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    TUP OCT 14 Punch DC. This box continues to be spectacular.
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    Monte Especial (BAP August 10) with my new buddy Messi:
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    Hello! I'm new to FOH. One of your members suggested I join. I'm looking forward to learning, participating and joining in all the fun. I recently completed my basement Cigar Room & Man Cave. I've been enjoying the heck out of my new space and thought I'd share. Here's the video tour:
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    This morning I received this beautiful box of H.Upmann No. 2 "BRE NOV 17". I like to smoke a torpedo size cigar sometimes so I am glad I have another box of H.Upmann No. 2 "LUB JUL 14" to smoke through while this boxes ages for a few years. 😃
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    Alex lonsdale now and an E2 last night
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    Rafael González Perlas AUM Abr 2015 (Thanks @Cuzz!) My brother-in-law, Cuzz gifted me this and this cigar continues the great run of Rafael Gonzalez cigars I've enjoyed in 2018. This had a beautiful concoction of cocoa, hazelnut, honey, floral elements and a baking spice which dominated throughout the 40 minutes I smoked this. This was great, and I'm glad I encouraged my brother-in-law to purchase this box, which he did upon my recommendation. He's been well-satisfied with his acquisition ever since!
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    La Gloria Cubana Medaille d'Or No.4 ETP Oct 2015 (Thanks @Luca!) The La Gloria Cubana Medaille d'Or No.4 is a slim panetela which demands your attention when smoking it due to its thin ring gauge and its propensity to overheat and smoke 'bitter' if it's drawn upon too quickly. It's also known to be a complex cigar, with a range of flavours, depending on its age. This thankfully was given to me by our dear fellow Sydney FoH member, Luca, and it was already 3 years aged out of the box, in fact, he hadn't even had one yet! In regards to flavours, the LGC No.4 is reputed for its fruit, pepper, herbal and wood flavours. This had an element of those flavours, perhaps not spice or pepper, but what it did have dominating was the almond nut, cream and hints of vanilla. Soon after Luca lit one up and concurred that his was also quite good, especially in relation to creaminess. What a gorgeous cigar this was, lots of quality smoke and flavours and a finish on the palate that resonated for many hours afterwards.
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    Been sooo busy lately nice to drop in here, and enjoy a good smoke.
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    UEB JUL 18 Dip Nortenos RE [emoji1063] When they first came out I had a single and it was ok but hard to get a feel for how they would develop. Had this one out of a box and it was great, really enjoyed this one and think there is a lot more to come with some aging. LUB NOV 13 Connie A. Took this out the other day and dropped it on concrete. Quite a bit of damage to the foot so did some repair work and then let it sit a for a couple of days. Just a little of the top Some of the damage after the repair Wasn’t sure if it would blow up on me but it turned out just fine. Very enjoyable cigar. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Words cannot describe the aroma from a PSP 50 cab of RASS 😍
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    2016 BBF (The code escapes me.)
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    Diplo 2 and some smoked turkey breast.
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    ULA MAR 15 short. Thanks Jer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just received this lovely clearance box from our host! The wrappers and the aroma are fantastic, really excited to dig into this box! Righf after I posed this, the mailman graciously bombed my mailbox with some ‘15 party shorts and some ‘18 LGC MDO 4’s from our host!
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    Haven’t had one in quite a while as this box was buried way in the back of one of my cabinets. Very nice smoke indeed and not the boring LE chocolate profile.
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    Best part of the holidays is opening up all the packages. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Party D4 ASR AGO 17 The rich savoury spice of a good D4 is quite unique IMHO. So glad I picked up another box of these last week... Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
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    Enjoying San Antonio’s lack smoking regs.
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    Been too long since I had one of these.
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    Cigar lounge at St. Petersburg. Finally, there was a good place to smoke cigars and not to violate the law on Smoking tobacco. Diplomaticos no.2
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    2017 Lusitania. My first double corona, and honestly I wasn’t sure beforehand if it would be too much. Actually no, it worked out great, and while I feel ‘fully relaxed’ I’m not shaking with nicotine. This smoke was full of flavour. Rob’s description is so good: just baked sourdough, thick slightly sour cream, smokey spice. Damp earth. Savoury with just a hint of sweetness. Good burn, and ashed four times - once on my lap. No big transitions, rather a steady evolution from mid to full body and building flavours. In the last few inches it suddenly picked up a lot of power, and I put it down before making a fight of it. 1hr 45, and good fun for an occasional long smoke - but definitely not a regular thing for me.
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    Aroma at cold: lovely leathery dusty cocoa aroma 1st 3rd JL just never fails……actually, cancel that! if you get a RE LE Juan Lopez you actually increase your chances of getting a dud. Right out the gate, dusty deep chocolate, savoury orange tang, someone put BBQ sauce out there recently about JL, and I can see that. Just so much flavour. Burnt marmalade, leather, quality dark chocolate. Draw is excellent 2nd 3rd Super rich retro, with zero pinch on the nose. Really nice gentle sweetness, the profile is just purring along. I little perfumy beeswax polish, and leather, but in the main the choc orange dominates. I tiny tiny amount of toasted caraway seed. 3rd 3rd This exemplifies the type of cigar, where the time just fly’s. Out of the window goes any focus of hoping the cigar will perform, it just does, they always do. Little bit of tunnelling at the end, but super soggy hear in the uk, so thats my fault Conclusion Still second to a JL1 in my opinion, as I never really find a JL2 surprises or challenges you, but horses for courses, this is pure blank minded pleasure. The thing about this blend is, It would have been so bloody impressive when the first person put it together. Like the first day someone put custard on rhubarb crumble, I wonder if they were burned as a sorcerer? Score A super mean 90, they can be so much better, but never ever get close to a perfect score in my opinion
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    My last 2 purchases: PLPC cab of 50 “UEB AGO 17” RA Superiors 2 boxes “MSU JUL 17” Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    PSM MAR 13 JL2. #legendary

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