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  1. Never had a bad one. Love the complexity of these even when young.
  2. I find Nicaraguan tobacco to be the most similar to Cuban tobacco. Going with that assessment, they need aging. Your review is spot on in regards to the flavor in my experience. Nicaraguan tobacco has a unique nutty/earthy quality to me. I would give them a little more time to develop though. Tatuaje is the only non Cuban I have any interest in anymore. The construction and thought being put into these cigars is second to none in my book. The triple seam cap and date codes on the boxes really add to the experience of this cigar.
  3. you haven't had and are dying to try? Mine would be a Cuban Davidoff.
  4. Bolivar Corona Extra 5 6/16inch 44 ring Pre-Light impressions: Beautiful reddish brown wrapper. Silky smooth to the touch with very fine veins. The cigar was slightly oily with a small amount of tooth. The aroma out of the box is slightly spicy and earthy. The cigar was firm and quite heavy for it's size. Smoke impressions: Right out of the gate this cigar hits you with a mouthful of pepper spice, leather and copius amounts of cedar. The spice on the palette subsides around the midway point and turns to a smooth coffee flavor. More spice in the last third but the cigar never turns harsh. There was a very rich earthy quality much like the BBF. Draw/Burn: Firm for the first inch. This cigar was packed with tobacco. Luckily the firm draw only lasted for about half an inch. Once the cigar opened up the draw was perfect. This is the third cigar from the cabinet and all have drawn similarly. The burn was slow and even the entire way except for a slight runner in the last three inches. Finish: Medium finish with a clean bright tobacco taste. Left the pallete fairly clean. Rating: 89 out of 100. While smoking great now there is no doubt these are going to be excellent in a few years. I am hoping for more power so I'll check again in a year.
  5. Jason, I live up in Round Rock, so we should hook up some time. Clark For sure Clark. Perhaps we can get something going at Cool River on a Saturday night. I'll throw something together in a few weeks.
  6. Here's a picture of me and my daughter Isabelle on Father's day 2004. Some Sea Trout I caught last summer in Port Aransas TX. Picture of my me, my wife and Carlos Fuente of A. Fuente cigars. This was a charity function in Austin, TX December 2004. Hope to have more soon.
  7. Jason Wright Austin, TX. Any locals ever want to get together for a smoke shoot me a pm.
  8. 1. Montecristo #2. I have never fired up one that lived up to the hype. I always seem to get bland poorly constructed sticks. Granted, this was during the boom and one or two of those might well have been fake. When I finally order some from Rob we will see if my past experiences were source or stick. 2. Fonseca Invictos. Bought a five pack from a friend not expecting much, I am a sucker for perfectos. I was blown away by the flavors and complexity. I cried when they were discountinued. Jason
  9. I am looking to buy a bottle of high end Tequila and need suggestions. Looking for something that would compliment a cigar when drank straight.
  10. » My top 3 Corona is a little unfair as two are no longer in production: » » In no particular order: » » Partagas Corona » Ramon Allones Corona » Bolivar Corona » » I have seen plenty of awfull cabs but as a rule I prefer them over dress » boxes. I find (...very subjective) that they age faster or at least » differently. Something to be said about tobacco resting on tobacco. Rob, I know the RAC is no longer in production but what is the other cigar you speak or? The Bolivar or Partagas?
  11. Between Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton I feel Hillary would win, based only on the fact that she was once in the limelight and her race. Condoleezza Rice is the better candidate of the two in my opinion but she has two strikes against her in politics, she is a woman and she is a minority. Whether we want to believe it or not America is still segragated when it comes to politics. I would vote for Condoleezza Rice but she has said she will not run. Other than Condi there is no clear front runner yet for nomination.
  12. Very nice site Shane. Hopefully the word will get out and it will become a common tool people use when planning herfs. I agree digging through message boards for herfs can become tedious at times. Sometimes though the thrill is in the hunt. :-)

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