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  1. Not really a sports car, but as fast as one? 18 Trackhawk
  2. My favorite for a morning smoke has always been the LFDC corona
  3. I think the RyJ Casa Reales was the biggest hit of the night
  4. Some good sticks with are a few...... 60s RASS 70s (I think) RyJ Casa Reales 70s Davidoff Dom Perignon 84 Hoyo DC Trinidad farmhouse cigar (forget the name of the larger format cigar) 80s RyJ Clemenceau Partagas 160 anniversario 98 VR DA
  5. Stopped using beads years ago as they all started to discolor and smell awful. Kind of a citrus-esque smell.
  6. Built a detached garage with a dedicated smoking lounge upstairs....
  7. Never understood the fascination with Bruce S, just can't make myself enjoy his voice. Seems like a nice guy though

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