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  1. That'd be luck, unless you only have two boxes.
  2. Indeed. I've had plenty of bland Monte (never had a 5). When they're on, they're on. When they're not, time does no good in my experience., I've also come to think they fail when your palate is a little burned out. Unlike virtually every other marca, I steer wide of blind buying. The best I've had though were Monte 4 from a provincial factory code I couldn't find mentioned anywhere. I was bummed when I got them, then felt like I won the lottery when I finally cracked 'em out.
  3. Well, hell. I once lit a cedar wrap in the dark and got a half inch into it before I got a slap across the head from a bro.
  4. “I would rather have questions that can't be answered than answers that can't be questioned.”
  5. I'm not the most prolific on the No. 2, but it seems to me that they are more consistent within the same box than the Edmundos. Montes in general are inconsistent, and until recently, I've found blind purchasing them a total crapshoot, usually on the downside. In my experience, there's something about the Edmundos that makes them more unpredictable stick by stick than the others. I have no explanation other than maybe there's something about the size. Ain't gonna stop buying them though.
  6. No way a little pectin on the wrapper did anything to the flavor. I'm a total slob with the stuff when I fix sticks with my own glue and it's undetectable.
  7. Yeah. That's just some glue, probably from other sticks as it was jostled into the box. Or it could be the dreaded Murder Mold that's been killing off the NC smoking population. Might be time to work through that bucket list. 😀
  8. The Edmundo has become a frequent weekend morning smoke. Inconsistent as hell but usually on the mark with a cup of coffee or four for me. This one was middle of the pack. Decent construction. Roll, heft, wrapper, aroma out of the box was all there, all foretelling of nothing. Flavors of the Edmundo run from flat "meh" to quintessential Monte from one stick to the next no matter how good the roll. Initial draws produced plenty of smoke with the smooth, pleasant traditional Monte flavors: cocoa, coffee, vanilla and a tinge of sweetness. Mid to medium body and strength. The creamy in
  9. Lol. So much sappy, contrived, corporate marketing crapola. If this were real, they should've let the camera roll after a few more beers. We'd see carnage. Ken, put down the doobie.
  10. Bummer. The Sig VI are the balls. Never had a bad one. Some better than others, but not $5. Thanks for taking one for the team.
  11. Political. Surely you're familiar with NY altering data to cover up the nursing home deaths, as one example only. Infection, hospitalization, and cause of death stats, which determine what resources are given to states, have been tailored to further political agendas. I'm certain you follow politics closely enough to locate a variety of exaggerations and outright whoppers. Biden himself misrepresented vaccine effectiveness at a town hall event that was widely reported.
  12. But they don't know any more now then they did early on. And they knew much of what was said was false when they said it. Yet we're supposed to ignore the motivations? Can't do it.
  13. Cut: Monte Edmundos and RASS. Pick up: Connie A and BRC.
  14. Then we learn here in the States that how "hospitalized" (i.e. why they've been hospitalized) has been manipulated to meet a political agenda. The stats themselves are unreliable. So much b.s. Really discouraging.
  15. I think there's a counter to the "if one is good, two is twice as good" method. I've read that the vaccine is a smaller spectrum of viral protection than natural, and that promotes long-term mutations that can't be controlled. I'm not guzzling this stuff, but I am not seeing where the natural versus vaccinated immunity is addressed with much rigor. The political agendas swallow the whole topic whole. At least half of us have had about enough of the certitude that proves wrong within days and weeks. No wonder people are all over the map on who they chose to believe today.

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