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  1. Hope you've stocked up since they've been cut. Bolivar PC for me.
  2. Tatuaje Noella & something we call a "nicorona"- a corona sized house blend of a cigar store in MN made with Nicaraguan tobacco.
  3. This is one cigar that never seems to be talked about on any of the boards. I had a box years ago from 2001 that was most enjoyable. Any thoughts about recent production? The only recent SCDH I've had were the Principes. They were good, but not earth moving.
  4. Blessed that I got to see him perform- and Andreas Segovia.
  5. FWIW, the 2012 regular RyJ Churchills are very impressive. By far the best I've ever had.
  6. Cadddyshack & Groundhog Day were nice movies. RIP.
  7. Partagas D4 & RASS. Never had a post 95 one that impressed me.
  8. Consistency is indeed a problem in these mass produced cigars. Lately I've been sticking to Especiale #2s for Montes & Corona Especiales for Cohiba. Much higher chance for good quality cigars. No substitute for hand picking, though.
  9. He said not strong, so I'd avoid the cazzies or 898s. SLR Serie A, Montecristo Especiales or if you've got the coin, Cohiba Corona Especiales are nice.
  10. I love them! To me, a rather unique flavor profile that really suits me. At $500 a box, well worth trying a single first to see if it suits your taste. I have 2 boxes.
  11. If it's something I don't already have, I'll smoke one after a week to see if it's worth buying a back up box.
  12. Hey, he said top tree. Make your boxes from mahogony, cherry or oak.
  13. Always like to see how BCGs are progressing. So far in the 2000s, my favorites in order, 2003, 2010, with 2006 being somewhat disappointing.
  14. Have to give a belated shout out to the RAG. My 08s were totally bland when fresh, but are tasting great now. Almost as good as the SLRs.
  15. The only older ELs I still have are the Cohiba DCs. Odd cigar. One of the best ever fresh, then after a year nothing special. Still waiting for a return to form. Party Piramides my favorite EL. Stellar until I smoked them all. Widely faked, I'll not invest the going rate to get another box. 2003 Hoyo Piramides were the one EL that I kept too long. They really did fade by about 2010. I last bought ELs in 2008-. Cuaba Piramides. Nasty when fresh, but pretty tasty now.
  16. Very impressed with 2013 Montecristo Especiale. Not buying much but had to get a box of them.
  17. I'll second the 08 Cohiba CEs. On my second box (MEL code). Nothing less than stellar.
  18. Yes, I believe in telling the truth while still expressing gratitude. Different palates like different tastes.If the cigar is just OK I'll smoke it. If it's nasty I won't, but still be thankful.
  19. Since I like strong cigars, I have no problem with a RyJ Cazadore in the morning. If you're looking for a milder but tasty choise, QdeO Corona, RyJ EX#3 and Fonseca #1 come to mind.
  20. Apparently not enough people bought. Boxes of 2002 MdeO#2s were readily available until just a couple years ago.
  21. Loved them fresh, love them now. Powerful & tasty. Bought more of these than any other RE & am very happy i did.

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