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  1. Remember the days when one could find 2010 BHK 52 for 250 USD a box....and boxes of Cohiba Siglo IV on clearance for $275-$300.
  2. 2015 HdM Petit Robusto Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Subliminal messaging: "Maybe if I smoke cigars, I'll enjoy life too!" ?
  4. Gorgeous box of H.Upmann No.2. Finally quality wrappers.
  5. Great news. Such odd timing though in my opinion. Right after the election....?
  6. I actually know who provides his cigars...not going to say, but it's not a trusted LCDH or anything like that (I'm sure he does buy from LCDHs when he travels though).
  7. They don't ship to the US and they place a hold on 50% of your credit card limit. Hard pass for me at least.
  8. I would say 42 RG. Archetypal cuban size in my opinion is the corona.
  9. Relaxing with a Monte 4 after finishing a round of golf in 100 degree heat t Sent from my SM-G973U1 using Tapatalk

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