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  1. Gotta admit, I hadn't paid much attention to Punch throughout my cigar smoking tenure, but the Punch 48 and PSdP have made me a true believer. Hoping to round things out with this weeks prize if I could be so lucky. Bought this box a for a quail hunting trip earlier this year. Held them for a year and a half to set out as an after dinner smoke for the snotty mofos that I invited. Not a single taker. No Cohiba band. Unfamiliar. I watched these jack-wagons pull out a box of Macanudos and devour them while I rolled my eyes. Damn right I let 'em know what I thought of their taste in ci
  2. Well done. You've piqued my interest. And you managed to keep your review coherent with the Moscow Mules flowing. You can get into trouble with those mighty fast. They go down easy. My father-in-law introduced me to them on a hot night in Atlanta years ago. We both woke up on the back deck the next morning. According to our wives we weren't nearly as much fun as we thought. Pffft. Humorless scolds. The Moscow Mules know better.
  3. Shut the hell up and keep dry boxing, unless you're getting to them too early and you just need to give them more time down for the sticks to stabilize. They come in mighty wet.
  4. I've got a DM and spotted the same issue years ago. Caught it early. Wiped the blinds/cover with Qtips dipped in alcohol air dried for a day or two. Chucked the humidifier, replaced with Boveda. All has been well for years.
  5. Okay. Top on or top off in humidor? 😗
  6. @JohnS any chance you're just promoting your own work?
  7. This spoof news piece of the flight attendant that duct taped a drunk belligerent passenger to his seat is priceless.

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