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  1. This is epic. I've been in these types of situations (bilingual dual national, like the author), though, admittedly, never quite as extreme!
  2. Thanks! It was a strange Canada Day - usually the city is full to bursting, and quite, uh, well oiled......Not this year. Still a nice day though!
  3. Received mine today, just gorgeous. Even got significant other approval (which is unusual for my wardrobe choices). Thanks for doing this @MasterYotti!
  4. Yep, another one. We're like beavers, there's always another one under the surface. Trying to prove to myself that I'm not too lazy to actually post. I've been into cigars for about a decade, though my consumption has skyrocketed with the lockdown. Looking forward to getting involved with the community, and not just laughing out loud watching the video reviews. Now, to see if I can actually get this in the right sub-forum.....
  5. I know the feeling. Canines are family, it bloody hurts when they go.

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