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  1. You're not wrong. Look at the new prices for the 1935 line 😄. Not sure how much more they want to piss off regional distributors though. No way I'm pay $40+ for any regional cigar unless it's a 109.
  2. Was just thinking, I wonder to what extent regional editions will be affected pricewise. Also, wondering Cuban rum prices will be affected.
  3. I can imagine you walking into a high-end steakhouse and saying "Do people really pay these outrageous prices?!". LOL just poking fun.
  4. Except your average Joe Schmoe that's going to be buying those glass-top boxes isn't aware of price hikes and I don't think those that sling them on the beaches are going to be successful getting them to pay more. Biggest concern is highly realistic counterfeits that will likely find their way to market one way or another.
  5. European retail on BHK if I recall correctly is 45-55 CHF or around 50 euros per stick. Only in recent years have retailers jacked up prices above 1000 euros for a box of 10. Heck I used to get the 54 for 20 GBP when they were first released.
  6. Unfortunately I think it's going to be even worse than what we're expecting. Just look at other luxury markets like high-end watches. People are still paying $50k for a Rolex Daytona when suggested MSRP is $13k 😄
  7. I used to smoke Cohiba Siglo II and CoRo on a somewhat regular basis as they're the most readily available (not anymore obviously). As of now, I'm down to only a few boxes and I'm likely going to start only smoking them once a month. So many other great cigars that are just as or more enjoyable.
  8. PSP2, PSD4, Monte Edmundo and No.2, Cohiba Panetela, Mag 46, and some others at CDG duty-free. Didn’t pick up anything. Kinda regret not getting the D4. The Monte 2 were 385 euros a box I believe and the PSD4 309 euros. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Punch and HDM DC, RyJ Churchills, Monte 2, JL2, Monte Edmundo. Going to be tough finding any of these in today's market though.
  10. I remember freaking out when CoRo hit 450+ a box lol. I remember the days when one could get clearance Siglo IV from FOH for 275-290 a box.
  11. Not really basing this off much, but I've always thought CCs were pretty grossly underpriced. The value was always there in my opinion as quality control has gotten better over the years and the taste of cubans is just unrivaled compared to the majority of NCs. Fair prices in my opinion would be $15 for standard robustos (e.g. HdM E2, PSD4, RASS,), $20-$30 for larger format cigars, and $20-$60 for the Cohiba range. There's hardly any stock in most parts of the world, so it only seems natural that Habanos would try to increase prices (simple supply/demand). Might as well try until there's major pushback or they're able to substantially increase production.
  12. Great write-up. I was in Madrid and Barcelona a few years ago and heard similar stories about the Chinese buying everything up. However, I do remember there be an endless supply of 2008 Partagas 898 and Lusitanias for some reason.
  13. Remember the days when one could find 2010 BHK 52 for 250 USD a box....and boxes of Cohiba Siglo IV on clearance for $275-$300.
  14. 2015 HdM Petit Robusto Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Subliminal messaging: "Maybe if I smoke cigars, I'll enjoy life too!" ?
  16. Gorgeous box of H.Upmann No.2. Finally quality wrappers.
  17. Great news. Such odd timing though in my opinion. Right after the election....?
  18. I actually know who provides his cigars...not going to say, but it's not a trusted LCDH or anything like that (I'm sure he does buy from LCDHs when he travels though).

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