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  1. Aw man that sucks! and you've made me worried about my stock... but im in the wrong city to even go check them! they damn well better survive until i can check on them in january.
  2. The cookies are deleted whenever I leave the site but beyond that minor annoyance no problems. Ken sure hes clicking the "remember Me" box?
  3. those are really good cigars and I almost wish I hadn't bought anything in that sale last week so I could buy an order of this. damn you cc for having a limit DAMN YOU.
  4. Thanks guys for putting it on! Was lots of fun! If anyone is interested I could throw a coppermine gallery up on one of my servers for everyone to upload their pictures to. (unfortunately i forgot my camera last night)
  5. Order sent! hope you still have stock of what I want \o/
  6. so how many people are planning on going to the lounge early? I'm debating if i should go or not.
  7. wait you can still smoke on patios in toronto? Damn thats awesome Ottawa just banned it.

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