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  1. Diplo No. 2s from our host! These look amazing, can’t wait to fire one up!
  2. RyJ Mille Fleurs arrived today! Oddly, the labels along the sides are all upside down. Assuming just Cuban quality control, but anyone ever see this?
  3. Weekend lake trip to Kentucky, found time to visit Heaven Hill gift shop. Also scored a couple others goodies at the local liquor store where we stayed.
  4. After a day on the lake, relaxing with a Hoegaarden and an 07’ SLR Regios.
  5. Would circle hooks be good for a 4 year old when bobber fishing for sunfish? Thinking my son won’t be able to set well at his age, and a circle hook might be a good option.
  6. The Cuba version in olive looks awesome. Tempted to get it just for the design. From a functionality standpoint, looks way more difficult to make a precise cut than my Palio.
  7. Nice! Been trying to track down 46 Cask Strength, but no luck..
  8. Picked up a bottle of Old Tub. A lot of buzz around this new release, so we’ll see!
  9. Look great! Hopefully another round of 24:24 tubos in the near future.
  10. Looks like the cigar was disappearing from both ends! ?
  11. Wanted a nice sipping rum, and have read good things about this Foursquare offering. Picked it up today.
  12. I use a guillotine cut (Palio cutter), just through the top cap, removing as little as possible at first. Then, after testing the unlit draw, I either leave it alone or remove a bit more.

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