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  1. '98 SLR Lonsdale. Thanks @HabanaMike! Killer smokes, great hang.
  2. My primary reason for getting vaxed too. I felt like I'd have professional or travel obligations that would arise without enough time to get fully vaxed. If it weren't for those two things, I would probably hold off. I fault no one else's choice on the matter either way.
  3. Ahem. . . I beg to differ. They just do it with Americans.
  4. I thought you were asking about immunodeficient children and where we "put" them. Can you clarify what you're asking? Immunodeficiency isn't Covid specific. Are you saying that everyone wears a mask until there's zero chance of anyone contracting and succumbing to it no matter how frail?
  5. Where did we put them before Covid? It's not like it's the only virus/bacteria with airborne transmission.
  6. In short, yes. Walking outside by itself probably meets that risk threshold without Covid.
  7. I don't disagree. I was responding to the post that said the numbers made a case of some kind. It relates to the post-vaccination mask wearing discussion of "facts" rather than "beliefs" that occurred before you posted. But question to you was serious one: what is required to demonstrate that people should be free to choose whether to wear masks or not for themselves in your opinion?
  8. Again, using the numbers (which I agree are dubious because it's based on self-reporting, among other things), "vast majority" is a vast overstatement. It's as about as close to non-existent as one could reasonably imagine. If this ain't it, what number is required before the masks come off or you let people decide for themselves where they congregate?
  9. If reliable, how does a 99.992% effectiveness rate (.0000013% death rate -- nearly half of which are over age 60) support post immunization mask mandates? Unless there's more to it, that eye-poppingly miniscule number suggests that masks are on their way out.
  10. There is no evidence of "long term" effects. The vaccine has only been in use for months. Selfishness or self-determination? High risk groups have a different choice to make. But everyone has a choice to make for themselves, their families, their unborn, as does the stranger that can decide whether to take the vaccine for themselves.
  11. Honestly, you can't understand why people have a problem with putting what is rightly termed an experimental vaccine into their bodies? Selfish? For the record, I've taken the vaccine. But I loathe the moral judgment passed on those that question it by those that do not. While the risks of dying from Covid if contracted can be assessed statistically, the long term effects of the vaccine (if any) are not known. And government fallibility and politics most certainly plays a role. The swine flu vaccine debacle comes to mind. Hell, we have elected officials pushing it now that said they wou
  12. Funny thing, many that oppose mask mandates say the exact same thing. Perhaps that's the the larger problem.

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