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    Great little Hunters catalogue that CCW don't seem to have. We think we have some crazy cigar names now. What about "Statesmen of Empire" or "Arrogantes"
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    Don’t see these too often, but they’re a personal favorite so I jumped on them. Thanks to @Astar20 ! Looking forward to trying these! 👇🏻
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    Finally picked out new puppy it has been a long wait
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    These should be up in the next few weeks. No pricing issued as yet. No lists as they will all be put on 24:24. The skinny agitating occasionally pays off
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    Something a bit different this week, I picked up these 5/6 years ago. These were gifts given out on Air France Concord and came in a plastic case containing 5 cellophaned 5 1/2 X 42 cigars. I narrowed them down to possibly being Palmas Reales. I haven't the case to hand but managed to find a picture online. The cigar is in very good condition, the cello is well yellowed. I'm certainly in the camp that believes that all Cubans should go back to being put in cellophane; it seems to keep them lovely and fresh. The band is showing it's age, plenty of oil has soaked through. The flat and smudged embossing shows how much use the die must have had, almost worn out, and how post-revolution things like the quality of die weren't a priority. Good draw, construction looks and feels good too. Straight off and the smoke is super thick; velvety and soft. A hint of wood but mostly a core of heavy stewed plum. Not overly sweet but there is a touch in there. A nice element is a definite ripe blackcurrant note, just like Ribena if you have that where you are. Something worth noting is the sheer amount of smoke being produced, absolute clouds of the stuff, must have been fun on an aeroplane! The aroma is lovely; rich, sweet and heavy but I'm not sure how I'd feel about being locked in a cabin with it. Second third and the plum recedes into the background and it's replaced by something akin to heavy damp forest floor; dank wood, mulching wet leaves and a slight undertone of overripe berries. There's a slight sparkle too, almost champagne-like. Final third and the dark berry notes have returned in a tawny port package. The cigar isn't particularly getting darker or more broody, just lots of evolution. Still that champagne fizz and coming in is a distinct sickly sweet honey. I've never experienced honey this intense before, occasionally hints of it in La Gloria Cubana but never expected it in Punch and not at this intensity. The last third could be summed up as dank wood, champagne fizz and that overwhelming honey. Great stuff. 94/100
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    Wonderful end to a shitty day...
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    Papo La Verdad. These may be turning into my Old Faithful.
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    Montecristo No.2 ULA OCT 14. Excellent. Thanks @JohnS for calling it out. An Old Faithful for sure. Cheers
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    Edmundo Dantes Belicosos...2016?.. the first few out of this box smoked young were bland and boring but WOW have they come around. I would never dare compare them to the 109, but I have to admit this example is pretty close...
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    Frankie Cazzie Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Montecristo No.2 GOS Ago 2018 The Montecristo No.2...now, I know what you're thinking, something along the lines of, "why do I do this to myself?" or "I swore the last one would be the very final one I reach for!" But what draws us back, those of us who are familiar with its wares? Is it not the ethereal qualities this cigar exhibits and compels us to visit and re-visit it time and time again? Yes, it happened to me. You see the last one was just average so of course I had to reach out for another tonight. Coffee, a little cocoa, plenty of 'citrus twang' and very little nut or perhaps biscuit and you'd think this Monte 2 was someone's attempt at a medium-mild Juan Lopez piramide! But alas, no, it definitely was reminiscent of the Montecristo marca, especially that wonderful 'citrus twang' that oozes class in this torpedo cigar and which makes me grateful that I'm hopelessly addicted to its snare. What other cigar empowers you to suffer its disappointment and glory in its satisfaction so emphatically as the Montecristo No.2? I tell you there is no other...okay, maybe and perhaps its little brother, the Montecristo No.4. You're going to light up a Monte No.2 now, aren't you?
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    I’m not at work, and there was a tournament at my club today, so I couldn’t play golf, so I found myself with one of those rare days where I had nothing important to do. It was nice. So I decided to wash and wax the car... And since the hose was already out, and I was already wet, I decided to wash the dog too. I thought it was overdue. He did not share my feelings about it.
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    Monte Esp. No.2....simple and wonderful.
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    Waiting on the grill, picked these up about 6 mos ago, time to see where we are at.
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    A San Juan from ‘16
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    I'd been happier if they would just give into pressure and package them in the 8-6-7-5-3-0-9 style but then again the Jenny method is a lost art
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    Fundy and The Glenlivet 12 flash v no flash...
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    Good start to the day PLPC TOS FEB 2017 from our host
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    Good evening Sir Winston- UPM NOV 08
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    REG DIC 17 Connie B while watching some playoff baseball [emoji461]️. I think this is my tenth one from this box and they have been great. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Smoking a 2017 Siglo VI in the garage on this rainy night.
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    Had a great interview last Friday, followed by a 2nd and I am now trying to negotiate a pay structure that will allow me to feed hungry children and enjoy a couple cigars a week. Thanks for all the support here, I really appreciate it!
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    I will promise you that if I receive more than a couple of boxes , I will put them up on 24:24. Less than a couple, I will keep them as gifts.
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    A friend gave me a master class on cooking this Uzbek pilaf. I was surprised to learn that Uzbek carrots are yellow.
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    I believe cryptocurrency is very volatile so I chose to stay away.
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    A good cigar is a good cigar. Personally I don't really care about what the company is trying to do. If I like the cigar and it is consistent then I'm in. The only time I would be concerned about the companies intentions is if they are involved in something morally reprehensible such as supporting terrorism or putting pineapple on pizza. Can't support that...you know...on an ethical level. The cigar would still be good though.
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    My first mdo 2. Wish I started when these were still around... I have one more from a recent pass that's a little older. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    My football team won last night, taking us to 5 - 0 on the year. Got home late last night and sparked up a H.Upmann Mag 50 BOS JUN 10. With all the aging or not talk, thought this would be a good time for an 8 year aged cigar. Damn, this was a delightful smoke last night! The spice has dropped off quite a bit on this, and gives way to a pleasant combination of coffee, milk, and sugar with a little cedar note. Delightful!
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    QDO Corona ETP AGO 16
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    My first ever Des Dieux and.....LOVED IT!
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    898’s in a box of only 10 cigars? Am I the only one bothered by this? Cigars look good, but that’s still faking the funk.
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    Cigar version of the Trojan Horse 😁
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    The discontinuation list came from the German, Austrian and Polish Distributor, 5th Avenue... The cigars discontinued are the Bolivar Tubos No. 3, H. Upmann Coronas Minor A/T, La Flor de Cano Selectos, Por Larranaga Panetelas, Quintero Nacionales and Sancho Panza Non Plus. Partagas Maduro No. 1 LCDH+HS is moving to regular production, with the new Partagas Maduro No.2 and No.3 releases. In regards to the Sancho Panza Non Plus, these have never been a big seller. Unlike say, the Bolivar Coronas Gigantes, when that was announced for deletion in 2017 and soon unavailable within a month or two, I envisage the SP Non Plus to be available for at least six to twelve months (if not longer). From what I've seen the last boxes have all had box codes from the first half of 2018.
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    I converted a TV cabinet a few months ago. Been meaning to post the start to finish but haven’t gotten around to it. I’m very much a novice woodworker but found it to be a fairly easy project. Made the doors, shelves, etc. Here’s the finished product. I’ll try to post all the pictures in a separate post later. It seals great. I used closed cell foam which is what Bob Staebell recommended.
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    Bolívar Belicosos Finos LMB Feb 2019 These Bolivar Belicosos Finos' have been so dependable of late, consistently satisfying would be the term I'd use to describe them. Simple flavours of cocoa, malt, leather and some spice, which if one is more prone to a savoury palate, may be interpreted as white pepper where evident. Funnily enough, I feel like one right now just thinking about this BBF as I am typing this out, so it must be good, mustn't it?
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    Wear matching socks on a consistent basis - QDO Imperiales Successfully hide kebab wrappers from my Missus - LGCMD No2 Monthly toe nail clip - Le Hoyo Du Gourmet Try not to get pissed, and lose my 9th life on the FOH forum - Monte Especial Toilet seat up? or down?..I always forget which one is good - Party 898 either which way Try not to weaze like an old man, or accidentally fart when I get out of armchairs - La Reina
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    Next question is who do I have to kill to get on your Christmas list?
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    Last thing I do before bed. After dinner, after the kids are tucked in bed, and always with a drink ... usually neat. This is when I also catch up on the news, read a book, skim FOH Forums, etc. When done, I stumble to bed and pass out until morning. Repeat tomorrow.
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    Finally got a bottle! Can't even think to open it until I have a second bottle though.

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