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  1. I've had longer hang ups than a month and done just fine. I'll wager a few months and you'll be lovin' on them. My record was one year on Monte 2. Lost in the mail and replaced. Then they showed up a whole damn year later. Bizarre. Even though they had virtually petrified, I figured I had nothing to lose and gave them about a year in the humi to see what would happen. YUK. Wasted effort. Even my no-account-cheap-bastard-friends winced . . . and they would smoke an Acid if they got it for free. So I can testify that the one-year mark and you're hosed. I have no interest in running an experiment to see what the breakpoint is -- but I got the one-year mark covered for you. You're welcome. 🙄
  2. rcarlson

    Booze run

    Dark & Stormy. Goslings black rum and ginger beer.
  3. Didn't happen if no pics.
  4. I'd be pessimistic. Rh plummets with A/C. And I'm no entomologist, but I gotta believe that if the stogies haven't been totally consumed by beetles after all this time, there's no need to freeze. I'd also think that freezing could do more damage. Why not take 'em out and take a look-see?
  5. "The only issue we had was with the wrapper burn (likely from not dry boxing?)" I think I've identified the problem. It appears you are smoking it underwater. (did you accidentally apply a filter?)
  6. Yeah. Used to go there regularly after the Chops Club every now and again. Love watching the "working ladies" . . . you know, "work it." Was there with about a dozen friends many years ago. We were sort of tied-in with the staff and security, so they would make room for us even if the patio was packed. This lady and her husband walked up to me (guess I looked like the leader of the group for some reason), and said "do you guys really plan to smoke cigars out here? It's really gross and we'd appreciate it if you went somewhere else." I nearly did a spit-take. Eh, out-of-towners at a high-end hotel looking to chill and just didn't know better -- I can kinda understand. Anyway, I told them the deal and they snarled. As a peace offering, I sent them a couple glasses of wine after they got under the canopy by the dining room sitting in isolation. That seemed to have improved their mood. They sent one back. All in all, I try not to push back hard on people that are unreasonably annoyed. I've grown more patient over time. A lot more patient. Karma.
  7. Sometimes a little nicotine tingle, but I don't like white pepper Sam I Am! I get it out of NC's. Just hate it.
  8. rcarlson

    RASSsssssss REG May 2018 (RARW)

    Great review.
  9. Good one. Love these. Never got white pepper, thankfully (hate it). Methinks these didn't get enough love here. I think they're special and really capture the essence of RA with a darker, more powerful backbone. Wish I had some left.
  10. rcarlson

    Odd Inventions

    Shower, beer. . . cigar? I think you might have gotten some chocolate in my peanut butter.
  11. Ostrich is damn tasty. Really. Since I'm a dumb-dumb, I expected it to be like other fowl. Nope. A very tender red meat akin to ribeye without the fat. One could do a lot worse to help with a food shortage.
  12. I have always found the RASCC to be a mixed bag. Sometime they're on, other times they're mediocre. Never bad. This Saturday breakfast smoke fell somewhere in-between. Overall this is a medium bodied cigar that is not big enough to evolve. I got a good 45 minutes with a cup of coffee. The ash was tight and dirty grey. Even burn; good construction. I enjoyed it, but not going to be craving the next. I prefer the RASS. It has a lot more of the unique RA flavor profile. These midgets have their place though and I will undoubtedly keep them on hand for quick smoke and change of pace from my usual morning smoke from time to time. This RASCC gets a "B" but if he hangs with the right crowd and keeps up with his studies, he's capable of making Honor Role this semester.
  13. Yep. Happened to me at the St. Regis in Atlanta.
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