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    Sigmund Freud is quoted as saying “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” But he didn’t have some joker in Cuba, thinking up box codes like LRG DIC 17, to contend with.
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    2003 Grandes. Yesterday@Hookmaker visited and we had a Punch Panetelas Grandes and a QdO Panetelas. Skinny cigars all weekend [emoji6] Envoyé de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk
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    H. Upmann Connossieur A MEG Jun 2016 The H.Upmann Connossieur A would have to be amongst the most critically-rated cigars on our forum at the moment and again, after having one today, it's easy to understand why. Firstly, the construction, they just seem to draw well and avoid burn issues (well, at least a lot less than other Cuban cigars). Secondly, they deliver in flavours on a consistent basis and those flavours come from a marca that is a favourite amongst enthusiasts, that being H.Upmann. At just under three years, this was your typical H.Upmann coffee and shortbread stick but milder, more nutty and there was wonderful burgeoning cream texture to be found throughout. For me, "very, very satisfying" is the best is the best way to sum up this cigar-smoking experience today!
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    Lobstah Roll for lunch and an LGR SEP 18 La Punta by the lake in Maine. MdO2
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    Cohiba Talismán 2017 - Edición Limitada UAO Ago 2017 Do you remember the hype surrounding the release of the Cohiba Talisman 2017 Limited Edition? It was launched in London in October 2017, it sold out quickly despite a hefty price tag and it was subject to rumours of unauthorised pre-sales in the United States or distribution of copied fakes. From a marketing point of view, what more could Habanos S.A want? It is the seventh Cohiba Limited Edition since 2001 (Piramides Extra 2001 and 2006, Double Corona in 2003, Sublime in 2004, 1966 in 2011 and Robustos Supremos in 2014 were the others). It is a Cañonazo Doble at 54 ring gauge x 154 mm or 6.1 inches in length. The common name for this cigar is a Robustos Extra, however take note of that factory name as the Cohiba Siglo VI is a Cañonazo, being slightly smaller, and in my mind, this cigar is its direct cousin in terms of how it smoked. If you have picked a 10-count box of these (or two), or perhaps split them as I have (with our dear friend @Luca...thank you mate), what can you expect? How do you approach this cigar in terms of when to smoke it and how does it compare to other Cohiba vitolas? After smoking this today I can assert that the Talisman is like an amplified Siglo VI, much like the Robustos Supremos was like an amplified Magicos, in my opinion. There was complexity through the thirds too. Prior to smoking it, I untwisted the pigtail and removed the cap with my thumbnail. The draw was fine, as was the smell of hay/barnyard on the wrapper. The cold draw has notes of coffee, nuts and a little spice. The first third saw this at its very best. I was especially impressed by the smoothness and velvety plumes of smoke on the draw, which were plentiful throughout. Cohiba mocha coffee, citrus, a little honey and a buttered cream texture reminded me of some of the best aged Cohiba Siglo VI's I've enjoyed over the years. The middle third saw some spice or white pepper notes and anise sweetness pick up in the blend. At this point I wanted to compare notes on the retrohale as I find aged Cohibas very pleasurable to exhale through the nose, and this did not disappoint, it had quality spice but did not overwhelm via retrohaling at any point. The final third saw change further still. The cigar picked up in darker coffee, earth and leather notes but it still had that honey and anise sweetness. It was easy to nub. My conclusion on the Talisman? It ended up being a great choice to celebrate my birthday this weekend. Like the Robustos Supremos, this will get better with a few years as the middle and final third meld and becomes more akin to the flavours in the first third, no doubt. However, I enjoyed the cigar for what is was. I wouldn't hesitate to choose it to celebrate another milestone event in the near future.
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    Coffee and a TPO JUL 17 Epi 2 on a beautiful New England morning.
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    What to smoke on one's 50th? Perhaps a cigar that shares your birth year? I present. The Punch Nectares No 2 Off to a lovely start
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    Celebrating my graduation from Princeton University with a 1991 Cuban Davidoff- been saving this for three years. Firm draw, but delicious classic Cuban wood notes accentuated by faded black pepper. An excellent vintage smoke.
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    MOB SEP 14 Hoyo DC. It's been a long wait for these to come around, but it's worth it now.
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    My last cigar without a child! What a cigar it is...they are even better than when they were fresh. My poor doggo with a cut open foot is joining me in the last night of "no responsibilities"
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    A very good day. Punch Punch from a cab. With a frozen mojito. Awesome steak dinner. Cohiba Robusto Supremos. With an Americano and then some Santiago de Cuba 20
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    This Fundadore is the last of a 2005 box. Oddly, after 14 years of age, it tastes stronger than my current production box. TPO OCT 17 Siglo VI Came out a little freaky using portrait mode on the iPhone. 1st try, it blurred part of the ash and 2nd try, part of the head completely vanished.
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    1948 Benson and Hedges Clear Havana petite Corona. This thing still had some life left. Full flavors from a 71 year old cigar. It even had some tar buildup. It was definitely past its prime but a experience none the less. Look at the filler tobacco wow.
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    Siglo III, PLM NOV 06, from a locker sale. Just getting into it. The box has been consistently very good. All signs positive with this example. My first cigar in a while!
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    ASE NOV 09 ERDM Choix Supreme paired with a little Tin Cup Whiskey to finish up a great Friday night. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    Last nights event Not going to lie a little disappointed in the talisman Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    PSD4 (2015) El Rey Del Mundo- Choix Surpreme ASE May 09 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    TPO OCT 17, Siglo VI Farm roll with a double espresso. I’m typically not a big farm roll guy, but if they were all like this one, I would become one pretty fast. It is aesthetically, really beautiful, but it tastes even better than it looks. Thanks @ElJavi76!
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    RyJ Churchill OBM NOV 15. First from this box.
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    Trini Fundi. SLE SEP 16. Smoking great. Had a couple with tight draws from this box but this one is great.
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    Yesterday’s stroll in the woods cigar. ETP APR 16 Petit Coronas from the first Handicapped Box Pass. Today’s stroll in the woods cigar. ALO JUL 16.
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    Sir Winston for the win! No, seriously it was Sir Winston for the win. I don’t really watch horse racing but when I turned off the Canadian GP qualifying that I recorded The Belmont horse race was in progress on the channel playing. Sir Winston came from behind to win. AGR ABR 14 H Upmann Sir Winston seemed appropriate. Draw firm but good, construction and flavors great. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Bushido generously gifted to all by El Prez. One of many cigars today but the only photo. Cracking afternoon with Rob & Di & Mike & Dana & too many others to mention. You know who you are, thanks one and all. Sent from 47171 Lempo
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    Rio Seco, just my second from the box. Like the first, there’s an intense sweetness of gingerbread, joined by a nice barnyard twang. Tastes great now, but I’m betting these are gonna really do something special with 3-5 years down. The ingredients all seem to be there. Aloha Friday gang! Edit: Intense sweetness remains throughout, but in the final third, this takes on a distinct flavor reminiscent of apple strudel. Quite delicious.
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    These are very enjoyable. Some classic LGC notes in this fella. I don’t usually take a RE to the nub, but this one was worthy. Delectable. Vanilla ice cream with caramel drizzled on top. MLO SEP 11
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    I'd been holding onto an intact boxof BLP NOV 08 Partagas 898V for a while. Saving em for... I don't know what. This weekend's camping trip in AK on my buddy's visit seemed like 'what I'd been saving them for'. Definitely a worthy scene.
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    Celebrating summer solstice with a la escepcion selectos finos (ER Italy) . Notes of sweet tobacco, dark chocolate, spice and nutmeg. Paring with a glass of diplomatico rum. A great cigar 👍
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    After dinner smoke. 16 Superiores.
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    The room is taking longer than expected, but I finally have the humidor about where I want it. The only issue is that the cooling system sucks a lot of the humidity out and I'm going through distilled water faster than I'd like. I may end up having the drain line go back into the humidification device.
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    MdO No.3 age unknown. Envoyé de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk
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    PLA OCT 16 RyJ Churchill. Never fails.
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    C&C Time! Cohiba Piramides Extra [2017] - 24:24 Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    Having a JL1 at one of my best buddies weddings
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    Gorgeous day outside today! Sunny, hot, and not too humid, nice dry heat. So outside with a PSD4 and some La Croix. Bourbon later this evening.
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    A very nice SLR DC Nov’05.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Enjoyed a CoRo and iced Black Rifle Coffee this afternoon. Summer is starting to get here, up to 93F today.
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    2015 Mag 50 while the boys and their friends hurriedly built and rebuilt a sand dome in what appeared to be an epic battle against the mighty sea. Great day.
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    On the patio for what is my 'go-to.' HdM San Juan and Black Rifle Coffee. Can't go wrong with this combo. Little man and momma are down for a nap, papa and pugs outside, lol!
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    JL1 from 16 for breakfast citrus and coffee bomb!
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    Por Larranaga- Monte Carlo Trinidad- Vigia SLE Dec 16 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk TriniNUB!!!
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    I met up with @ElJavi76 for a Father’s Day smoke this morning. A Habanos Coleccion Hoyo Maravilla and a Cohiba Novedosos. Happy Father’s Day Everyone!!!
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    Smoked some beauties on a poker night. Sir Winston from 02 and the Hoyo LE. Both were fantastic and even managed a split of fhe pot winnings.
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    Rafael González Perlas RUE Jun 2011 (thanks @awkwardPause) I smoked an original 2011 Rafael Gonzalez Perlas about a month ago and this was the second from the same box gifted to me by @awkwardPause (thank you!). My notes from the first RG Perlas were effusive in praise... This was not too mild, full of flavour and exhibited every sign of quality aging. I found the cigar perfectly balanced and no flavour dominated the other. Cocoa, floral notes, honey sweetness and baking spice all the way, I wish this was longer! Then again, it would be a Petit Corona if that was the case! The second one started out wonderfully floral and continued to do so until the back end of the second half when it picked up in intensity. Cocoa flavours were about the same, but honey sweetness was muted, as was baking spice. It felt like this cigar was a tad more youthful in flavour than the previous RG Perlas I had, but it was still a great cigar!
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    Getting ready for a lovely evening. Vegas Robaina 2013 Clasico . Because I was talking to a friend about liking lonsdales. CB
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    Up again tonight. I have a feeling this is the new norm for a while. So, just embrace it. Seamus joined me outside. SCdlH La Punta OEB MAR 07

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