stronger than what I'm used to, and more so on the palate then through the nose. But it didn't alter how much I enjoyed it at all. Juan López Selección No.2 (2018 Xmas Sampler Series) The second cigar I've sampled from the 2018 Xmas Sampler and this was light on orange citrus and chocolate and more heavy on toasted tobacco and coffee. Also, much more intense than would I would like, I couldn't retrohale this in comfort, for example. In regards to strength, it was medium to medium-full but the flavours in general were okay, I'd have love this to be more refined but it's a bit much to ask for a cigar less than 12 months old like this one. Ramón Allones Specially Selected (2018 Xmas Sampler Series) This was the third cigar I sampled from the 2018 Xmas Sampler series and it was exactly how El Pres described it in his recent 24:24 write-ups. All raisin, coffee and tobacco and did I mention intense? Yes, very intense. If I compared the likes of some Ramon Allones Superiores or Ramon Allones Gigantes I've had in the past year then I'd say that this Specially Selected Robusto was at least twice as potent in body and strength. For my preference I'd need a minimum of 5 years rest to get this cigar at my desired point prior to smoking.
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    LAT AGO 17 Cazadores. I really like these.
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    Fundadores RAG NOV 17 Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Punch Punch (2018 Xmas Sampler Series) The fourth cigar I've had from the 2018 Xmas Sampler Series and I must say that it has been the best, so far. Punch Punch has had its share of years spent in the 'doldrums', but ever since 2016 they've enjoyed a revival on our forum. For me, this smoke embodies the fine characteristics of what we enthusiasts colloquially refer to as 'Cuban twang', the acidic addition from the minerals of the red soil of Cuba which can be described as 'citrus tart'. In my opinion, it's unique in the Habanos marca range, and perhaps only the Punch Double Corona can shadow it. This had gorgeous spiced cream from the first puffs and it was an instant 'hit', that is, I knew it was better than your average habanos very quickly. Together with a little cedar and leather, and the previously mentioned 'Cuban twang' essence, this was very easy to nub. I even gained a benefit from not touching up the wrapper in the middle third, as the burn self-corrected and I didn't have to risk charring the wrapper. However, I don't think it would have mattered, this Punch Punch was that good! Partagás Serie E No.2 (2018 Xmas Sampler Series) The fifth cigar I've had from the 2018 Xmas Sampler series, this has been touted on our forum as a 'Behike replacement' in the past 12 months. Of course, nothing can truly replace a Behike, but since it's been on hiatus, I must admit that the Partagas Serie E No.2 is not a bad replacement. So what was this like? If you enjoy the pepper or spice of Partagas Serie D No.4's, then prepare to be disappointed as this is more refined than that, although there was little white pepper or spice evident in this cigar. It certainly has that core Partagas sourdough, leather and coffee flavours and comes in 5-count semi-boite nature (or wooden) boxes if you are interested in sampling it! H. Upmann Connoisseur No.1 (2018 Xmas Sampler Series) The sixth cigar I've had from the 2018 Xmas Sampler Series and this was another great option for smoking a cigar when you have 45 to 60 minutes on hand. It had very typical H.Upmann shortbread and coffee flavours, perhaps less on cream and shortbread and more on espresso coffee due to the youthfulness of this particular cigar. There was also some nut and sweetness at times akin to something like licorice. This is a good option if you want to sample a milder H.Upmann and it is slightly smaller than a Robusto in its size.
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    C&C Time! Sig 1 (2017) - 24:24 Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk Mag 54 (2017)-24:24
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    Upmann Natural(e)s, mid to late 70s. Fantastic. Algae like taste in the first third/half, almost like a salty herbal tea. Ramped up in strength and body in the final few inches, very pleasant throughout. Followed by a LGC Caribe. Not bad, not spectacular. Had some similarities with the Spanish RE from last year but I think I'd pick that one over todays cigar. Oh well. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk

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