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  1. Need to run a Youtube tips-and-pointers series, like the Pot Brothers.
  2. Damn. Thought Cain was Willem Defoe or Christopher Walken. And hell if I know Jessica Chastain is. That's some damn good picking. Hope your old lady likes her cut.
  3. I haven't done it with the 320 gram bovedas. But the smaller packs, as in the video, 5-10 time is about right for me. And it's always worked for me just fine.
  4. I've been dunking them for years. Works great. The packets do deteriorate after a while, but you can get a lot of life out of them before repurchasing.
  5. Our beef about doubled in price for a while, and it's come back down. Currently at our Costco boneless ribeye (choice) is $13 and NY Strip (choice) $11. I have no explanation for the big drop in prices since New Years. But I'm damn happy about it. Now, about those CCs. . .
  6. Doesn't match my experience. In fact, it's the exact opposite. The majority in my smoking circles here in ATL are younger, male, black, urban, and politically left -- beyond the weight of the general demographic. A surprisingly large number of sisters in the in the mix too. Can't speak to other countries, I'm not that well-traveled, but the popularity of cigars in the U.S. has grown beyond the stereotype since I started smoking in the 90's. My guess is that when it comes to cigars it's all tied more to profession/vocation, income level, social consumption preferences etc. than conformity to political stereotypes. As for CC versus NC though, I do see greater interest in CCs among white males than any other group, regardless of political leanings. Around here, guessing the make up is a fool's errand. Whatever triggers comments that reveal political leanings can only be measured by those of us that are willing to engage. Nothing else. And what constitutes right, left or centrist depends on too many subjective factors to be all that meaningful. I can tell you from personal experience that some here identify as more left or right leaning than they really are from a true ideological standpoint.
  7. That's how you do it. My Old Lady bought me a Komoda for x-mas. I'll have to hit you up for the tips on the brisket; the triple-lindy of meat-smokin'. Great review. Good luck.
  8. Somebody can't get enough black pepper. (sorry. couldn't help myself)

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