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  1. Por Larranaga Panetelas.So cheap,yet so flavorful.I always have a stash of these on hand.On the other hand Iaso have stashes of other habanos on hand.
  2. Got married in March,but been together 10 years.What cam isay,other than she puts up with me even though I'm a big kid.She don't have a problem with my cigar or R/C car obsessions,so that makes her a winner.
  3. The way that Gurkha infuses the cigars with Louis XIII cognac is that they drink the cognac,throw 25 cigars in a bucket,and then take a wiz in the bucket all over the cigars.I'm sure that's exactly what they taste like.
  4. Not really a big fan of the Opus,but for some reason I have to have one every once and awhile.I always keep a few in the humidor.Don't car for VSG's at all.Never had one I enjoyed.Now the Anejo,that's a different story.Love the whole line.I wish Fuente would make one in a perla or minuto size.
  5. Delivered.....RA Superiores Didn't.....Ashton VSG.I know people love them,but I think they're horrible.
  6. Any 5 Gurkhas It's hard to name just 5,but here goes. 1.Anejo 46 2.Oliva Melanio Petit Corona 3.DPG Blue Demitasse 4.My Father #4 5.Diesel Corona My favorite NCs are no longer produced,The Pepin made Padilla Miami,and the La Aurora Cien Anos.
  7. Wow,I counted 122 on that list that I've smoked.The sad thing is the list of deletions in the past ten years is probably larger than the current production list.
  8. Ah man,No votes for the Monte Open. Seriously though,I like the Boli and JL,but a CoRo that is "on"is a thing of beauty.Every one on that list is pretty good(even the Ex#4).I must confess,I never tried the Monte Open Master,but have smoked some other Monte Opens and was not impressed.I've tried all the other ones on the list.Also shouldn't the Romeo Short Churchill be on the list too.
  9. Like the RASCC a little better,but also a big fan of Shorts.Every Marca should have a Minuto or Perla in their lineup.
  10. This is what happens when you regulate something too much.
  11. I took one of the punches out of the Travel Retail Selection tubes.
  12. I love lighters.I've been thinking about a Dunhill or Cartier.I'll go for a used one because I can't see paying over a $100 for a lighter.I do got around $200 in one of my Duponts because I had to get it repaired.I just picked up one of these. http://sarome.com/products/lighter/flint/sd7.html
  13. I've always had Colibris torch lighters crap out on me.They usually only last a couple of months.I did however buy a Colibri Bellocosa because I wanted a soft flame with a built in punch being as I mainly smoke 42rg or thinner.This is probably my favorite favorite cigar lighter,and I own a lot of lighters ranging from a $6 Tiger to three ST Duponts.As soon as they make a gold colored Minijet,I'll pick one up.I like gold colored cigar accessories because I like all my accessories to match.Maybe it's OCD.Back to Colibri,I can't speak for the quality of their new torch lighters.Also always use quality quality butane in your lighter.It's worth the extra couple bucks.

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