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    Being from there... And without getting too political... If this is what it takes to light a fire under the Cuban populous to finally go out and fight for their freedom, so be it! We can't be so selfish as to say, I want Cuba to remain as it is... You know for the cheap rum and cigars. Some of us here on this forum have real friends, people we consider family even, struggling there on a daily basis. I happen to have relatives there who stand in line for hours for food that they don't get sometimes. I'd trade all my cigars for their freedom, even if I had to smoke a Gurkha. #CubaLibre
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    Last night in Zhuhai...BBF ULA 2014 What a beautiful cigar!
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    Cohiba Esplendido and sparkling water to start the evening. 0
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    No time to smoke lately, but here are some recent ones. BRE - OCT-19 Connie 1 UEB-AGO-17 Lusi Divinos - First on and pleasantly surprised LGR-AGO-17 PLMC SOR-DIC-19 E2
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    Some poker sticks last night
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    Trinidad Coloniales and sparkling water this evening.
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    ‘14 Monte 5 this morning and now this ‘19 BBF
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    ‘14 Short and a ‘19 JL2
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    Just finished 2nd week with the new firm. Feeling very blessed to have landed such a job, being picked over many highly experienced folks. Celebrating (again, lol, I love to celebrate) with a 2011 Monte No. 3 Sevilla Jar for the box pass last year, hosted by @Habana Mike, who, incidentally, provided the cigar. Muchísimas gracias, Señor Mike! It was worth the wait.
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    Fundy (2018) - 24:24 Sent from my SM-G986B using Tapatalk
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    2008 Secretos. Out camping this weekend with the family. Unfortunately no fires aloud so I’m stuck smoking in the dark 😖🤷🏼‍♂️
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    C&C with a Perla in the early morning sunshine
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    C&C with a PLMC LGR Jul 17. Even the wet in the air from earlier rain didn’t spoil the caramel notes.
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    Por Larrañaga Montecarlos TOS Mar 2017 This TOS Mar 2017 represents my darker-wrappered Por Larranaga Montecarlos, which I smoked half the box within six months of acquiring it. The last cigar I've had from this box was in August 2018, so around two years...my how time flies! I've since been smoking my LGR Oct 2017 and LGR Ago 2018 PLMCs, as these had lighter wrappers and were more abundant in caramel from a younger age (and thus more to my liking). It's not that this TOS Mar 2017 box has been that bad; rather, they've been more dominant in coffee and toast notes in their first 12 to 18 months of rest so I decided to give them more time to develop more of that significant caramel note that Por Larranaga is renowned for. From the very first puff, I got a wondrous hit of sweet caramel and honey. This stayed until the middle third when the coffee and nut took over. In the last third the cigar again reverted to being toasty and slightly sour, like lemon tea. At this point I decided to leave the cigar there (around halfway through the final third) but I was satisfied with how this box has since developed in the last 24 months. I hope to re-visit this box in the another 12 months to see how they are coming along. In the meantime, I have my other lighter-wrappered Por Larranaga Montecarlos to enjoy!
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    Cracked a new box of Partagas 898 LMB FEB 18 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Never mind the finger - just our familiar greeting ... 🙂 And no - that is NOT a tea cup but good ol' Jack Daniels. A splendid 2013 Punch RE Great Britain with my buddy Frank in the village. A short but very good visit from Belgistan Thanks to @Perla, she asked for proof pics Love ya .... 🙂
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    Romeo y Julieta Exhibicion No.4 ABO Ago 2018 At just on two years of age, this Romeo y Julieta Exhibicion No.4 represents the first cigar smoked from this box, coming soon after I finished my outstanding POU Jun 2013 box. I feel that this cigar, when rolled well, is an under-rated Hermosos No.4, an unsung stand-out within the Romeo y Julieta marca. The draw was a little tight and so this took a little longer to smoke, but flavours were consistent with the RyJ marca; anise, rosewater, sour cherry, oat biscuit and toasted tobacco. The main difference with other quality Romeo y Julieta cigars I've had in the past few years such as the RyJ Churchills and Capuletos 2016 Limited Edition is that the Exhibicion No.4 doesn't tend to have strong notes of cocoa like those other aforementioned cigars. Overall, this was quite good for the first cigar of its kind from the box. I envisage that I will have another one quite soon!
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    A stellar Mag46 with a glass of Veuve Clicquot.
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    2015 coro courtesy [email protected] Ballsy cohiba flavors Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Getting shellacked by my fellow BOTLs in the tourni tonight while I enjoy this stick and the Lake Show. Could be worse
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    Punch Short de Punch TPO Sep 2019 This Punch Short de Punch has proven to be a reliable and flavoursome cigar thus far in 2020. This one was 'serviceable', it was not as exemplary as others I've had, yet I couldn't fault it because construction was fine, the burn was great and the flavours true to the Punch marca. I got that core Punch 'Cuban twang' and sour cream throughout but the leather and cedar was very light on this. I guess if the cigar was more balanced in terms of flavours I would have rated it more but it was still fine to enjoy nonetheless.
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    These Invictos are hard to resist.
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    JL #1 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hoyo epi 1. And Cohiba Lancero MAR MAY 20. For the S46RW review weekend.
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    LGR JUL 18 Punch 48 🥜 💣
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    Diplomáticos Bushido 2014 - Edición Regional Asia Pacifico TOS Oct 2015 The tapered head on this special Asia Pacifico Regional Edition tells you that this is a quality cigar. They were a big hit when they first came out in 2015, they were practically sold out by the beginning of 2016, so how are they in 2020? Like my last Diplomaticos Bushido I enjoyed last year, this was mild and easy to smoke and retrohale. The flavours were reminiscent of light coffee and cream, aged cedar, sourdough, capsicum and paprika spice, with these last two latter flavours the main dominant ones consistent throughout the cigar. Thus, in summary, they were flavoursome, mild and aged when first released and after five years they are a little milder and refined, yet still 'pack-a-punch' in terms of flavour. If you have these and haven't smoked them in awhile, make sure to re-visit these soon!
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    RYJ Churchill 2019. Starts out with strong coffee, nougat, cream. Wow 😳. Excellent construction.
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    An awesome Lusi for big night of championship fights in ring and octagon. Paired with bourbon
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    Past few days epi #2 was great ! Nc was unique .. thanks @Thirds medio was $ As always
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    Reyes MUP MAY 19 For review. No dirt here. Wonderful.
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    Whats better than a classy cigar paired with cheap beer? Nothing!
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    SCdlH Principe (LGR NOV-17) for breakfast - 6.5 gms, a little light but a good draw. Finally, a cool low humidity morning in FL ! These are smoking very well right now; very smooth with just a hint of molasses.
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    C&C time. QDO No. 54 (2018) - 24:24 Sent from my SM-G986B using Tapatalk
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    Such nice weather today decided to grab a big cigar. MUR AGO 13 Bolivar Libertadores. Time has been very good to it.
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    ARS MAY 18Rich tasting slightly burnt cookie and brown sugar flavor throughout the entire journey. Nubbed it all the way down.
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    C&C with a La Fuerza LGR Nov 19 picked up from 24:24
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    RACC on a damp afternoon after some work this morning. Good construction, perfect burn. A lot of body, full of leather. Not much complexity on this one but it packs a quick punch in a small package.
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    Crazily dark, thick and oily wrapper Leyenda. In my experience it will either have burn issue or smoke fantastic. Luckily it turned out to be the latter. Classic Monte profiles plus pepper and chocolate, which reminds me of Monte 2019 EL but with less freshness and more deliciousness.
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    H. Upmann No.2 BRE DIC 18. Cheers
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    Dark Chocolatey Monte 2 this afternoon in Venetian Macau. First time crossing boarder since Feb. This evening BRC TEB JUL 08
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    JL2 while walking the pugs.
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    Romeo y Julieta Exhibicion No.4 POU Jun 2013 In 2015, POU Jun 13 Romeo y Julieta Exhibicion No.4's were equivalent to Trinidad Esmeraldas (or Partagas Maduro Linea stock) at the present time, if you saw them on a 24:24 listing longer than half-a-minute you were very lucky indeed. I picked up half-a-box towards the end of their peak selling cycle and I remember how fortunate I was to get them, they weren't around soon after. Fast forward a number of years and at just over seven years of age this is my last one from the box, but what a journey it's been over the years because these have been great cigars. I've had the last three of these RyJ Exhibicion No.4's over a period of two-and-a-half years with the last one around fifteen months ago. In that time I've noted how the quality cocoa in this box became something more akin to milk chocolate and today it had developed even further into a sweet nutmeg. In addition, the RyJ rosewater and turkish delight intertwined with some coconut and cream to again offer a quality smoking experience in terms of flavour and to properly salute and farewell an exceptional box code for the RyJ Exhibicion No.4 overall. When Romeo y Julieta cigars are ordinary they can be mere wood and nondescript toasted tobacco but when they are outstanding to exceptional, make no mistake, they are like this Romeo y Julieta Exhibicion No.4 today.
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    ABO JUL 17 RAG. Great example of a great cigar.
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    RGPC SOM MAY 17 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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