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  1. The Queens. Unless Kirk Cousins starts sensing pressure better, I don't have much hope for them.
  2. Congrats to the men's team they were clearly the best of the tourney
  3. If they take the NHLers out Russia will win all the time like in the 70s and 80s
  4. Wow is team America sucking today.. I figured it would be gold or nothing when we had Canada in the semis and it's sure looking like nothing at this point...
  5. Go Sweden!!! All in all though, I'd rather have North American refs.. The inexperienced officials cost the American women the game in OT due to a couple phantom penalties. That wasn't even close to slashing by Lamoureux, and on the breakaway that never would have happened if not for that bad call, their skates may have tangled, but otherwise the American didn't touch wickenheiser.
  6. Wow, they're hot.. What a bullshit penalty the one took in OT that was the worst call I've ever seen...
  7. The American ones are too.. Check out Hannah Teter.
  8. That PSD 6 sounds like an absolute waste of money. 3.5" so you're smoking 2.5 at best. Any bets they price higher than the 4's when released?
  9. My 1st was a Cohiba Siglo IV.. Still one of the best boxes I've ever had

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