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  1. I don't get any of the characteristics you do from my Mag 46s. However, the oldest are 2017 -- killer stock IMO. Young. I get mongrel, licorice, dark chocolate some forest floor. Not one lick of creamy, wood or floral. I usually nod in agreement with your reviews. Do you think yours have changed over time or are we just getting different things from different cigars and the fact that I have a far superior palate than you? 😀
  2. Absolutely RASS. Agree with 99call on the remainder he listed too.
  3. Same here. I've found the corona gorda hits the sweet spot for me too, in all marcas.
  4. Lovin' on these. Consistently good and my take is always the same. Beautifully rolled and oily. Strong and among the most consistent I have ever smoked. Nothing subtle about it. Powerhouse without a lot of evolution. Definitely got that pungent "mongrel" which I really like. Smoke was viscous. Leather and even licorice throughout. Dark chocolate in and out until the final third. The consistency is uncanny. I haven't a had a dud from the '17 stock, and the burn in all of them has been excellent. Along with the Connie A and JLS 1, I find these to be the most consistent and excellent smokes of recent vintage. I give 'em an "A -." Follow me . . .
  5. Sex And The City. There's a special place in hell for whoever came up with it.
  6. Epi Esp. Des Dieux is the greatest HDM of all time but because of the creaminess.
  7. Hot damn. Exemplary construction, burn, balance, fill, wrapper, draw. Was expecting this be a little pitched because of its age, but it had an immediate complex, rich earthy tone after the light. I never got the "paprika" I've read in other reviews. . . until now. Sho 'nuff. Smoked paprika. It was right there, along with the leather coffee bean, a little peppery and some honey. I would place the E2 ahead of the P2 in terms of depth and richness. But that just makes it different. I might be conflicted in choosing between the two depending on mood. This one has some vibrance that broadens as it warms. Just loving the roll and density. I give this P2 a B+. Given more rest I know it could get an A. More of these in my future for sure.
  8. rcarlson


    Well, I'm trolling a little. But in the 5 plus I've had more go flat than improve. Change and develop and open up and refine yadda yadda yadda. Sure. But "really improve?" More often than not, good sticks lose as much or more than they gain for me. Don't get me wrong, I have had some terrific "aged" (5-25). But I've found that 6 months to 3 years is the peak in virtually all categories for me. I've waited too long too many times and regretted it. Of course, I prefer to consume rather than collect. I don't enjoy sitting on boxes for a decade just to have and admire them, so the payoff would have to be worth it. It rarely is. So I don't.
  9. rcarlson

    Weekly poll suggestion

    You're a monster. God intended over. But hell, I guess if O.J. Simpson can now tweet, spreading your hate on FOH is par for the case.
  10. rcarlson

    Happy Father's Day

    That's awesome. The things like these that our little knuckleheads do for us are priceless.
  11. rcarlson


    Aging is overrated.

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