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  1. Whats the with of the oval Hecho en Cuba stamp? If Its 58mm, it would suggest 1978-1980. If Its 68mm, it could either be 1974-1978 or 1980-1982/3. Depending on how worn the stamp is.
  2. Barberpoles, they are rare finds. Hahahaha lol. Shame they didnt send the original glass top box. hihihi double lol
  3. This D5 is great in my opinion. Maybe a little short, but so far more consistent in flavor then the D4 of late. Also it is just a little less earthy and more creamy. I like that, I was missing that in D4s (old D4s seem to produce the creaminess, but where can one find aged D4s? (off-topic) The new E2 is a disaster, smoked 4 now and never got past half of the stick. will not try them again. D5 is a keeper!
  4. Those are both great cigars. What date on the LGCs? Old or new?
  5. Current production seems stronger then a few years back, also the wrappers on mostly all of them have turned darker. I liked the 05-09 better, but thes might age up nicely. too soon to tell. I heard a nasty rumour though, that they might be cancelling this stick . God I hope this is not true. If anyone can confirm or kill this rumour, I'd love to hear. This would be the crown of ***-ups in the Habanos department.
  6. My all time piramide ties between an Upmann No.2 and a Sancho Panza Belicosos (not a piramide but a belicoso, whats in a name?) Shame to not see the SPB in the list. Also, been smoking a few of the Cohiba Piramides....... I was blownn away by the quality and taste of such a new/young cigar. I love it. Not cause its Cohiba, it is just a cigar from a whole different level. Great Poll btw
  7. Personally, I love Punch. DCs are my favorite with a little age on them. Love the Black Prince, Monarcas and Tres Petit Corona, even here in the Netherlands we have a Regional from 2009 (Punch Royal) which is unequalled in taste, flavor and quality. But yeah, I can think of only a hand full of people that agree with me, Punch is not exciting, not new, not hip, no new models, no fat robusto, magicos or bigger RG cigars (maybe that is their downfall, not conforming to the eager requests of the many), it is just DAMN good, consistent (all but the Punch Punch). Maybe in the future it will revive
  8. Love this cigar. Gone through 3 boxes already from different batches. Very consistent and real easy to smoke if you got about half an hour. Can we please have more of these??? Maybe a return of the RA Half Corona, Partagas Half Corona (or Half a Corona) and if God willing, a Regional La Corona Half Corona in a CAB of 50. Ah well, only in my dreamzzzzz.......
  9. they are very hard to get at the moment. To my knowledge all 1200 SLBs have been sold out. Last 4 from a Berlin vendor went out today, to my fellow afficionados in the Netherlands. by the way, love the avatar, "a riot is an ugly sinK" (Young Frankenstein, one of my favorite movies )
  10. about 4 weeks ago my wife went to Berlin and brought me back a present of 3 of these "little" babies. Man, the dark chocolat sent hits you in the face on this. Greatly presented in a not seen so much vitola. I sampled one of the three and remember myself what it is that I love about Cubans. Rich earthy flavor. Lots of nuts (bit of almond) and beany flavors. Milder then your avarage JL No.2, but also more flavorsome (in my humble opinion). 1200 boxes made with 25 sticks. These cigars were issued about 2-3 weeks prior to my wife's departure to Berlin and when I sampled it, I just had to have a
  11. WOW KILLER cigars and Killer story man. Thats all there to it, I'M GOING! hahaha You have some items listed high on my want list and on my really wanna have list. Maybe next year. hmmmmmm Roadtrip!!!! I do have a box of the Andorra Por Larranaga underway. Yes ridiculously expensive, but I love this brand and had an instand crush on the carbon box/humidor. nice nice nice. Enjoy your purchases.
  12. Absolutely fabulous! I got a similar setup at 2mx2m with a halogenic heater. Easy, safe and under $150. It fits 4 people, a coffeetable full of booze, some chow and a small ashtray . Thats enough in my book. Have fun with your setup!
  13. The new Casa del Habano is to open next week or if things go wrong, after Christmas. Hajenius is OK, the interior is beautifull and oozes the good old days, however, lately I noticed a drop in knowledge, service and quality, drop in the new Casa next time you're around, it is going to be quite nice!
  14. This is a great little cigar. Bought a box last week and smoked 6 already. Very consistent taste al over the box. Still (obviously) very young though. reminder to oneself: buy another box and stash in the back of the cabinet :-) It is also a great value for money cigar!

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