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  1. i didn't read the entire post and ended up talking about my experience at the duty free in T.O.
  2. When I went to Cuba last week, on the way there the Duty Free in Toronto had a small humidor with some cigars. I didn't get any but I noticed that it didn't even seem like they had any temp control or anything going on in there. It also didn't help that people were leaving the door open too...I would rather go somewhere that specializes in cigars/tobacco for some peace of mind that they wont be wrecked..
  3. Any news on when exactly they'll be reopening? The email I received just said end of april
  4. Well wishes sent to Guy's family and especially his wife! Warrior spirit, brother!
  5. Nice read Nino! You are truly blessed to have the privilege to experience these excursions! Its always exciting to see what nook and cranny you find next!
  6. I read in the Globe and Mail that our Prime Minister (Harper) said that the reason that they(Canada) is opposed to Cuba being included is because of a technicality which states that the countries attending the summit of the Americas must be democracies and that hopefully Cuba will be able to fit the requirements when the next summit comes around (2015 in Panama).
  7. Not married yet but have been in a committed relationship for 6years. Basic rules are...no smoking inside. Although I have stated there will be a smoking room in our 'to be' house. She's still warming up to the idea.. As far as kids..don't have any but as a personal rule, I don't smoke in close proximity.

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