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  1. It’s too dark to get a good picture, but day 3 of paradise continues with a La Escepcion Selectos Finos.
  2. Time to keep my relaxing week going with a Punch Black Prince.
  3. Since somebody already took Terry Tate: Office Linebacker; I will add an Aviation Gin ad.
  4. Happy birthday Pres! Have a cigar for me, god knows I am not sitting outside in -22F weather.
  5. Any precedence can be used for justification for future requirements. If a judge is able to put an end to that at the beginning, it is a big win. It isn't just about cosmetic labeling in that regard; it's about telling the government to f-off. Granted, what the future holds is not clear, but I'd rather go forth having less regulation and precedent saying that the government can't compel speech on behalf of the company than to cede this ground.
  6. Credit to Halfwheel if it isn't in there. https://halfwheel.com/court-rules-fda-cigar-warning-labels-are-illegal/372312/
  7. COURT RULES FDA CIGAR WARNING LABELS ARE ILLEGAL Warning labels will not be coming to premium cigars. Earlier today, U.S. District Court Judge Amit P. Mehta ruled in favor of the premium cigar industry in a lawsuit brought against the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and its requirements for warning labels on cigars. A BACKGROUND ON WARNING LABELS This is the second time in w
  8. I'm sure I have way less experience with steakhouses than most people here, but I'm glad someone mentioned Craftsteak. I won $700 playing craps at MGM and had one hell of a birthday dinner there the next night. Maybe it was the whole experience, but to this day it is the best steak I've ever had.
  9. Can anybody really taste the chocolate, guava, ginger, kumquat, or snozberry over the taste of charred tongue?
  10. Just getting ready to head to Colorado for a bachelor party. We will be skiing at Keystone, drinking a bunch, hopefully smoking a few cigars. It should be a great time.
  11. I feel like a fat bastard sometimes, but I doubt the 15 pounds to my goal weight would be winning any contests.
  12. I really hope those Edmundo's are from the box code I asked for. Those look amazing.
  13. I'm definitely a seasonal smoker (unless I am traveling). Winter time is just too cold to sit outside and have cigar. Just last week it was -40 with the wind chill. Ridiculous state laws banned all smoking indoors with no exclusions, so there is nowhere to go.
  14. Well, shoot, if the guy is really interested, I might be willing to put mine up on the trading block. Just got a box of HUPC shipped to me (finally let them out of the OLH); they are actually scheduled to arrive on Saturday.
  15. I take Thorne Elite Multivitamin, Thorne Vitamin D-5,000, and Thorne Super EPA Pro. Thorne products aren't cheap, but they are what they say they are. Some of their products (like the elite multivitamin) are NSF certified. I don't do it for any weight lifting benefit, but because I know my diet is lacking, and I need to make sure my health stays alright.
  16. I looked it up after voting and the real answer would have been my fourth choice. I'm awful at this.
  17. What you are thinking of are not "Kinder Surprise" eggs, but "Kinder Joy" eggs. Kinder surprise has a toy inside the chocolate, Kinder joy has a toy and the chocolate separated, but within the same packaging. That way, they can say that the toy is not part of the chocolate, even though they are sold together.
  18. I've gotten a box from the birth month of my other two kids and was planning on doing it again. Surprisingly (or maybe not considering the lack of sleep in the past two days) the Edmundos never crossed my mind. But now that you say it, it is the only box that makes sense!
  19. After my last concussion I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Hypersomnia, essentially narcolepsy without cataplexy. As my brain healed, so did that issue. So I don't really have a problem falling asleep when I don't want to anymore.

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