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    Hadn't purchased any cigars in over a year, but starting 2021 with a bang!
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    PLP UBM ABR 18, beautiful wrappers in one of the boxes I have, smoking great too. Reyes RAG MAY 19 BCJ MSU JUL 2018, from a FoH HQ box... These three along with Partagas Shorts are most of my regular winter rotation these days. Hard to choose among them sometimes, but have to give the nod to these BCJs. They've been fantastic.
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    2010 SW. Tastes like perfect cigar.
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    2017 RASCC yesterday. 2009 Punch Royal Selection no 12 today. Cedar, leather, spice and baking spice.
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    Paired w a work call on mindfulness. Delightful cigar.
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    Time to see what these are all about. Was the 90’s last time i smoked a RASS.
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    First outdoor session in 2021! Honey, roasted beans flavors
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    AMO Abr 16 espy. Patience has paid off, these are amazing. Glad I decided to fire one up tonight.
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    2007 Cohiba CE to break in my new cigar room/office. My wife and I closed on our dream home on the 15th. It’s going to be a great home to raise our boys and make memories in. Lots of work to do to get the room how I want it but it’s exciting to think of what I want to do.
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    I love an Old Fashioned, maybe as much as I love the fact that it was invented in the 1880s as a throwback to drinks 70 years earlier. I mean, it doesn’t get older than that! 🥃
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    Enjoying this PERFECT warm January day with a RAT 20 Monte 2. My palette isn’t 100% but this smoke is lovely! Started off with cedar and dark chocolate, now it’s chocolate milk. The smoke is silky through the retrohale, just a wonderful smoke all around! Round 2 for today continues my assault on pyramids/belicosos. This BBF is hitting on ballpark roasted salty peanuts with chocolate notes and a little cream! Delicious!
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    Second RASS from my MSU ABR 19 50 cab. Brilliant!
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    JL2 TPO, Sep 19 These arrived just last week. So picked cigar with the wrapper that looked like Orphan Annie to try...and it smoked like Annie Warbucks! Very excited about rest of box.
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    Monte 4 on a balmy 40* (F) day in Minnesota.
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    C&C time. RA Superiores from our gracious host. Sent from my SM-G986B using Tapatalk
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    Perlas yesterday. Coronas junior today.
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    2009 Punch Royal Selection no. 12 and 2001 50-cab of Hoyo des Dieux. From Bond Roberts 12 days of Christmas.
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    Excellent party short Actually got together enough to enjoy something with the 1st round of zoom conference and preliminary phone calls before the real phone calls start...
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    PSD4 for review on zoom.
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    C&C time with a Medio tempo 52 custom. I find a lot of similar traits in these to the Behike
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    Special day in the mountains. Decent cigar.
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    RAT JUN 20 Monte 2. Not super complex but tons of chocolate and some citrus twang. This has some serious nicotine to it. This is my second cigar of the week from the ‘20 stock to give me a big nicotine hit. This is surprising as most of the recent production has been pretty mild. While this is great young, I don’t see how this wouldn’t age brilliantly for 20 years. I’m loving these right now. This 2020 was far better than the 2015’s I have. Construction on all of these have been perfect too. If you havnt bought any of the 2020 Monte 2’s yet, I highly suggest you do! I’d give this a 92 or an A- on the FOH (not the CA) scale!
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    BBF MGL/MAY/20 Bought a box blind before discovering you wonderful folks and got lucky. The last third was unbelievable. Just never stopped getting better.
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    Haven’t posted here in a while. Here’s some standouts in the last couple weeks. SW TRU JUL19 PSP2 MSU SEP 19 Mag54 OER MAY 20 PSD4 EBM AGO 17 Tatuaje La Verite 2013 Lusi UEB JUN 17
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    VERY good coloniales from my garage smoking office earlier today.
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    My first box of D4’s surprisingly! Nice looking Colorado claro wrappers (I’m a big fan of lighter wrappers!)
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    LGR MAR 19. First of a newly opened box today since I scored a replacement this morning. I one box in late 2019, which I opened in Jan '20 and had the final stick a few days ago. Also bought an extra 2 boxes during 2020. I suppose at this exact rate, the box that I crack in Jan 2027 will have that magic 5 years on them. Focusing back on this stick, it's great and has got the box off to a good start!
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    A glorious Siglo V. Unfortunately only a few left.
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    Celebrating a phenomenal work week with a Siglo III while enjoying this amazing low 70’s weather here in NorCal round 2 with this chocolate stick
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    My first RAG. A real treat. Football games to be determined.
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    C&C time. Connie 1 (2017) from our gracious host. Sent from my SM-G986B using Tapatalk
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    Taking the caramel route this morning with this delicious PLPC from 2012
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    PSD4 UAO SEP18 I have expected better quality from El Laguito .... generously 89 point
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    An amazing JL2 tonight (RUM AGO-19) that just hit 90 days in the humi. Paired very well with an Old Fashion made with Woodford Reserve Kentucky Bourbon. Brought out the orange peel, peat and oak in the cigar!
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    RUP JUL 20 Cohiba Siglo VI. Sent from my SM-N976U using Tapatalk
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    MEG MAY 17 Connie A. Excellent.
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    Nice little delivery today! Ramon Allones No. 2 - (GEM) October 2020
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    Montecristo Especial. Happy to report an August 2020 box code! PSP RASS 50-cab.
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    Some recent trip delivered great cigars and had a delicious Vigía when back home yesterday.
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    Dip2 RAT FEB20 Epi1 UEB AGO19
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    EOL ENE 20 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Super-splurge w a Fundie for the game. Go Packers! 🏈🏈🏈 Then a FEB 16 Conn A from my friend @PuroDan for the 2nd game! CHEERS🔥

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