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  1. Bummer...I’m landing in London on the 9th. Would love to have been able to join!
  2. Hi Lisa and Matthew, would be more than happy to meet up for a cigar on Saturday. We can go to Wingtip, which is a great place to grab a cigar.
  3. I go back and forth on this because I have purchased some really amazing Fundadores, Vigias, and Siglo V's in Cuba and then I've had some not so stellar examples. What pushes me over the edge is the singles that I've received in Cuba--they are almost always horrible--and because of the singles I'm saying that the quality of cigars in Cuba is less than what you'd get in the rest of the world.
  4. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it. My Dad is coming down for a visit and we are heading down to Monterey on Thursday night.
  5. Happy to show you around San Francisco while you're here! A trip to Napa could also be a lot of fun!
  6. We had a fun time celebrating national wine day!
  7. I just picked up the Apple Homepod. I won't pretend to be super knowledgable about sound and speaker equipment, but, for a speaker that I can pull out of a box and plug in and connect all my devices to it in about 1 sounds great!
  8. Enjoying one of these right now on the patio at Hotel Nacional. Great cigar and a perfect setting!
  9. Yes and no. If you look at it from the point of view that you just waited 6 hours for beer and pizza...of course not. Honestly though, the line is pretty fun as you'll run into people from all over the world. The group behind us was playing dominoes while waiting. My friends and I took turns walking around downtown Santa Rosa and checking out some of the shops while the other waited in line. Plus, the staff does a pretty nice job of having fun with it and once you get inside people would cheer for you and the Younger was brought to your table almost immediately after ordering it. The beer itself is really good...hard to believe it is a triple IPA...I found this years to be a little more floral and juniper tasting than last years. My friends and I all decided that we would go again next year and try to bring more people along with us.
  10. Only took about 6 hours, but got to try out Pliny the Younger. Went with a couple of friends and definitely enjoyed the day.
  11. ERdM Grandes de Espana, Partagas SDC 1 & 3, Dunhill Estupendos, ERdM Lunch Clubs, Davidoff Chateau Latour
  12. Holy Mountain Bournon Barrel Aged King’s good!

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