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  1. Socialists are in the running. If you want to end it all, get within a 100 feet of lutefisk. Holy moly. I'd recommend just running a hose from your exhaust to a side window before going this route. More peaceful, less convulsing.
  2. Just got into these. Picked up a couple REG 18 boxes and was really impressed by them. I can get 45 mins out of them with a relaxed pace. Glad I gave them a shot. They'll be in my regular rotation for a while.
  3. Ah yes. The Chicago Massacre. Dark days indeed.
  4. If only I had some eggs, we could have ham and eggs. . . if you have some ham. I prefer a properly chilled grape Gatorade Zero. Tomato, tomahto.
  5. Lol. More proof that CCs are a game of Russian Roulette. I've had a fair number of recent production Famoso and all but one or two have been excellently rolled. The few Unicos I've had have been good but not great. . . for me. I think VR has a unique profile. I get a Tootsie Roll-like nougat, leather, latte kinda thing out of them. They're hard to put my finger on flavor wise, but a really welcomed change of pace from the other marcas. I've been smoking them in fits and spurts after recently discovering them. They've really grown on me. I plan to keep them in the rotation.
  6. Definite dud. I love the Famoso. Nothing you described applies in any way to the Famosos I've had. Don't let this one turn you off entirely. You'll be missing out if you do.
  7. Cohiba Robusto RAG JUL 19 (VVRW#1) Luck be a lady.
  8. Yeah, I've found CoRos tend to float from decent to great within the same box. Hope the next one impresses as much for you as this one did for me. Cohiba definitely improve with time down more so than many other marcas. No doubt I would've buried them for another day if the first one didn't do it for me. With the price point of Cohiba being what it is, I'm not much for doubling down when they don't lead off the line.
  9. The last of my six pack from the start of the Covid lockdown. Incredibly dark wrapper for Cohiba that could've been confused for a Monte without the band. Every one of these mocha CoRos have been delicious. Perfectly rolled. Just the right heft and burn. Opened with sweet cream, mild hay, mild lemon grass. Had a mousse-like quality to it. Smoke remained cool and stayed below medium but flavorful through the middle. Sweet cream richness. Should've waited for it as a dessert stick. Final lap was a nutty espresso with the sweet cream riding shotgun across the f
  10. Just ordered some. The consensus is that they've been hitting on all cylinders in my small network.
  11. Upmanns have been my best over the last few years, Connie and Mag 46 in particular. SW in a class by itself, of course. I've never associated marca with good roll/bad roll. They exist across the spectrum, and given the numbers produced it can only be chance that you've hit bad rolls more often than not with one marca over another. I'd wager RG and quality of torcedor for a run is the biggest factor.
  12. Guessing the April Fool's coincidence hasn't eluded you.

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