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  1. My buddy's brother in law runs a charity golf tournament every year, one of the holes is sponsored by a local cigar shop and you pay some money to do a putt for a prize and you get a free Guant. Well, because there are always a bunch left at the end of the day I get most of them. Have about 30 or so...have never smoked one...
  2. Hopefully they will be available in a week in Cuba. Interested in these bad boys
  3. Shlomo, leave on Friday, I will meet you there. Boom!
  4. Smoked a RyJ Duke right on May 31. Best smoke of the month for me
  5. I am a sucker for an Energy drink, be it a Monster or Nos and the likes. I have been off them for a month or so but feel myself longing for them
  6. Good stuff. Looks like it was almost rolled by a pro
  7. Getting ready for the hockey game tomorrow. By smoking a Boli gold medal, getting proper buzzed, and sleeping in until 10am, missing the whole thing
  8. Love the tales out weave and the pics are awesome! Thanks for sharing

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