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    I have one of those wives who makes me smoke my cigars out in the backyard. 🙂 Smoking a 1966 to celebrate the first of 17 days off work. My biggest decisions for the next 17 days will be what cigars to smoke, what scotch to drink, and whether to jump in the ocean or the pool. Vigia
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    I started the day with a CoRo and ended the day with a CoRo, with a few other cigars in between. Old RyJ Belicosi, I didn’t bring the box with me and I forget the year. Topes 14 RyJ Short Churchill CoRo at sunset
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    Cohiba Talisman Leyenda Media Luna QDO 54
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    Rio Seco while hanging with wife and neighbors We all know I close out the night with a siglo 2. Pretty much a tradition. God bless, good night.
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    Quai d'Orsay No. 50 LMB Jun 2019 I had written in a recent review on the Quai d'Orsay No.50 that my 10-count 2019 box had not smoked anywhere near what my 10-count 2018 had. I had found, in general, that the 2018 QdO 50s have been mainly soft egg and butter brioche bread, cedar and ginger/toffee sweet in flavour whilst the 2019 QdO 50s have been more woody and spicy. Today's Quai d'Orsay No.50, from my 2019 box, was actually quite good, although not as light in body as my 2018 examples. I did enjoy the egg and butter brioche pastry core flavour, a little ginger, cedar and roasted hazelnut. I also did have to smoke this slower to appreciate its more intensive profile on the palate. Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo de Rio Seco ABO Abr 2019 There's not much more I can add in my descriptions of this cigar lately without repeating myself. Yes, they just seem to deliver time-and-time again. The flavour profile was much the same; light cedar, ginger spice, marshmallow and cream texture. My 10-count box of Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo de Rio Seco ordered from a 24:24 listing arrived the other day. The box would be lucky to see the arrival of 2021 if any of those cigars smoke as well as my recent HdM Le Hoyo de Rio Seco!
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    Vegas Robaina XV Aniversario [emoji1063] Regional Edition 2012. It was either this or the Quai D'Orsay Capitolio for the Sublimes vitola tonight. For those that know the saying "Sun's out, gu.n's out" Still chasing the taste from the first one I smoked a few years ago gifted by brother Mike Choi of Boutique Smokes which was lush. This is the second from another batch I got, I had similar thoughts as I do with this one, weird start almost slight bitterness but it's subsided now I'm about half way (as I finish writing this post the flavour is delicious!) Anyway enjoying the larger formats whilst our [emoji636] weather permits, we all know how quick it changes so I'm not chancing anything. More big smokes coming over the next few days. Peace to all Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    Plpc and iced coffee Monte 3
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    BBF. Quickly becoming my favorite cigar. It’s the one I grab when I don’t have anything else in mind as it always satisfies.
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    TPO DIC 18 Rio Seco. Just starting to come around. I dried this out on the counter for a few days and it seemed to help. I wasn’t sure what all the fuss was about these fresh. My first 2 were harsh. This one is much better and medium full. Much different than an epi2. Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Montecristo No.4 UEB Ago 2018 I smoked this Montecristo No.4 on a delightful winter's afternoon where the sun shone after some morning fog and drizzle. I felt like smoking a classic format cigar such as the 42 ring gauge petit corona and I'm really glad I did. This was a welcome return to form due to the last one been so average, to put it mildly. The flavours were well-balanced and the citrus 'twang', which I absolutely adore in these lately, really stood out. In-between I got a some nice cocoa, milk coffee and nut to complement that 'twang'. There are now five cigars left from this box. I hope to make that four soon! Por Larrañaga Petit Coronas LGR Oct 2019 It's been awhile since I've had a Por Larranaga Petit Coronas. My Cuban Cigar Website Smoking Diary suggests that this is just the second instance in the last two years. My how time flies! It's true, I have been distracted by the Por Larranaga Montecarlos in recent times due to its quality-to-cost appeal. Furthermore, it takes more time for Petit Coronas to develop the caramel profile I prefer in that cigar. Whereas a Por Larranaga Montecarlos may typically take 1 to 3 years to develop a dominant caramel characteristic, the Por Larranaga Petit Coronas may take 5 to 8 years to do so. Despite the fact that I have a EML May 2014 cab still resting away unopened, I had always been meaning to pick up a quarter cab of PLPCs from a 24:24 listing to appreciate some of these younger, perhaps to appreciate them with more 'punch' and 'bite'. I was pleasantly surprised to find out today that this cigar did not smoke as youthfully as its box code suggested. In other words, it didn't have as much 'bite' and didn't have as much notes of toasted tobacco as what might expect from a PLPC this young. Instead I got subtle notes of caramel, some instances of baking spice, distinct honey and in-between some sweet molasses all wrapped around a quality tobacco core spine. This was a fine cigar. It was mild, smoked well and made me lament that I haven't smoked more PLPCs recently. After today, I believe I should rectify that!
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    HDM Du Prince TOR NOV 15. I am about 48 minutes in and it’s delightful and about 1/2 way through it. Started creamy cedar. Then became smooooth floral grass. If I smoke even 2 draws per minute gets a little acidic but if I wait a full minute in between it stays this beautiful floral relaxing smoke. Smoke em slow
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    An Esmeralda as the early morning sun starts to burn off the fog. There should be a drone pic of me smoking a D4 here, but the drone pics are too high resolution, 34MB, so it wont post. QDO50 Punch Punch on the beach. If I am sitting on the sand, it usually means that my wife asked me to sit with her. She likes the sand for some reason. I like looking at it, but I don’t like sitting in it. Plus, the sand warms my drink up too fast. Like putting a bottle of wine into an ice bucket, only instead of ice, it is filled with hot coals.
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    Continuing along the Bolivar road: Enjoyed a BBF tonight, box code ULA DIC 14.
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    Picadores Tapados Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Cohiba 35th Anniversario Esplendido and some Macallan Edition No. 3 tonight... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    La Trova. After smoking 5 of this box of 10 quickly I slowed down and groomed (temp storage and humidity) this cigar to smoke today. These are big boy pants cigars. Excellent.
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    I hear these are good. Wish me luck. Paired with some Eagle Rare
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    Trying something new. Bought four 10 stick boxes of Monte PE frankly to give three as gifts and smoke one. never had one until right now. GOS MAY 18. Just fired but man what a rich Complex aftertaste. And ROTT. I may pick some more up. If these can only get better w 30 days rest, I’m a believer. These bigger ring gauges are kinda nice sometimes
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    A Cohiba Medio Siglo and some Woodford Reserve this evening.
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    RAT DIC 19 Propios yesterday morning. Really enjoying these. I had another Alex Robusto earlier and again the construction was perfect. Overall a very good cigar. For my pre Canada Day celebration I am having a Esplendidos from some 3 packs I picked up in Cuba last October. Enjoying the first third now with an Americano and then have some rum waiting to have with it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2012 LCDH Exclusivo Ramon Allones Superiores 2015 Edicion Limitada Ramon Allones Club Allones 2009 Edicion Regional Libano Ramon Allones Beritus Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    C&C to get the week underway. El Principe LGR DIC 17 from 24:24, this box has been a winner on every stick.
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    No. 4. Such a great morning stick.
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    Siglo VI and Jack's Stir Brew coffee this morning... And a Monte Dumas with a killer sunset this evening...
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    MSU NOV 18. Stored at 72%rh these have definitely blossomed in last six months. 2 👍's up
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    Cohiba Corona Especiale REG SEP 19, FOH clearance. My first. Perfect construction, perfect draw, thoroughly enjoyed this. My wife, no cigar fan, stole a puff and said, "Wow, I could smoke one of those!" And some Glendronach 12, perfect accompaniment.
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    After a crap start to the week, time for a good cigar!! SigIII tonight!
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    SCDLH La Fuerza LGR AUG 2017 -cant keep my hands off this box
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    Cohiba Coronas Especiales REG Nov 2017. Smoked a single last week. Was one of the best cigars I ever had. Now I've got a whole box of them. My first box of Cohibas (though I have smoked many singles before).
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    Bolivar Gold Medal POS DIC 06
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    A couple really enjoyable smokes from yesterday. MUP MAY-18 Vigia courtesy of @Lrabold89. Very good flavors. Sweet cream, vanilla, lemon zest and pound cake. RAT NOV-19 Dip 2. Yummy yummy. Salty tobacco and golden raisins.
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    Talisman from our host. Something to celebrate! Liverpool Champions Of EPL 19-20... Rd 2. CoRo (2018) from our host. Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    48. In front of the garage tonight. Wife usurped the back patio
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    Decided to celebrate Liverpools' championship with my first ever Bolivar Libertadores. Box code unknown as it was purchased as a single a couple of years ago. All I can say is.........Wauw....simply just Wauw!! What an amazing cigar, so sad that I have not jumped on these earlier, but will be looking forward to these hopefully popping up in 24:24 !! Amazing taste, amazing burn, and overall a marvelous experience. Absolutely fitting for the occasion Have to say that the Bolivar profile is rigth up my alley
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    I enjoyed a magnum 54 on a warm afternoon today.
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    PET AGO 16 punch punch Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    MAG Mar 18. Been a while since I fired up a Vigia. Such great flavor, just not a fan of the size.
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