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  1. Dang. Statistically I ought to get these right 25% of the time. But alas. . .
  2. Wonder if this product was originally designed for another purpose. . . one that I don't care to explore.
  3. There's name for those. . . how you say. . . er . . . um. . . Kim, a little help here?
  4. Correct. On a positive note, Covid would be scared of what's in those. Could be a cure.
  5. Don't really know, but to coin a phrase from the sometimes-right Ben Franklin, "a stitch in time. . . " I think I'd go at it early. The glue is pretty soft and flexible. If it contracts a little, I'd bet you're good while the opposite may not be true.
  6. Well, check and mate. I'll send my concession to your AOL account.
  7. Same here. Has worked wonders on filling and holding splits just like this one for me.
  8. Yeah. Fun story. Total b.s. Having pointed that out, shall I email or send my bill to you, Wheezy?
  9. I'll keep an eye on things too. . . so he doesn't cut corners on the interior ventilation like last time.

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